Larry Rogers / Precious / Rockin in the Sun re-recorded

Impressive solo artist

It's a wonder how one guy with a guitar he knows how to play, and a voice he knows how to use can cast a spell that takes you to a place of peace and contentment. That's just what Larry Rogers does with his recording of "Rocking in the Sun." I love the tone of his guitar, and his highly competent, but never flashy style of play. As a songwriter, he has something to say, and has the voice to make it go down smooth. A joy to listen to. I'm glad he is investing in his talent.

Catchy Tune

Rockin in the Sun has poetic lyrics and heartfelt singing by Larry Rogers. Good, solid guitar picking and and under-stated drumming make the song very easy on the ears. Overall, I'm impressed. Great to hear such quality music.

Rockin' - Renewed

This a more complete recording of one of Larry Rogers' posts from a while back. With some percussion, more guitar and the accompaniment filled out, I think it tells the story more completely with this perspective. It was worth the wait, and worth the extra effort put in, in my opinion. Representing Maple Ridge, BC, and Canada very nicely, as well.

A well written country song

"Rockin´in the Sun" is a fresh breath on this site. It is a well written song that takes me to the world of artists like Don Henley. The recording has a good sound. It is always a matter of opinion of course. Personally I would have made room for a 4 or 8 bar solopart and it shouldn´t be to hard to find a good ending. I guess the song is written on an acoustic guitar and works well with that, but I know it would really shine with a band recorded in a pro studio. Take a listen folks ! All the best -Kris


good afternoon sir thank you so much for allowing me to review your song please keep me posted on any new music that you may have coming out I really like your music is very unique I listen to all genres of music special is unique like your music. Can you stay creative never stay inside of a box and don't be afraid to go to the next level. I grow listen to our general music rocks off Rock hard Rock Christian Gospel r&b rap jazz Opera just to name a few because I love music that much. Being an artist as myself I like to be unique and I like unique things like your music. continue to share your music and gifts with the world never be afraid to go to the next level thank you again for allowing me to review and listen to your music keep on rocking out have a wonderful day enjoy your upcoming week God bless you and I'll let you go to do in

bella voce

questa bella voce e'molto adatta per queste ballate americane. anche la canzone e' carina e si ascolta volentieri e ci porta nelle praterie americane del vecchio west. poi calcolando che e' cantata solo con la chitarra rende ancora il pezzo più' vero tutto l'insieme mi piace bravo!

Rockin' in the Sun

Well thought out lyrics and guitar pickin'. You will definitely enjoy this listen if you like music reminiscent of the Eagles. In my opinion, Rockin' in the Sun is heart felt and groovy baby. Not to mention the silky voice that leads you on. Thumbs up in my book!

Relaxing Vibe

I like the acoustic guitar alot. The harmonies work well. The guitar licks add a lot to the sections with no vocals. Tells a great storyline, I think a cool percussion in the back ground would emphasize the chorus very well, Good Job.


Hello this is CHAZO from South afrika again. You know you are soo talented when it comes to playing a guitar... I always love your guitar styles.. I learn a lot from your music even though we are not playing the same genre but I learn a lot from your music... The song is meaning full. I also like the background vocals.. we will always support yourusic as long as you promise us to produce more music

Sounds great !

Hi Larry, sounds great ! Like the sound you have from the guitar it's got a nice fullness to it and your vocals sound really good. If you wanted to take it further I reckon a synth background just filling the space and a bass would really give it that fullness but it doesn't necessarily need it depending on what you are planning to do with it. Nice job !


amazing song and help me from beginning to end I love the lyrics and I think I understand the meaning behind the song at least the media it is to me keep up the good work send me more songs for review I would gladly listen to them

Excelente pieza hermano

LA armonia auque está sencilla, es hermosa. Me gusta mucho que la letra se entiende y aprecia perfectamente, a pesar de que me idioma es el español. Rockin in the sun sin duda, es una canción que debería estar en la radio. felicidades larry

I give it an "A+"

Love it! I have to applaud Mr. Larry Rogers for a job well done. I love his voice. It's emotional and real. The harmony is perfect; not overwhelming. It enhances the vocals just the right amount. The music makes me wish I could play the guitar. Overall, I believe this man should keep on writing and singing. Sounds as though his heart is really in it. Thank you for your talent and thank you for sharing it.

Rockin in the Sun

Great song...! I would consider modifying my engineering approach a bit. You have a great voice...I'd back off the effects some, compress it to to give it a little more depth and presence. The acoustic guitar parts are good. Use a condenser mic with greater sensitivity and let your guitars shine...both rhythm and lead. Did you master the recording? If you didn't, I would consider going to Landr and mastering it. It can make all the difference in the overall recording presence and quality. All the very best to you and yours...and I hope this review helps in the long run... Tom
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