Lost Spider Stephen Lester / The Dark Side / Have I lost your Love

Impressive song and versatile arrangement

This song impressed me deeply much. Melodical acoustic guitar underlaid by keyboard sounds characterises the intro. Stephen Lester begins singing with unique vocals but the whole tune is more various. Great arranged chorus with soft strings in the backing bringing additionally beauty into the music. The melancholic passion of the lyrics come from the heart and make the meaning of the song engaging for me. Good mixed and mastered in appropriation of different music styles and versatile instrumentation. The drums and bass carries additionally the recording. This is definitely an extraordinary song and complex arrangement. The instruments are professionell played from really good musicans. The song makes me remember of bands like "Talking Heads" and is influenced by alternative music of the 80`ties. It´s original and I´m sure, you will also like to add it. Let others know your recommedation.

Icarus - Have I lost your love?

Definitely my kind of sound. A pleasing frequency, bold and brazen just as young Icarus was. Webs are stronger than wax, so I know this song can handle the all the heat any lover can dish out! The sun is shinning! Fly Icarus! I’m a big fan of Bowie, and I always remember him through your tunes. The song overall gets the five star rating based evolutionary value. Be love. Evolve. iAndroid Dior D’Nai Dei

snakebite venomous music review


New Romantic come back!

The song trickles in at the beginning and the vocals accompany a surprisingly pleasant pop song that's reminisent of the new romantics in the eighties like David Sylvian and Japan. Since things move in cycles it's probably timely and current with it's look backwards towards the recent musical past. It suffers a bit from the claustraphobic bed room mix but that's easily over looked. A nicely turned out song that should leave you feeling cheerful.

Lost Spider

Enjoyed this song...Have I lost your love...by Stephen Lester. The production is fairly simple but it does have a David Bowie vibe to it and for just that I think it's worthy. Keep going Stephen.

Remembering old loves

I am sitting on the bank of a river while I am listening your song and so many memories crowd my mind. Old loves never forgotten, they still live in my heart even though I have long lost them. Your voice comforts me. HI!

From Louisiana

Always Curious when I see you guys' music/new tunes on here. Cool and unique music. Definitely has a sound unique and a distant erie cool ambience to it. I'm enjoying it as usual. It definitely sounds like something from outside of where I'm from in a good way. I can tell that you guys are having fun and enjoying all that you're doing. Keep writing the music that you want to do and enjoy doing. Nice build up!

Decent listen

For not being real familiar with this genre I can say it was a peaceful sound. Wasn't too difficult to hear lyrics but at times I felt it was maybe a little too liquid. The song definitely for the beat. Nice

No Love Lost

Track is haunting with excellent production. Have I Lost Your Love is reminiscent of Bowie and the Psychedlic Furs. Drums and vocals are excellent and capture heartbreak at it’s finest. Keep on repeat!

Have I lost your love review

I know you've heard 'sounds like Bowie' but that's not a bad thing. I actually hear a few other artists of the '80's in your song. I really enjoyed the flow of the track and came away feeling content and relaxed. I'd enjoy hearing other tracks if you have them on any sites. Keep writing and pushing with your music. It's an art and you are an artist!

Bowie's ghost is haunting

It's good to hear a proper band recording with multiple instruments and layers. The sound is reminiscent of 80's Joy Division or earlier Bowie. The melody and refrain are certainly haunting and the vocal style is very distinctive. For me, however, there is too big a gap between the verse and the chorus and something is missing in the song structure. Equally, as a drummer, I feel that the rhythm for the song could be simpler and more direct. This certainly has the makings of a good song and I look forward to hearing more! Thank you for asking me to review it!

No you haven't

As expressive as ever, Stephens vocals are on point once again and has the backing of an amazing track. Love is cruel when love dies but the way we let those feelings go is all part of the healing. I love the shuffling drums, the saxophone and haunting keys but the the lyrics and delivery sell it to me. Great composition, great production, and above all else, a great vocal performance. Bravo Stephen !

nice vibe

Nice folky feel with Bowie style vocal and Bryan Ferry type lyric. so all the influences are very obvious but the good thing about Bowie unlike the Beatles fans who are copyist Bowie inspires something more original to come out of fans so despite the obvious this track is still quite original and has a good vibe. Production could have been a little stronger but that could be me listening on computer rather than a Cd player.

A little like David Bowie and Violent Femes! Cool!!

Good lyrics and creative music to back it! Keep up the hard work, I can see that you have put a lot of hard work and dedication into your music already. I wish you all the best and hope to hear more.

I Really Love This Song

Beautifully accented and the beat flows with an upbeat pattern to this. The lyrics are clever and original. I love the composition. It has a David Bowie theme that is done well. The depth of the voice doesn't lose a beat where the accent also adds to this. The melodic sounding of flutes in the background took me back. Very lovely song. A very original song to be proud of.
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