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Goin on

It is Fresh you got a fresh concept that goes well together with the beat its a nice low key wavy beat and you combined your tone and flow in a perfect manner allowing your trmpo to just flow its a hit for days I also love how the story stays simple yet constant never losing your concept is a great skill and you master it in this one.big ups✌????

Good song



Love the song. Keep pushing you are blessed with a God giving talent, always put God first in everything you do, the game is cold so stay prayed up. Never let no one tell you what you can not do. You can do anything you put your mind to,so stay mindful on every move you make.


There's something indescribable and unfathomable about music, yet it's something that we can all feel and relate to. And while music can never fully be described by words, these quotes powerfully capture different angles of its beauty and put to language all the things we love about it as musicians

lit bro

She got it going on fr. This is lit You were did a great hook and matched it up to a great beat for the song Did you write to the beat or have that prepped Either way you did your thing Keep up the hustle

damn this song got it going on

haha lol literally, got it going on, dope asf song fr. like dayum, impressed. I cant believe the rhythme and beat of this song it goes along so smooth and it jus keeps going and has a nice flow to it.


Catchy asf yo plz check my page n my YouTube channel look at my music lets link straight ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????go check my YouTube page out Dysfunctional family music Kozmatik gots love for real art and this is fire homie have a blessed day


good man style, a big greeting from peru south america, keep it up man with your style i will visit your space more often to be able to know a little more about your music man, I hope you get very far, I have checked that you have great bravo men theme !! a hug and a lot of respect men peace.


Right in tune with the new wave. Nice choice of compositional strategy. Great vibe on the beat. Nice sound. Great mix. Great flow and delivery. Arrangements are on point. I'm not that big, personally on vocal effects, although you killed this. I believe this could poo! #DopE

My review

The beat is alright. You sound like little wayne. The hook is alright. You sound like all other rappers. Wheres ur originality. There is already little wayne. Be urself. Im jus sayin. Heard it


 Dope track will definitely be looking out for more to come and recommending your work to help build the anticipation and notoriety keep up the work keep pushing foward to help push the culture...salute!!!

It's Tee-Kay Lyrical-Killer ZA here

It's Tee-Kay Lyrical-Killer ZA From South Africa and I wanna say that your music is magical your quality is on point keep up the good work never give up I also love the recording part as well.


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Goin On

First of all the beat goes hard on this track. I feel like every artist should be able to come with solid beats whether fast or slow it should bang out. The lyrics are also a key to a great song and Slizzy definitely came with it and stayed on course with what he was talking about. His style was good for this song but all artist shoud have they're own style and this to me had a Lil Wayne feel to it which is why the song came out so good but I'd like to hear Slizzy's natural style as well.Other than that the song is great. Keep pushing bruh!

Good shit

Ayo what's good brother.... jus want yu to kno I fuck wit d song very original and originally is a plus. Keep doing what you doing bro dont get discouraged! Yu got bars let em go bro say. Overall I'd say good job bro
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