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See the video for the new song here !
This is the video for the new song. Christ is here to Save our Souls.
Read and learn and follow the text that tell you the truth and indeed. The truth shall set us Free !!!
I have only 3 songs now on N1M if i get in some financing i will upgrade and put out more here. This is my life project and i have a lot of music but i also need to eat and live...At this particular time i am struggling a bit.......
I sell the songs for $1 each. If i see some good response i will continue and not feeding to many middlemen in the faked music industry on my hard work (37 of my 49 years of music/lyrics work). Since i also know how corrupt this industry is and my songs dont feed the "mainstream" Luciferian music industry!!!
I hope you are interested in donate or buying unique songs and if you use my link. write your email and which songs you would like to have (if you know). That is here on N1M. If U donate and buy before 30 Jan 2020 I will give some Xtras, Songs and material that i have had really good response on that not is here on N1M

was born in northern Sweden and began with music in my young years.
I had a lot of ideas and a lot of creative thinking about music, but I could not focus on the music in that time. Due to existing environment, then skills and knowledge because for me during that time, it was more important with education and to fit into society and be like everyone else. By the way i had not gone through my journey either. So i had nothing to tell with my music writing...

Fit into society, the rat race is in my opinion based on getting external status and satisfaction and temporary happiness through materialism (money) and higher Ego thinking = feeling of more power.
I believe this is the case for the majority of people in the "western" society. By all means almost the rest of the world does the same thing with the same thinking and motives.

Not really the search for the truth and your true self and true happiness, peace and love through jesus christ.

I hope i can be a small part and participate in an eye-opening to where we are going. That i can be involved in a new way of thinking through, charitable thoughts that can provide cohesion between us humans, and be a small part of making a paradigm shift in us humans. Instead of fragmentation and lack of understanding that seems to be growing very fast for us today ... ... ... ... ... ... ...and faster it goes when all the dark forces that moves around us towards their goals.

I dedicate my inspiration to our saviour Jesus Christ and our GOD and the holy spirit, my incredible love and absence of my three wonderful children, and to my close family and loved ones and also to all good hearted people in our world.

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