A little song for your mum by Lost Spider Stephen Lester . yes very instrested music i like it . i allways like instrumental music . this track has a laid back funky sycodelic feel to it . and i really like the lyric . THERE IS NOTHING RONG . YOU ARE ALL RIGHT NOW . this song make me think about my mom too . one thing this song is very very short . i would like to hear the rest of this GREAT SONG

bella partenza

bella partenza bella partenza su un giro di accordi voce e' anche originale ma questa canzone partita bene pero' non decolla forse perché' e' piccola ma il pezzo che ' ascoltato non e' proprio male!


Caught by the old fashioned mood, the references to Bowie's best periods and (somewhere... intentionally?) Sparks (Yes, I love them too). A perfect gift for Xmas time, I would recommend everybody to listen and get a little better feeling in these strange and unstable times.

a review of a song for your Mum

You know I'm always looking for a deliberately invitational introduction to a song, in order to pull you in. Well this is the very appropriate invitation its seems very seasonal, with a touch of Bowie at Christmas, Im certain all mums would be able to love this at the morning preperational chores and duties of the residential kitchen at home on the morning of Christmas Day. Waiting for the children to arrive back home with their own little broods to continue the normalities and traditional goings on of this festive time. What better time to see Mum dancing along in the kitchen and what better time to sing a little song for your Mum. I love the production, very well engineered and marred studio fashioned. great instrumentalisation throughout and great vocal

A little song for your mum -review- In the way of cool electronic sounds

The general sound is interesting, with good synth selection, and a very pop groove in bass and drums. The harmony is simple but it helps to the embellishment of the melody all this covered with the electronic effects that make a cool atmosphere. The most remarkable thing in the piece is the voice very very huge voice.

The Lost Spider

Hows yer mum? Have you called her today to see how she's doing by any chance? The Lost Spider otherwise known as Stephen Lester has written a wonderful little ditty to remind you to check in with yer mum.

This Instrumental is Ready for movies

I'm sitting at home just relaxing and decided to see what was going on in the Music Universe when I came across Lost Spider Stephen Lester. I really Enjoyed the Instrumental. A little Song for your Mum, It sounds as though I'm about to watch some great movie coming on and off. This instrumental has so much potential to be so many things. But Lester needs to get with someone to shop this Instrumental for a movie. I mean I seriously saw a movie listening to this. Well check out Lester page and check out the other projects on there.


This Musical music with bells and strings. The instruments are prett coo. You definitely have a groove.I can hear bells,bells,bells... I am going to listen again. I want to hear the tones and the waves with the bells. Maybe it's not bells? I have to say the guitar is a groovy cord also. It'll be alright! Great tune!!!

Great Song!

a fine son that give me memories of the past:) i like the sond and arragement ,it makes me happy! Well doneLost Spider Sthepen Lester Keep up this good work/ Regards Roger Borg/Borgsongs :) Great!

Interesting sound

I like the instrument it's different from American music good vibe keep working sound good i hope all is well with you in these trying times. Stay focused u have global energy in your music and you have the ability to be a world wide pop star

Very Nice

this is very relaxing music vibes well constructed and professional sounding production This music made,my mind drift and likened to familiar popular music rhythms ...thank you Lost Spider stay Blessed

Before we go any further

I wont be too serious with you, one of my fav songs is by the great British band 10CC and their song.. 'Fresh air for my momma'... And I like the start of your song here. How many people are involved here? What is your process of recording? This is remeniscent of David Bowie. Is that on purpose? This was a pretty cool experience and I will look for your next release. Do you have any videos up? Or any other places on the net where we can hear more of your music?

Electronic based song

Nice song with a good feel. The electro beat and synthie sounds carry the recording well. The lyrics come from the heart and the unique vocals making the song engaging for me. I´m really drawn in by the content, but the song doesn´t strike me as a finished product. With better mixing the song could sound much more delightful. But even so, a good job and funny song.

A Little Song For Your Mum

A Little Song For Your Mum my by just long enough to get mums attention and last long enough for me to adjust my mirrors before pulling out of my driveway. By the time I got to the corner, the lyrics started and finished as I arrived at the store less than a mile down the road. I did hear a bit of Sir Bob Geldof trying to decide if this was a Christmas tune or just a bedtime wave to mum. A Little Song For You Mum is recorded well, flows, and help my attention. Albeit for only 1:36. Something to appreciate. Short and to the point. I'd like to see more short pieces which in reality, the good one can be extended. Nice job... Iggy Ice for iAndroid Dior D'Nai
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