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Whole lotta knowledge. Whole lotta understanding. Not enough wisdom to stay quiet. Met the beast face to form, called on Jesus, everything disappeared. Within seconds I hear a chopper, I rush past the other guy and I bolt out back door I look up and a Military chopper with door gunner armed and m2 in my face swoops so close and low that I could have hit his face shielded helmet with a rock. Every since then my life been crazy wild with a set up that led to prison time two months later, multiple characters in my life seem to have been placed there with purpose, telepathic like communications, even to the extent that they tried to label me schizo last time my mind went wide open. I’m learning now. Learning that it’s very real. That the truth is very dark. That when people talk about being chosen in the mainstream they mean it. The difference is I ain’t playing the game by their rules. I am gonna speak the truth, I have a detailed photographic chronological memory that ties every event together. And these folks that worship Satan and run the world. Welll they gone have to kill me or pay me. Or maybe pay me then kill me. Or something. And when they do. By then it’ll be too late. The mission will be accomplished. Everyone will know the truth. Every knee will bow. And the dogmatic bullshit is just that. Jesus was a roughneck carpenter, as am I. I was created in his image and in his authority all will come to pass as I handle the business I was put on earth to handle.

And that’s str8 facts. Beyond that I’m a full time full custody father of 5 teenage children, and a husband. I work hard. I try my best to cope with what I carry mentally spiritually and physically and I love. I love unconditional every human and every living thing on earth. I am compelled to do this. Death is an illusion. I’m on point and I know it. Hard to swallow at times but I know in my gut that the times ahead are gonna be beautifully manifested and end with a new heaven and new earth. By the way. I do what I wanna do in this life I’m getting better at wanting to do things better but I still curse. I still do lots of things that Christian’s aren’t supposed to do. I know Jesus saved my soul that dreadful day but like I said Dogmatic religion is for sheeple I am a warrior in a spiritual battle beyond the perception of many. I want to do so much better. Jesus is the truth the way and the life. His power is what is going to fix me in time to carry this out. His spirit is what’s gonna emanate through. It has to be.

Lights In Time Walk In The Truth Yo

Underground music should be mainstream. The mainstream is littered with lies and fakes, something is backwards here. The mainstream will die and the underground stories, the underground artist gone get the light they deserve. The games about to change. I’m a Gudda Boy 4 Life, and as my family in this game, I know they gone either eat me, or they gone protect me. It’s all up to me. I have to overcome the addiction willfully and I will do so. In the image of God.

Addiction is my thorn in this flesh. I can’t overcome it in my own power but in the power, authority, and image of Christ there is nothing impossible.

Don’t expect to hear the standard dogmatic Christian rap. I am more Gnostic than traditional. I am not concerned with fitting in to anyone’s box. I am concerned with opening the lid on the box for all who hear it.

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