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Great Music

Really enjoyed listening to this song. has a old school R&B type sound. The beat was on point! You did a great job. Can definitely see why you holding at #1. May we'll cross paths in the near future.

Nice Flow

You got a nice flow homie, I like how you not only sing, but you switch it spitting with a good flow on the first verse. Your definitely on the right track with this, keep making music! Never give up!


Finally some real Hip Hop to review on here! There's a lot of people doing it all wrong but every once in a while a gem is discovered. This track came close to having the complete package of a perfect Hip Hop /rap song. The beat and vibe was golden era and the Rap flow and voice was on point. The instrumental was accompanied by ambient sound effects and overall created the mood for a true banger! The lyrics were abstract and storytelling without the use of profanity and typical mainstream dialogue. This is real art and I genuinely enjoyed the listen. Would have gave it 5 stars if there was tight record scratching turntablism involved as well. Overall this is the best song so far I've encountered on this site to review. Peace and Blessings in Jesus name.


Nice  Nice  Nice  Nice  Nice Nice Nice Come check me out family !! Hot new riding music Money talk Empire new independent label out of the Midwest thank u guys for supporting our movement enjoy maybe we can collab make some magic take care

Great Recording !

I like the track as a whole. The vocal work by the singer was cool. The rapper came with it, was on topic and good delivery. My overall opinion it was dope. I would def put it into my animated series. Keep it going ! Hot


 This makes me feel good riding in my car on a hot summer day while the top dropped playing it real loud nice flow to it nice beat lyrics sound fire on this track i will be playing this one for real

Check It Out Review

This is track is nice. It has a nice smooth Trap old school R. Kelly sound and feel to it. Nice vocals as well, in sync with beat throughout the track. The track has potentials for moving up the charts. Looking forward to more from this Artist.

???? Royalty ????

It has a Cadillac ride to it. I can bang that with baby with one hand between her legs for the warm up. Y'all did a good job with the production and the vocals. I urge you to keep it up don't stop doing y'all's thing, I fucks with u. Keep shooting for the stars maybe follow your dreams.

Old school new feel

Smooth song , kinda like a hip hop version of dru hill mixed with a lil zane i can hear the 112 anytime remake in the track which is a perfect sound the raps are ok , not bad but not impressive at the same time the song is worth checking out , it can grow on you , i can see this bein a filler song on a album and some older listeners favorite, but in this new age wave of hip hop and rnb this is just an adverage track thats created for attention to boost album hype in my opinion, i would most definitely not spend no money on a video budget for this one I'll passs and select my better song

potential i see it keep working

yo I definitely can fuck with this. I think your sound is different you fit in the pocket on the production and just keep working and getting better you gonna get your shine I support 100%

Nicely done

Im shootin 4 the 15 point but i will listen to each song you throw out so just nevermind my long ass reviews definitely was a fire ass track tho had to show this song to my roommates they definitely felt the good vibes coming from this song as well when my recommend and earn time come back up ill share your music on my Facebook and twitter goodluck with your career this business is wicked asf also with getting shows this is definitely a good song


Proud of your accomplishments! It's always needed that we take our dream and keep it first, the struggle, the basis of human love, music seduction finness, style, swag power, courage, success.


Practice makes perfection im still trying to perfect my craft, but hard work equals dedication & dedication leads to success. If you or anybody you know want to do a collaboration, go on my page & send the link to my gmail. Thanks & God Bless

Check it out

I fixed wit it, nice sound & the wordplay is nice, delivery on point, tight work...only thing it might be lacking is somewhat of a little swag, but overall I like the song, definitely needs a big push...

Nice work

Thanks for the support, (F.O.E.) can't shine without the help and support of our fans. It is greatly appreciated when you listen to or share our music, we will continue to give you the best that we have to offer, Thank you so much again.The single (BUILD TOGETHER by Rich Sans is now available for purchase on Apple music, iTunes, and everywhere music is digitally distributed worldwide) Thanks again for your support.
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