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hey this mail is just to tell u u got a good vybe et rhyme so continuous to do the same thing nd i think u need to be knowin anywhere around the world. so now just still believe in u nd make us dreamin.

France, Paris

King Sosa

Hi there bro good music Man keep pushing and networking with other artists aswell it's all about helping each other get to the next level go on to my page and give my music a listen aswell my Bro keep going man.

United Kingdom, London


the beat is tight wit the laid back melodic vibe so i'm already feeling the track! to be honest as I listen i have to say the rap is to strong for this track...the rapper is lyrical and aggressive the vocal energy is way past this beat! but the song is still a keeper..

United States, Georgia, Atlanta


This is a well performed track. Arrangements are nice for hook and verses. Nice Complex rhyme pattern. I can feel the emotion, the intensity. Some good lines in there. I like the one about " just what would you wanna be paid if we switched places?" Well done. Not quite a radio hit, but it's not bad at all. Keep pushing.

United States, Rhode Island, Providence

Betrayed's Review

This one reminds me of twista and that's 1 of my favorite artists. Adrenaline rush is back.This has a message but hey keep your head up! It get's better especially if your a lyracist like this. You got this. Hands down! I want to see a vid to this 1..

United States, Indiana, Hammond


Dope as fuck, I feel you on this track fam, I go through these things as well as a fellow hip hop artist & this soothes others & keeps our head on strong. Stay blessed. 10/10. This song I can relate to like no other & I have to give it to you, you can spit like no other my friend.

Canada, Ontario, London


I hear your bars and their fantastic on point & on time but i noticed you didnt let your voice fully reach out like it should have im not sure if it was how you took breathes but i didnt hear that confident in your voice that grabs my attention your vars did though thats the good part. Good song keep it up its better then alot of these other rappers lol omm

United States, Ohio, Toledo

Hit song

Hit song...great work brother. Good song. Spitting barz brother.good beat....nice flow.this song is ???? ???? ???? hot hot hot ..rral hitting. I see you put lot of effort in this really paid off!! Keep putting in these great work brother. Real nice love.

Jamaica, Kingston

Good Shit

I honestly like think its good bro nice low tempo beat the cool flow you got, plus your flow different & you don't sound like your trying to be like this new wave out, shit I'd love to here the whole tape. Keep up the good work bro

United States, Florida, Clearwater


You're going to be a bit more of the other than that the new year and a few weeks ago that I have a bit of a few weeks to the other day and the new York and I have a lot of this is a bit more than that

United States, Texas, Houston

SBP SQUAD Reviews My Life

Stay Blessed Productions Reviews "My Life - K-Stylez Tha Lyricist " I liked this song and felt it had a really solid vibe to it would bump this while driving for sure. It's relatable and will make me keep my eyes open for more music from this artist. - SBP SQUAD - @DeanWildd

Canada, Ontario, Newmarket


Shit dope different from most I heard on here. Your lyrics are clean. I'm a producer and artist I see you going places you got that ????. I put you on a track anytime let's make it happen Kansas City is where I'm from.

United States, Mississippi, Mississippi State

C.J. ILL's Review on 'My Life"

dope jam. i like the realness of your topic and how it can be related too. i thought it was gonna be a typical trap rap type song and was surprised to find out it was nothing like that. keep up the good work because we need more raw and real rap getting put out. check my profile and songs out too if you can.

United States, New Mexico, Albuquerque

Keep pushing

Stylez this project you put together isn't of our choice but you have a wonderful sound. You have mad potential hands down. You can go very far, just stay postive grind hard and do what you desire.

United States, Texas, Dallas


Fire ass track I can dig it it definitely got some feeling behind definitely is crazy...big ups...let's work..this is straight raw prop don't never know people feel but they talk wat they don't know...Don't stop bruh hit me

United States, Virginia, Woodbridge

My Life

My Life is a dope track, touching on the difficult ups and downs one goes through in life. An energetic, inspired, and passionate delivery delivered over an uptempo soulful rhythmic backdrop. A winding autobiographical tale delivered with perfection. Excellent song with high replay value; salute K-Stylez Tha Lyricist...

United States, Virginia, Virginia Beach

This is really fire

I really love this song and i really like this artist they have really great talent and i love they're music I'd love to hear the new music from this artist when they release it and I'd love to review more music from this artist again everybody has they're own views & opinions on different artist's & they're music when it comes to this artist i enjoy they're music what i also really like about this artist is they're flow

United States, Kentucky, Bowling Green

No cap

Your muwic if truly????fam. Keep going. Its no cap on whatchu can do. Original & well placed fam. Minnesota gotta a young legend on they hands. Keep up the good work & looking forward to hearing more of thes le dope sounds released from your side.

United States, North Carolina, Huntersville


Great job bro really from one emcee to another you killed this shot from the flow the lyrics message sound productions story you really did a good job looking forward to hear more imma bump this salute check out my work

United States, New York, Brooklyn

Dig it

First off u kept it all the way real ???? and I salute that being a real one myself. You def lived up to ur name as a lyricist. The beat was blaze I def felt ur Mic presence. For marketing reasons I would clean it up a lil as far explicitness I get it it's how u felt at da time I respect dat to. Overall I give it 4.5 bruh keep doing u. It was actually a honor to do ur review.

United States, Pennsylvania, Lancaster

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