Fool to say I love you
Leon J Harris

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Fool to Say I love You.


"Slip sliding away...." You have a style like Tambourine Man Bob Dylan. Your song reminds me of his style and a bit of Janice Joplin in your lyrical talent. A bit of a sad song but it expresses common experience of dreams lost, loving and putting your dreams away in a drawer so the other person will still carry on with you at your side. I like the gentle guitar and the percussion of the beat. A bit like a Beatles song, makes you wonder and think deep why does Jane still not know your true name? Better to have loved and lost than to never love at all. Resonates deep in the heart for many who will hear it sadly.

United Kingdom, WALES

Appropriately sad


Leon J. Harris' recording of "Fool to say I love you" is truly sad, and I say that as a compliment. It is the lament of a man who knows he has no chance with the woman who commands his heart. The chord progression and mood of the song, and Leon's gentle vocals, are totally congruent with the message of the song. The production is understated, and that's a good thing.

United States, Texas, Manchaca

Fool to say


One would be a fool to discount this song. the song spills out like a mantra. It's the key for my liking the sorts like Fleetwood Mac. I don't mean that in bad way either. the song and it's tone is supported by some gentle lead work and at the chorus line a tad of harmony which brightens the delivery. the song is over the 3 min acceptable norm, which is not my norm. I like the fact that the song is well into the 4 min mark. The song is monotone but still comes across firmly. I like song. it's non intrusive, smooth and steady. Easy to hum along to and relaxing. The song meanders along like a lazy river , slow turning here and there. At the end of the ride I come away more relaxed. Really decent vocals and guitar work. Bass lined up nicely on the downbeat with the drums. Although I felt the Vocals and instrument melody had a tad too much separation. I turned the volume up to hear the bass, guitar and drums but the vocals were too loud at that point. Overall nicely done.

United States, Louisiana, Delcambre

Review - FOOL TO SAY I LOVE YOU - by Erik Lyon


I think I can explane why people dig this song. The intro with the la, la, la's are really cool. Brings you right into the song. The Guitar in the mix is very peaceful to listen to. The chorus melody is spot on! I'm just a fool to say I love you... Love the melody you sing with this chorus. Simple song yes, but sometimes that is exactly what we need and I think everyone has been that fool at one point in time or another. Fun Song! I like it. Write 20 more... Break a Leg. Erik Lyon

United States, Texas, Austin

I like the vibe


Very smooth peaceful vibe. Keep doing it and don’t stop. The music compliments the vocals you did a real good job on this track. After listening to it I feel good vibes please do not stop take care Leon.

United States, New York, Bronx

Much like 60s classic tune


I enjoyed this acoustic song very much. It reminded me of the songs by the singer songwriters of the 60s such as Don Mclean's song "Vincent". It's theme is lonesome; the regrets of a man whose love is not returned. The melody is haunting as it should be. The music fits perfectly with the words which is quite an accomplishment. As you probably know, you should always tell a story with your song. That is the key to being a singer songwriter. Keep it simple and straight forward as you did in this good work. I would suggest saying the main line about being 'a fool to say I love you' less often and maybe add another verse to the song. Just a suggestion. Overall, the song is very effective. I really enjoyed the melody. You have a very pleasant voice and you used the right tone to express remorse. Really good job!

United States, Mississippi, Jackson



Nice guitar lead, I like the live sound and mix of drums. A little bit of a classic mix showing you've done your homework on your art. More artist should study the roots of their culture of art to be better at their own art. Keep up the good work and stay in the lab creating new material to stay fresh and on your toes. If you're ever looking for a hip hop collaboration hit me up I'm versatile. Peace!

United States, South Carolina, Rock Hill

your song


Hello Leon, thank you for sending me your song for review. Well, I find your ballad a very nice music production, I like the great sad feel inside if it. Those guitars sounding in both channels are very nice. The lyrics are very well written as well. What I like the most is your voice, the voice is perfect for this type of song. The production sound also good and I could hear everything clear enough. Congratulations on such beautiful music production, keep it up, greetings from Germany, Alfredo from King Mambo

Germany, Muenster

Leon J Harris.... Fool to say I love you


This is a beautiful track recorded with exceptional quality a must to add to your easy listening play list Nice balance of instruments where each one is adding to the the complete sound. Well done this track deserves to be successful. The expressions and sentiment easier to say in a song where the effect of love has on the writer and the receiver of the message may be surprised . Pure quality I am not qualified to add any advice but press play you will not be disappointed .. thanks for sharing Stephen

United Kingdom, Gloucester



You asked What`s it got! just my opinion and there are so many "opinions" haha! I hear Very nice strumming with the guitar a clean bass line a very soft Easy listening vocal! Relaxing and so easy on the ears! I like it brother! I thought your audio recording was good! Well done! Best Regards! Never stop singing and playing!

United Kingdom, Glasgow Scotland

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