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Nice sound

Great song, really like your voice. There's a bit of BonJovi meets Billy Joel going on there. Absolutely rocking keep them coming, nice guitar work solid and loud, just as i like it All the best man

Rocking in the Sun Larry Rogers Review

This song has great potential. Vocal performance has the passion and dynamics that show the artists connection to the lyrics. I am not sure of your recording capabilities, but to give this song the definition it needs, you should record the guitar and vocal tracks separately. It sounds like this was recorded with a central mic and played live. The problem that creates is the guitar tends to bleed into the vocals and distract from them. This also causes the high notes on the guitar to not blend into the overall context of the song. You need to mix the guitar separately to balance the tone. Overall great song, love your voice. Due your song the justice it deserves on the production and you will have a great song.

Rockin' In The Sung

The song shows potential. Get this song mixed, so the vocals come to the front. Nice job! I liked the chord structure and the balance in the song. A proper mix and mastering will help this out a lot.

Good wee acoustic unaccompanied performance

Larry Rogers plays some nice melodic acoustic guitar that rocks along quite nicely which also has a nice quite passage during the bridge. There's a nice sustain chord that gives it a good catchy riff. His singing is equal to the likes of Bryan Adams and I reckon if he had a good backing band to add to this and maybe a string section too he could have a big hit on his hands.


165132479558.... Wooow. I love your music... It is one of my favourite genres in the world. Keep up the good work we will support you indeed... What I like most is the instruments you used in your song... I would like to also apply them on studio while I record my songs...... I also enjoy the guitar you used I'm the introduction.... Your voice is also loud and clear enough to be heard very well????????????.... I love your music


thank you so much for sending me your song allow me to review your music I really like this song is very unique well put together already. I like the boys your vocals are clear I like to music never be afraid to go to the next level keep on tearing your gifts and talents with the world. Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and bless upcoming Christmas and may God bless you going to the New year have a wonderful day and thank you again for sharing your music and talents with me God bless. never be afraid to go to the next level keep on sharing your gifts and talents with the world. Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and bless I'm coming Christmas and may God bless you going to the New year have a wonderful day and thank you again for sharing your music and talents with me God bless.

Nice Folk Tune

Nice tune (original?). The recording could be a little higher quality (maybe move closer to the mic...or record in a non-echoing room?), but anyways, that's minor. Overall it's a decent tune and well done. :)

An appealing tune despite a lack of surprises

A solid performance with an emotive and characterful vocal delivery and competent guitar playing. The song is appealing, though could use a bit of work and provides few surprises, either musically or lyrically. I found the lyrics a little hard to understand, despite being very used to a range of North American (US/Canada) accents. Subject matter is of potential interest to quite a diverse audience, giving it wide appeal. Overall, pretty attractive to the average listener in this genre but more work and a better recording would make it more so and do the subject matter better justice.

Up straight to the flipping world and other planits up to the flipping world good songs ni

I love the flipping music and how you doing hits songs up straight I want to get my music playing like your new and improved I am interested in your New album I would like to listen to music from your new release

muy alentador este tema

se siente la vibra. tienes una buena cancion, felicidades, la armonia en la guitarra me gusta mucho. se siente sincera y entendible. Quizas si la vuelves a grabar como un sencillo y le conectas nuevos sonidos pueda ser un exito, sobre todo en estos tiempos tan dificiles

Talented but too far from mic

Larry Rogers is a talented guitar player and vocalist, and I usually enjoy reviewing his work. He says "Rockin in the Sun" is about soldiers who serve our country. I'll take his word for it, and that is certainly worthy subject matter, considering the herculean sacrifices those men and women make. Unfortunately, the vocal is too far from the mic, and is drowned out by the guitar, which has a nice up-close-and-personal sound. As a result, I can only make out about half the words. Message is crucial in songs like this, so my ability to appreciate this is limited. Would like to encourage Larry to take his songs to a studio, if therre is one available near Maple Ridge. The talent and the passion are definitely there, and he can get a much better product without spending a fortune. Looking forward to hearing more.

Good song

The song has a good beat and feel and as a wide variety of textures and Dynamics and Larry sings well and it's a heartfelt song and I enjoyed listening to it. although it is nice on its own I would love to hear a full band version of the song.

Rockin in the Sun

Another great song! I like your style. This is more rock. It looks like a dry recording by a phone. This song need to be recorded with microphes because it is realy cool but some times, we almost can't listen your voice! But it's a great job! Keep it up!

Not so original

Although the song is well composed and executed, is not so original. it seems to be some copy of other songs that we all already have listened to in last four decades. good arrangement and good voice, but in my opinion, nowadays it is necessary to be very original and give to the songs particular attention not to copy hundreds songs that all of us have listened to for decades.

A great listen!

I enjoy this song when I listen to it as I'm very proud of all those men and women who fought and suffered in the golf war! Fighting for our freedoms against the tyranny that eventually affects us all! Another Canadian artist whom is worth the listen... ... DG / DG Records
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