Miss My Flight Review- Maserati_Yada

Definitely feeling the track! Like the composition also vocals and lyrics were clean an acceptable to the ear and the track was mastered well. I would go great also in a movie soundtrack.

What up DJ STRONG , C@@L

This made me MISS MY FLIGHT... Thoughtful, inventive and just plain C@@L :-) This story told here could be anyone's story and it's real. Nice production techniques as well as the use of technical effects and a good strong mix... Thanks for sharing your Music ! Peace Out ! :-)

Song review

This a pretty good song. The beat definitely gets your head noddin. The hook is perfect and very catchy. Its mixed very well also. The only thing I would do is tighten up the verse and what I mean by that is, the beat has a nice bounce to it and the verse should have that flow as well. The verse is good, though. I don't know if this was put out already but, that was the only minor issue I saw with this track..


My Dog STRONG IS SUPER STRONG!!! What more can I say? Yall hear it. Know that for YEARS! I know hes gonna start putting out fire BACK TO BACK!! Material is there, content is there, production quality is Proper!!!!


The music is lovely all good music deserves to be honored and shared so i will be sharing it with everyone that i ever meet starting today i will be a big fan of your music mixes and cuts fresh to death and Sharp as a tack hits and nice presentation makes a great atmosphere to perform with perfection right now you are running right up the music charts and make more good music for us to groove to. Dawan

Great song

Enjoy the song great talent definitely would recommend this keep pushing keep up the great work and also please visit my page as well and recommend and share my music for me thanks keep your head up moving forward

Need better rapper

First, I appreciate the sound you guys have, it's modern up to date, and it's very easy listening, the hook is very catchy and makes you want to keep singing the song, second with that being said, the rapper on the track was very lack luster, like he was just put on the track to just say something about the hook, he didn't use any change up in his flow, that made it very boring, almost like he wasn't interested in the song.


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Miss your flight

Please get your schedule in order so you won’t miss your flight. I heard this instrumental, in fact I got it. It was a free beat with a couple other instrumentals. It’s pretty cool. I think the song is ok. The content and concept is cool. Everybody loves a love song sometimes. I think the vocals was ok but could use some more work. The lyrics was cool and to the point no beating around the bush so I gave you a 3.5

Khaos review

Its catchy and melodic. Its perfect for the females, to attract that female fanbase. Its also mixed down professional. If anything, You need to shoot a video for this asap. Keep writing and be creative with it.

Miss ma flight

Fantastic music, dope lyrics, I enjoyed listening to this track so much. So romantic and love song. I just ran out of words to say I'm just gonna keep this music on ma playlist. Thank you for bro

Hard work pays off

This is a tight song I would love to have a copy of this for my playlist on YouTube if that’s possible?where can I find more from this artist? Very hot song people would like this record on the radio.


Hello I came here to tell you that you have a very good flow and a good feathers and that you deserve to be known. very good technique. I will share your works with my entourage to discover your works and talents to win more people, the world and fans. I wish you a very good continuation


I like the hook that's all but needs more work also check out my muzik.... Also you can follow me on Instagram as @g_odiez but keep grinding but to me it's sound like your from new York a Cam'ron type voice so you should think about using beats that are gangsta

The hook

The hook is on point but the verses could be better. The hook is confidence the verses are like he's reading it. You gotta make it sound more natural. The beat is cool but out doesn't grab you.
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