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I love your music

Woow this is alive and full of listening. Your music is great so great. I just love it. Where is your album sold so i can go get it and listen to it more???????????????????? . Music to my soul ministering to my heart and mind.


It left us speechless. Never heard anything like it. Very unique sound. “I’m going home the holidays! “ is a song no one who hears it. God has equipped Larry A. Ulrich with a very creative gift!! Wow.


This is "just an Idea" for a Song...It need a LOT of work..all must to be rerecorded with Much better arrangement.. Vocal and Quality of Recording...I know Your Friends will like It but Music Publishers and Radio Stations will do NOT...and when You re record make sure is not longer than 3.5 min long..I do Hope that Someone will help You with all.. I wish You good luck..again.. what You have now is Just and Idea for The Song .something like a "demo in progress".. Good Luck..

Out of style

I like the idea.However this style is date. Perhaps you can find a current vocalist to modernize this song. This song may be good for a movie but not for radio. You may need a real produce to make this song a hit

Happy Holiday Song

It's always exciting to welcome in the Christmas Holiday. This song is a exciting song. You can feel the holiday season. There's no place like home for the holidays. Its time to finally get more holiday tunes recorded, there's ots of new ideas that woud be nice for the holidays. A new Christmas abum is a project that every artist needs to record.


I got mix feeling about that. they are some Good Parts and some bad to...First lead vocal must be rerecorded by some good singer.. what I'm trying to say.. this is WORKING DEMO ..and a Lot work has to be done as it is now " sound like a childrens record the song".. do You really thinking it will be use to play on The Radio...any how..I know that Your Friends will tell You that this is The Best Song ever...but is not.. sorry but this is the truth and You ask for review.. so Make a Record using Good Singer make a Much Better arrangement..make a Professional recording.. Good Luck..


This song is pleasant because it reminds me of Christmas and Holidays. The instruments sound awesome, and it's very pleasant. Keep up the great work! Would really enjoy hearing more from this artist.!


the initial choruses are very nice and create a festive atmosphere but then they do not get married with the male voice that is agreed with the piano. frankly I think the voice is little accoradta with the music and even the recording is not the best. crdo that the piece had to be fully improved both from the musical point and the singing because it gave me the impression of a set of instruments played by chance

I'm NOT going Home For This

This was a bit strange for me from the start. I tried so hard to stay tuned in but found a sense of confusion and discord.,which if that was the intention he nailed it. Yet for me if this was the holiday I was going home for, I would do my best to avoid it. Sorry Larry, I just didn't get this!

Holiday cheer

I must say, I was quite suprised at the arrangement. It's a interesting twist on a familiar theme of Christmas and Holiday festivities. I understand it was all done on keyboard, or so it seems, and I can tell you, all of that orchestration takes a lot of hard work, and determination to get the results your aiming for. However, sometimes it works well, sometimes it doesn't. The ideas expresse here are very clever, and inventive, but it does need some rethinking about just how much one should put into a song. Simple is better. Therefore, it would be sufficent to say, try to use less instrumentation, and more mixing values in your work.

Home love

Well engineered great song that a lot of people can reminisce and definitely relate to gets right to the point and paints a vivid picture like a good song should do .captures and holds you attention thru entire song

I'm Going Home for The Holidays!

Lovely ode of this old favorite sentiment about Christmas Holidays. Bells and organ, drums and bells typical of a Christmas song musical accompaniment. A review of all our favorite activities. Lovely and rousing call to enjoy and remember past holidays. I found the drums a bit too loud in places. I would love to hear it again with more vocalists in full voice as a choir which would be even more in keeping with the music. Great feeling and lovely sentiments are what make a great song!

I'm Going Home For the Holidays

I Believe that Larry Ulrich really put forth a great effort in producing this song from his heart. The song reminds me of a great gospel hymn and is perfect for a gathering of friends and family. My wife has added that it sounds like a Mr Rogers Neighborhood song that use to come on television. Thanks for excepting my opinion, from Dion

Hi Larry A Ulrich My review!

Hi Larry you have here a very nice song for the holiday however I feel with a little work on the vocals this will make your song really shine maybe even some background singers all other items were fine the main thing here is to be able to enjoy the holiday I hope what I have said will be of some use from J.Milligan President/CEO,New Experience Records/Rick Ross Music Group/UMG.

song has potential

Hi Larry! Your song lyrics are sweet and show a true Christmas spirit in your writing. You should consider having a real band for the music, as the production is lacking in radio quality, unfortunately. I wish you the best in your efforts.
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