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Song from the bottom of heart

This arrangement characterizes smooth effects from keyboard generated sounds creating a great space. The song isn´t overly complex but the music keep this recording alright. Slow beat and soft harmonical melodies inspired by modular syntheziser in this ambitious composition from a songwriter who brings additionally melancholical lyrics and vocal feeling into the music. He really tells a story and the words come from the heart. Digital mixing and mastering sounds professional. Overall a composition by using unconventional sounds as unique quintessence of alternative music and contemporary pop. I like the monotony and easy mood of the track although of sparse instrumentation. Maybe you will likewise add him. Let others know your recommedation.

"Let me take you to beautiful" review by request (Dara Quinlan)

"Lost Spider Stephen Lester " has requested that I review "Let me take you to beautiful" Not knowing any of his work prior to this my first thought is of an homage to Bowie. Whether or not this was intended this piece stands in its own merit . A crystal electronic wall of sound as a backdrop to the performance vocals somewhat suggestive of time travel through space . It would sit well in a stage musical or video very ethereal and soothing . Also simple in form and uncluttered excellent mix .(Are you blushing Stephen) No worries I will.cease my moment of gush . Thanks for bringing this to my attention . Sincerely Dq

Floating on a cloud

Nice change without one. I wasn't listening to the words just the melody of the song. Maybe thats the feeling you wanted to make everything blend in. The song was pushing me into having a change. I'm glad it stayed.

A Very 'Pick Me Up' Song

This song is a very 'pick me up' song. I love the clarity of the vocals including the vocals themselves. I thought it was well written from a social point and commercially. There were no flaws. The sound of the recording was good. I think all and all this is a very good song to pass most bars in many areas. I would continue to promote this song.

a perfect example of less is more

The atmosphere of the keyboards builds the song up to its structure. One sounds like a choir singing a soulful hymn & the other sounds like sci-fi hook . This track is a perfect example of less is more. It may not have guitars and other fancy things but with what it does have it does it effectively engages you to listen to it and keeps interested. I give this a 4.5 out of 5

It takes me on a life journey

I thought I was listening to David Bowie, but it was Let Me Take You To Beautiful. This song was written by Lost Spider Stephen Lester. The melody is magical with a mystic voice. You'll feel like your in heaven with an endless journey. That will race inside your mind.

Nice Voice

Hi I like the sound of the synth and the way your build it up to the climax. Your voice reminds me of David Bowie very cool. The way you time your words and the tone of it. Maybe with some backing vocals or other instruments you can fat up your mix and climax evenmore. Nice work though! Greetz Jeroen

1980s are back!

this song sounds like a lost david bowie song, good work and credit to the vocalist, but is it original? im not sure, because it sounds so much like a bowie song one can't get a feel for originality. the music itself is alright, the arrangement is only ok, its quite repetitive, the lyrics are a little on the weird side, but thats to be expected if the writer is into bowie. id like to hear this tune recorded properly and not done inside a bedroom using garage band etc.

Lost Spider

This tune is David Bowie in his Ziggy Stardust stage. I can even picture him in the film clip. I guess by the title "Lost Spider", that's what you were going for. Has broad appeal, especially to those that were Bowie fans and those that don't care if there is no guitar or instrumental relief. Good job.

Obvious influence

this is very much someone trying to copy David Bowie vocally (I suppose the lost Spider being a reference) But if you are going to be influence by someone it might as well be the best and the one thing I will always say is he inspires others to be different and creative. Sadly Beatles just inspire copycats. All that said the song and vibe is very good and once you get over him trying to be to identical to Bowie it's a worthwhile track But it is time to develop your own style to progress.

Bop review

Alright, another song to put my stamp on, we'll right off the bat it reminds me of a simple minds song not that it's bad though just has that vibe. Also the vocalist has a David Bowie sound.i really like the instrumentations guitar drums bass keys and electronics.i like the mix it's been done very professional and engineered just right.this song definitely takes me back to the 80s but that's kool I like it.


The music is nice, and I like it. I think it does have that down to earth vibe to it. I like this one a lot, and you're on your way to getting an award somewhere . Keep producing beat work like this, and keep your touch on it. This is unique and original. I think this is a hit for sure. Nice one! By the music you can tell that you are passionate about your work as every artist should be. Never give up and dreams and bigger things will follow! PEACE!

you dont need more than your voice

Your vocals are scratchy and earthy and very savid bowie your phrasing is killer However your vocals are over powered by the music layer them and afdva continuous vocal chorusvthere us to much space in your song You @re a nuwave god you have evrything anear perfect song stylistically you are supreme dont gide behind the music Make your voice centerstage I adore your near perfect execution Love rules Spencer guuyus crosse be well!!!

Took me to Beautiful

Let Me Take You to Beautiful by Stephan Lester, vocally gets the job done. David Bowie is smiling from his grave, while Dire Straights, Iggy POP, Lou Reed, And even Freddy Mercy himself applaud your rich vocal texture, but we’re all waiting for the punchline? A crescendo of sorts? Perhaps a story line? Wonderful melodically and well worth the listen. We all just want to encourage you to be more lyrically diverse, and inclusive, and try to be less repetitive. Use the arpeggio sparingly. It sounds nice for intros and shouldn’t be the basis of the composition. You should be doing live Theater. I would like to hear the extent of you vocal ranged used more as well... Be love... evolve... iAndroid Dior D’Nai Dei
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