Good Song

I am a Viet Nam Viet...This Song Relates to me real good......The Title along describes it Stars,Stripes "n" Eagles.....I LOVE My Country and the FLAG in what it Stands for......I would put on my Uniform again for THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.....

A Very Patriotic Song.

A thoughtful, patriotic song with not too many surprises, but for country music standards, I personally would have like to hear some slight variety in vocals or the musical composition to prevent a monotonous sound throughout. The melody of the verse and chorus must also be noticeable or easily be differentiated between the two. But keep writing songs from your heart. Thanks for sharing. Roger W.

Lords treubador

Paul is a true country artist with a heart for God. Fellow member of the Country Gospel Music Association. Guitar picking master with a voice to convoy the love of Christ in every song; anointed!


I believe that the song was written well, it could be played in a modern way. I grew up listening to people playing the steel guitar, I really like it but it tends to drag a bit. Keep the lyrics

Stars, Stripes n' Eagles

Nice Country Gospel song that all Christian Americans will find the sentiments expressed close to their heart. A nice slow delivery of the lyrics and percussion so we can all sing along. A great song to sing as a choir at schools. I am glad someone put these words to music. Thanks for sharing. Peace and Good will to all men and liberty and justice for ALL!

History says otherwise

The Scriptures says stolen waters are sweet.. now more than ever is your faith is required of u...Nation judgement time for what it has done to Judah 400 yrs of evil is over...hold your faith in God when the table turns...he that leadeth into captivity shall go into captivity...salvation only cushions the blow of judgment it does not hid u from it...hold on cry out now on behalf of you and your family

Great tribute to this county( heart felt tribute)

This song gives a great perception of what the USA was and is now. The lyrics of this song gives a great perspective of the USA and its good times and reminds us of her imperfections without of going into detail of her bad times. But over all I can tell through the performance,of the love the writer has for this country. The production was very well put together. instrumentation were well played. Very good quality sound. This song was well mixed and is a great tribute song to the USA.

Review- Stars Stripes and Eaglres

Very Lovely song, quite patriotic and great country style song of dedication. Nice lyrical storyline. I can imagine this being played everywhere at outings, churches and city events and during parades for holidays and much more. It is a happy, moving song with sweet music and vocals. Much success to you with your musical endeavors.


Hey keep up the good work Great song nice tune did you record it yourself hope I’ll be able to hear more from you,it remind me of songs I grew up on that my dad would play all the time all the best to u

Good Gospel Music

Have a foundation sound with great messages about the good Lord that is a beautiful thing to love that God loves us. Music can heal the Mind, Body and Soul when music hits you feel no pain. it bring a sense of relief to the body. and it keep you going from day-to-day music sweeter than honey, sweeter than sugar, so for that I thank The Most High God. For Music!


I hope you are the writer of the song. It is very catchy. Good theme. Vocals work but, you might consider some stronger ones. The song is very nice. Touching and I didn't expect it to be so moving. Keep up the good work.

Stars, Stripes "n" Eagles Review

Hi Paul. Great song brother. Great story of the nation that is told through your song. Great musical arrangements through-out the song. There are a couple of places where I might have been tempted to change a couple of words or phrases to make the metering of the song flow seamlessly. Many more blessings on your journey. Trev. :)

Good patriotic song

This song starts off slow, but grows on you. I enjoy hearing patriotic songs. The lyrics are wonderful and the vocalist sings this song with a lot of pride. His vocals are a right on point. Hope you enjoy it as well.


Really enjoyed this ,message.... may God continue to bless you and direct you to inspire others to believe and hold on in faith. keep up the good work. May God continuously bless you always. peace.

Stars, Stripes, & Eagel

I thought the song itself was well written. However it was very flat; the music and the wording was very monotone......should have had at least a couple of high points. The music could have had a bigger punch in a couple of areas.....otherwise a good write.
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