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Great Listen

I saw the title and knew I had to hear it. My Brother (and Brother from another Mother) are both OTR drivers. Great tune. Fast paced country song. Vocal was clear. Melody and words fit perfectly. I love traditional Country, and you nailed it. Sending to both "my" boys. Nobody gets nuffin' if drivers ain't truckin'. Keep up the great work.

DJ Wilson thoughts about song

Hi Larry. Really liked that song and your performance! Left me feeling good after a long day. Trying to write more upbeat songs like that myself. Well written song too! Loved the fiddle! Well done!

Lively upbeat country song

This is a foot stomping song that will get you up and out on the dance floor. Great driving beat that dosen't get in the way of excellent guitar riffs and solos. Love the lyrics, full of metaphors inspired by the sea, "one hand on the riggin', one hand on the wheel", you can taste the salt, and feel the wind in your hair. Vocals indicate a knowledge of the subject, and fit well with the pathos of the song. Great tune, well done!

On, One Hand In The Riggin' by Larry Cann

Larry is such an Amazing songwriter. I love all of his music. Larry is also a Great Country artist, I have been listening to all of Larry's music and find it Amazing Country just like I love so much. Larry, we wish you much success in your writing keep creating those songs for us to enjoy. Always your friend, Kevin kevinjhermanmusic, Chicago

Larry Cann one hand in the riggin

Great song. I loved the song.the music.the was awesome. You did a very awesome,Don on this song..i,really,enjoyed it very much thank you. I will love all your songs very much so...thank you

Review of one hand in the Rigging

Larry thanks for the chance to review your tune, great lead in with the instruments , sounds like a piece of material that you have lived and it brings the listener right in to picture! A fiddle in the lead in moaning that plea of sincerity would ready set this tune up but that is just an opinion of a songwriter and your vocals are way better than most including me! I salute you on this tune and it’s a very catchy well written country song and well covered by you and your band, thanks for sharing this tune with me and your fans ! I wish you well!

Nice song.....soothing sound

This song has is very nice, it has a sense of comfort to it. It reminds me of good country songs from the 80's,90's, and early 2000's. This song has a calm and soothing sound to it and it is appropriate for all audiences.

One Hand in the Riggin Review

Good morning Larry. It is obvious that your songs are born out of real experience. Great beat and instrumentals to carry your song. It makes me feel as if I were on the same trail with you. I give you a 4.9 for all the things that a country boy is looking for in a satisfying tune. If there is ever a possibility, could you please consider using some steel in your fills? The electric is just not distinct enough to add that flare. Many blessings on the road ahead cowboy, and keep writing the great stuff that are so well known for. Trev. :)

One Hand In The Riggin'

Great intro presents strong musicianship with country western chops. I especially like how the verse moved to the chorus after two stanzas. The harmonies in the chorus set it apart and causes the listener to stay with the song. The music is well constructed with moving bass lines over the chorus whereas the verse is built over traditional chord changes. Once again, this sets the verse and chorus in a complimentary musical transition. The lyrics tell of a cowboy working the rodeo circuit, chasing a dream and a specter of time and tells of his solitary life and the one who is still waiting for him. The lyrics and analogies are telling of one who knows this World, and it works. A solo section wasn't necessary because of the instrumental refrains between chorus to verse and the outre. This is a track that is ready to present to A list artists seeking music tracks to record. I liked everything but for the lead vocalist's mix. The singer's range in this song stays in one octave; his sweet spot, so he wasn't necessarily challenged and this is fine as the song is written in this fashion. I feel there need to be more effect on the lead vocal in the final mastering to warm it up. Listen to Clint Black or Trace Adkins, Both artists will have hit songs where their voices will stay close to one octave throughout the song. Yet, what makes them standout is their approaches and how they hold their notes at the end of their phrasing. In Trace Adkins "There's A Girl In Texas" his phrasing is clear with perfunctory county licks or "country twang" dropped in just enough but not enough to distract from the song. Clint Black's "Burn One Down For Me" clearly shows an ability to phrase clearly, apply country style inflections, and build with dynamics. And the subtle dynamics in the lead singers voice were lost in the verses, the backup harmonies in the chorus made the overall production stand out. If you are going forward as an artist and not solely a songwriter I encourage you to allow for more depth and reverb in the final mastering for the lead vocalist's voice. Albeit, the delivery is strong I feel it is just being tapped and there is much more to be offered paying attention to every vocal detail, economizing the breath, and allowing the lyrics to breathe. In this mix at times the violin and other instrumentation are up too much in the mix and this may be why some of the vocalist's delivery is compromised. A lead vocal must be over the instrumentation and at times it is competing with the piano, guitar, or violin in the mix. This especially standouts in the verses. When you hear Willie Nelson's music everything is thee, yet during the vocal section the instrumentation will come down in the mix. This is also the difference between a good live band and an average one, how the dynamics of the musician's are presented and their sensitivity to the one another's approach during the song. The music needs space. I believe it was Bach who said " the most important note is the one not played". I like the song and this is very good overall.

Trucking song

Hi Larry What a great trucking song, Great up tempo beat, good lyrics. The lyrics tell a story which I like.The instruments and vocals are clear. I can just see line dancers enjoying that music.Well done Larry Cann...Cheers Johnny Shilo Melbourne Au.

Unique Tune

I found the production to be good overall although the 'mixing' could have been a little better. The vocals should always stand 'out' and in the forefront of the music. I'll admit that it could be the limited sound quality of my desktop computer, but the music seems to be more 'in front' than the singer. I have had this problem myself and has been a learning process and requires communication to get the engineer (especially if they are musicians themselves) to back of the music tracks slightly. The time (2:39 minutes) and the upbeat tune is perfect for radio, so despite the few imperfections, this should do well :)


I like the song but if You make a better arrangement it will help .as it is now I do not hear anything special.. You must come with something Really Great in order to send It to Music Publisher..You know They never accepting and average song..It is good to play Life I like "The Sparks" from It..and I'm sure many People will like It same like put a a little mpork work om It and Make It a GOOD Song.. I wish You good luck with submissions.. Good Job..I like It..

One Hand In The Riggin'

Hi Larry, just wanted to say that this is a great tune. Definitely traditional country with a bit of rock. It's got the type of sound that makes you want to get up and start dancing. Such a great beat, but then I always enjoy your music. It's definitely worth listening to. Good Luck.
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