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your song

Grazie for sending me your song for review. Wow, I find this song very nice, first of all, the sound is fantastic, I listen a very clear sound in this song. We, this song has so many things inside, violins, ethnic grooves and feels, but the most I like inside is that great voice. Wow, what a great voice and the melodies of the song makes it very ear catchy, this song is fantastic, I just recommend everybody around the world to have a listen to this song and enjoy as much as I did while listening. Thank you very much, many greetings from Germany, Papa Alfredo from King Mambo

A Yeah !

Nice voice, - don´t understand a word but it sounds great and I like the slighly folky latin style music. Tidy and clear production with carefully handled details. Good work ! A straight forward party song !

Bella Italia Pop

The song starts with violins like in a Bernardo Bertolucci movie. But then synthie sounds add a modern flair to the song. Very good vocal performance of this bella donna. Is this the modern pop from pasta country? I think it is. Could be a winner in San Remo, could be a summer hit in Germany. Good songwriting, good arrangement, good vocals, good mix. Everything perfect. Fullfilled Italo pop cliches.

Good music

I have love your music so much and more I feel like listen more and.more your delivery is good your lyrics make sense your synch more with the voice you've done a good job you worth a sign deal keep up the good job

Italian Pop Song

I'm looking for the name of the song and didn't find it, maybe it's missing? Furthermore I really like the song, the singer (that i guess is the Pietra Santa?) sings very well, in a style that I, that dont know anything about italian music, could right away recognize. The production is also very interesting, modern but not too much, the right dose. It was one of the few songs that i listened more than once. Congrats.

Exceptional Pop Song

Great intro with engaging string sound. Mixing and mastering is brilliant. The song implements fantastic key-sounds and modulated effects creating a great space in the backing. Perfect drums and versatile bass-lines also very special in this arrangement. Giuliana Danzé has a impressive vocal projection and brings increasing vibes into the music. I can feel the meaning of this exceptional pop-song regardless of the language. All instruments of this professionell recording really stand out. They all together forcing the music constantly on a higher level. The composition including very good songwriting of Luca Viviani is more creative than some others, influenced by Tango and Pop. I can´t stop listen to this song and I´m sure you will like to add it. Let others know your recommendation.

Text To A Song By Luca Vivani

This is A Very Catchy ,& Danceable Track. The Music Is Great & The Lyrics fit In Very Well. The Vocalist, all Put There Souls into The Track and make it Happy & Free. Although I Don't speak Italian, I Want to dance to this Tune. Well Produced, & Preformed. I Give It A 4.5.

Vibrant and Alive!

One of the things I enjoy most about Number One Music artists is the newfound ability to hear music from around the world by singers who I'd never have the chance to listen to otherwise. That, in itself, is a great thing. Here, with this song we get a fun little song and the italian is just magical. It sounds so much like something we'd hear in a James Bond scene during a romantic chase! Vocally pleasing, and well produced and mixed. More, please!

giorni pesanti

OK giorni pesanti translates into english as heavy days using google translate but I did not think of heavy days when hearing this, instead I was reminded how wonderful t is to not know what people are saying in a foreign language. See you can just imagine any lyrics you want to and with a nice female for singing in Italian can you imagine what i thought? Well with this bouncey pop piece I imagine her singing i'm jumping up and down on my bed having a pillow fight! a pillow fight! you hear? who would like to pillow fight me next! next!next! a wonderful jumpy pop tune from Italy.

Very cool groove that jumps to a whole new vibe with out losing the groove.

First time hearing this. So good I thought I had listened to it before. Groove throughout. Surprisingly fearless jumping from cool groove to wild and sedate. Groove is never lost. Makes for a great song.


Hello!! I think you have done a great job working on this song! I Love the mix of the vocals and how the strings frame the rest of the song. I think the overall mix is great, and it accentuates the voices very well. The percussion sections are done really well and the vocals are crisp and clear. I think you've done a great job! I like that it blends styes. Great work! -Rashon Medlock


I loved how you captured my spirit my mind my soul my body with the song really great awesome work you should think about doing like a mixture of punk rock pop also like rock R&B I want to try something like that myself I think that would be so Sensational I think it would be so so cool I would definitely say keep going and keep trying I mean everybody needs work everybody needs help everybody you know has to put their self out there first you know in order to receive feedback and I think that this was a great song for you to put yourself out there with if you're just now getting out there or it's a wonderful song If you haven't put it out in a while you're coming back or it's just even a wonderful song to even put out so great work keep it up just like use utilize your vocal ability and like highlight those undertones and highlight those overtones with your voice as good as you can as best as you can to match what you hear in your head bring them up just a little bit where they need to be brought up bring them down where they need to be brought up I'd have to actually be there with you to kind of tell you what I'm talking about but overall you did great wonderful work keep it up and don't give up

A for Production, Originality and Performance !!! :-)

A for Production, Originality and Performance !!! :-) This is such a nicely done piece of work. I do enjoy the production and the thoughtful backing tracks. The choices of pans add the perfect depth of Stereophonic pleasure. The dynamics are also appreciated... ( SO many, just plow through a composition at one volume) You did it right... Thanks so much for sharing your Music !!! :-) Best regards, TD


I Really like Your song..It is great to perform It life..and if You work a little more on Arrangement It will be much better..I Love the Vocal part She is a Very Good Singer and She 'is in to It" I love that.. so try to make It better and all will be ready for a Music Publisher and with a good Luck is possible that some of The Radio Stations will play as It is..I wish You good luck with submissions..You did a good job..and I Love the Vocal Part..


I Like Your voice You did a Great Job to record This song .I Love The Energy in Your Voice..I do not know if this is an Original song or cover but if is Original.. Try to send It to some Music Publishers..hey send It to Radio Stations I got a good feeling that They will play It..of cost there is a way to make Your song better but Is ok to be played life and with good luck be played on The Air..I wish You good luck with submissions.. Good Job..
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