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Talented and true acoustic


Larry Rogers' recording of "The River" is pure acoustic. It sounds like he recorded it in one take, just him and his guitar in a room with a lot of natural reverb. The guitar work is very good, and it's fortunate, because the instrument seems to have been a little closer to the mic than his vocal chords, with the result that the guitar is mixed out in front of the vocal, which becomes a little hard to make out in spots. The song deals with coping with the emotional wreckage following a broken heart. The vocal is passionately and artfully delivered, but gets a little pitchy at times. All in all, it's good music from a talented singer-songwriter and guitarist.

United States, Texas, Manchaca


This is a well composed song the arrangement is of a reasonable standard, the production is very good with a good acoustic sound, the lyrical content works well and an excellent vocal sound and is not overbearing but flows very well within the context of the arrangement, the dynamics are also well placed within the structure which is very important and does not leave the piece dragging on which is important in all types of music

United Kingdom, Aberdeen

Hang in There, from BC

Slightly reminiscent of Rupert Holmes, Larry Rogers' style is refreshing, and his song The River is an easy listen, and the message overall encouraging. One of my repeat return 'go-to's on N1M for sure, and a valued fellow Canuck making his way in the music world. I visited his home town of Maple Ridge in 2017, played the municipal golf course, and can say I didn't meet a single person there I didn't like. Lovely area, nice people, and good musicians too, apparently.

Canada, Ontario, Oshawa

your song

Hello Larry, a pleasure to review your song, very nice tune, I like the song and the fact that the song only has a guitar and your voice, nothing more and still is a great song, very nice written, very well played too, what I like the most of the song is, your voice, you have a great rocky voice, perfect for this type of songs, the lyrics are also beautifully written, the sound clarity is great, I could hear all details inside the song, what else? well, congratulations on such music production, keep that work up Larry, many greetings from Germany, Alfredo from King Mambo

Germany, Muenster

The River

I really like your style, but this song is not one of my favorites. I could do with the the string tapping. It takes too much away for the song. I would suggest adding some percussion like tambourine or congas.

United States, Michigan, Detroit

We love your music every day it makes more fan I am interested in the new EP coming out please let me know when

I am amazed at how much you make more friend of mine is looking forward to seeing your new songs so we can learn more from your music good moments happened when ever we login to your music good songs keep on doing it my respect blessings to you and your family stay safe


The song is interesting and well played, the music is nice and cozy. The voice is harmonious, and well balanced. I like this song, Larry is an experienced song writer awith a long life in concerts and open air performaces.

Italy, Verona

The River

Very accomplished guitarist "One of The Great Pickers" as they say. Larry, you also write and produce songs for the lifting of the human soul. I will play this song next time I feel low and need my Spirit to lift out of the doldrums on to higher ground. It was a real treat to hear this today and review. I am sure you have a following already where you are in your locale in Canada. I hope you will make it across the border to America and then the world to sing these songs. This song reminded me of one of the great songs of the 70's era called..."Feeling Groovy" by Simon & Garfunkel. You have a clear and true voice, one that is sincere when you sing your words I can see your light of love and compassion burning brightly. Keep holding up your Brethren with that awesome light of yours burning brightly a candle of the Master Song writer who writes and plays through you!

United Kingdom, Wales

Song Review

Excellent Instrumentals with good balance and nice rhythm. Nice flow and swing in the music. The Intro and ending are very nicely done. The Vocals are excellent during most of the song and could be improved by a slightly more relaxed vocal feel during some sections of the song.

South Africa, Durban


Hello sir this is CHAZO... I appreciate your music it's awesome.. I love the guitar your playing there... It is very good you are talented... You've made me realise that real Music we mean yours... Keep up the good work.. I also love your vocals your lyrics are amazing... I will surely learn a lot from you... We will always support you in any music project you propose to us... I am waiting for more songs from you

South Africa, Giyani

The river

Larry, this song has real emotion throughout without being depressing or sad. The vocals are gritty and heartfelt, almost remind me of Don Henley. Love the chording and variations you use for the melody, it keeps the song upbeat. Thanks for this

Canada, Ontario, Brantford

Larry Rogers The River

I really like this one and I think that the guitar playing has a lovely way with it. What I would call Folk Blues and the singing has passion. Xx Jona Bee Hookie Xx ps I think that the song writing is also very good. Xx

United Kingdom, Bristol


The River review. this song is a strictly Acoustic piece in the highest sense of the word. everything sounds in Acoustic style as I said everything recalls the Acoustic genre. personally it is not my favorite genre but I can give you a musical judgment that is certainly positive because all that there must be in a Acoustic piece in your piece is therefore complimented and continues. good job

Italy, italy


Great musician I would like to play together. Romantic Acoustic Folk Easy Listening song "THE RIVER" Canada have very often good artists to promote via numeronemusic and Larry is a champion.


Nice !

This is a great song. It sounds good just played acoustically but I think would sound amazing with a full band. It seminar me a bit in style of Bruce Springsteen and the lyrics are maybe a bit light and could benefit from more of a storyline, that's just my thoughts of how potentially it could be even better.

Australia, Brisbane


I’m definitely a fan of your style! Your delivery, feeling, writing, meaning and flow of the music takes you to a moment in time. The guitar and voice are strong and peaked my interest. I think you have a great potential for much more. I would like to keep an eye on more of your work as it comes out. Keep singing as your voice is melodic and has depth! Pleasure to review this piece of music!! Best, MICHAEL

United States, Michigan, bad axe

Es una de cancion increible

la armonia musical está genial, se siente mucha pasion. la energia de añoranza del pasado esta hermosa. eres muy buen compositor, suena REAL. eso es lo que mas me impresiona de su trabajo sr LArry. Mucho exito. siga haciendo lo que ama

Venezuela, Caracas

Just Missed


There is a lot to recommend in this song sweet guitar good lyrics and a warm gravelly but smooth tuneful vocal I just feel that the attention to detail is missing esp in the quality or the reverb used it sounds a little boxy and hollow i feel it needs a warmer more open reverb on the guitar and a slightly more intimate one on the vocal it would help give a wider backdrop to an otherwise strong song The chorus could do with an overdubed second vocal of Larrys voice that would give it real light and shade strengh and a good strong buildup. Has real potential !

United Kingdom, London

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