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The Lost Spider - My Name Is Not Doris

The Lost Spider - My Name Is Not Doris - IMO: A Lyrically superior tune released this year. Engineered to perfection (panning left and right). This tune Reminds me of when I was 19 and my 'land lady changed the locks", I almost at the cat that summer I was so broke! I broke the window lock and came and went like a t'hief in the night' until I raised the $180 back rent! Her name was not Doris either! I played this tune for Rosie Rumba, who commented: "Stephan Lester is the next David Bowie, composing songs that fell to Earth from his ghost!" Vocal inflections during the chorus, backed with synthesizers, fades to remind us all: "My Name Is Not Doris", bending genre in the process! Rosie and iAndroid rated this song 5 Stars. I have to agree with them. Compared most songs on this site with a 5 Star rating, I really should give this one a 6.0! Iggy Ice reviewing on behalf of: iAndroid... be safe... be love.... evolve... and wear your Masks!

stands out contemporary

My Name is not Doris, by Lost Spider Stephen Lester reminds me of a David Bowie influenced work. A light and lively song with a vocal part that stands out contemporary. Pushing the envelope with class draws me to it, and I’m not disappointed. I deeply miss the Bowie attitude and skill, and now I can experience it again. This music is original and creative yet is has a feel I’ve been missing for a long time. I recommend My Name is not Doris, and I’ll be searching for more music by Lost Spider Stephen Lester.


originalità' anche voce particolare ricerca di ritmi nuovi musica ricercata anche con nuove sonorità' voce che potrebbe non piacere ma invece e' proprio bella per il suo modo di cantare del cantante. bravi

Doris feels Great

My Name is not Doris is a fine Alternative music composition with interesting lyrical composition, electronic music supported by thumping bass and a highly memorable vocal arrangement that leaves the listener wanting to hear the song again and again. I recommend a good listen to this artist!

Returning to the 80s.

A very good work of this artist, with reminisenses oficina the 80s sound. He has a nice voice that reminds me the voice of David Bowie. Very Well produced, the sound and vocals are okay. I woukd like this talented artist to search for a miyre personal sound. That would ve really good.

Great Song!

Hi Lost Spider Stephen Lester! oh! this song remains me of times...brings memories back to life:) i like it a lot. It sounds as it should do:) Lovely done! keep up this good work! regards Roger Borg/Borgsongs

A homage to Bowie?

A homage to Bowie - with hints of John Cage, Lou Reed, Velvet Underground, and more, this is a humorous track with a bit of it's own originality. Quirky, nostalgic tones, that whizz by in two and half minutes. Intriguing band name, intriguing track, be interesting to hear where it all goes from here. Onward, Lost Spider Stephen Lester!

Doris my name is not

What a great funky piece of music obviously this vocalist is well and truly inspired by the ultra inspirational David Bowie, and my word he has studied him in every vocal aspect to a fanatically reproductive perfection, well done. I love the studio engineering on this, the instrumentalisation is amazing and although dominant over the vocals, in general terms, it still works in a v]balancing situation. The synth additional backing is so appropriately mastered too and it goes all the way through to combine with this great piece. Well done and I recommend everyone to give this a listen, its not sitting at the top of the pile for nothing.


This is different and feels quanticized.. Instrumental means no vocals. I do find this entertaining. It reminds me of David Bowie.. and maybe a little of Trent Reznor. I want to hear more. How many people play on this song?

My Name is not Doris

This track is nice. Nice David Bowie type sound and feel. Nice background beat. Vocals, lyrics and transitions were on point. Vocals and lyrics remained in sync and on tempo with the beat throughout the track. Sounds professional. Nothing negative to add. Great work!


my very first thoughts were... this tune sounds like if the ghost of David Bowie was haunting the rehearsal hall ... Good singer's voice and adequate arrangements from the band, listen to it!


I'm not sure about this song.. yes is kind of original but It need some extra work in order to be taken for consideration for Music Publishing.. a better vocal and Arrangement will help.. I do not know how Music Insiders will react.. who know for what They are looking for at this moment but hey go for and send It out and let's see what will happen.. but do not expect much but if something good happen You will be a very happy..I wish You good luck..try to make It better..


My Name is not Doris by Lost Spider Stephen Lester . first thats an unusual title to call a song .. but its different and i like this title lol . i also like the riddim track very much . it has a soft tinge of old school rock element to it . i really like the groove

David Bowie reborn

When I heard the song, I went back about to the Mid '80s while I was serving a tour in Germany....I was a bar...and I heard David Bowie's B side stuff...and I enjoyed it....it was a great drinkng song. This song has giving me the same appeal....Cheers!!!!


This is something original..I must say that I never hear something like that before a mix of at list 3 styles.. the only thing which is taking It down are Vocal and Quality of recording.. if You make some changes who knows.. as It is now is not ready yet for Music Publisher or Major Radio Station..so yes I like It ( I'm sure that Many People will like It to ) so put some Work in to and is possible that Someone Important will gave It a chance.. Good Luck..
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