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Switched up the style

I really enjoyed listening to your version of Bodak yellow. I really wasn't expecting you to switch up the style of your flow in the beat like that. I really liked your style. Thanks for the listen. Keep pushing your tracks man and keep doing your thing. Jah Bless

United States, New Jersey, Trenton

Bodak Yellow Remix Review

This track is nice. It has a nice. Nice vocals and lyrics as well. Wanted a little more on the recording time. However this track has potentials for moving up the charts. Looking forward to more from this Artist

United States, Georgia, Atlanta



United States, Michigan, Benton Harbor/Grand Rapids

Better than the original

I like how you took a song that somebody bit off somebody else and made it your own, much different from the other two versions I heard earlier this week and better than the original song.

United States, Georgia, Atlanta

Best I've Reviewed So Far Homie!!

Whats goin on bro, I clicked ya song sayin please don't let me down dawg an u didn't! Had some clever bars in there with an attacking tempo, there were times in the verse you went off beat an blame the engineer for that. But by far it's safe to say you got the highest rating yet big homie. Keep Doing ya thang

United States, Georgia, Decatur

hype shaiit

Something that I'd like to work with. The style and taste and flow vocally and lyrically- amazing. But production needs a little work. Try using harmonies by over dubbing with taste and mixing of beat with voc otherwise some dope underground shit.

Canada, British Columbia, Burnaby


Nice flow and that beat is a banger!!! Where can I go to download and share all your music? What is your Twitter/Facebook/Instagram? Can I find you music on iTunes/Spotify/Pandora? Keep doing your thing!!

United States, Tennessee, Memphis


Yes yes yes delivery, lyrics, originality, wit, and the balls to do what niggaz is scared of. Calling fools out. I fux with. As a vet in the game potna you got all the utensils needed to be a strong force in this field. (Double antondree) let’s work I’ll do some lyrical shit wit u. Check out my shit and let’s work. Only problem I had was that’s was only one fuckin verse. lol how you gone bring me to the fight then tell me the nigga quit. Feel me.

United States, Nebraska, Omaha

Good Freestyle

I definitely felt the club energy with this song me and my roommates try and give everybody a good review especially if the artist deserves it i can definitely see this doing well in clubs hope to see more music from you when my recommend and earn time come back up ill share your music on my social media outlets keep up the good work and goodluck with getting shows this is definitely a club banger thanks for letting me review!

United States, Illinois, Decatur


You are really a dope lyricist I enjoyed that, you killed the beat and added a different flavour to it. That's dope really dope, I'll be checking you out more often. All the way from south africa I salute you

South Africa, harrismith


yellow Nice short but nce need more of this my man track banging ur flow go hard you did this one K Minneapolis have some great art nd artists out there i know cause this young man flow here salute KS

United States, Louisiana, Neworleans

Beat desteoyer

Bodack yellow remix uses the same beat and starts with the same cadence as Cardi B's version but as the song goes along K-Stylez shows you why he's the lyracist. Switches the fliw and cademce to destroy the beat with a abrupt ending.

United States, Arizona, Tucson

D.nasty's Review

I'm gonna say this one the best verse I heard on this track. Your timing was good, you were clear, you actually made sense.the flow is phenomenal, I'm taxing you on your rating to, you need to go longer. Feel Free to check out my music and let me know how can I improve.

United States, New York, Brooklyn


Great song I love your sound is so good and hope you do more music because you have a real talent, never stop chasing your dreams and I know chasing your own dream's is not easy but I have a feeling if you believe on your self you gonna reach your dreams so keep working and keep up the good work , great things are on the way. I real love this song please don't stop doing music no matter what is going on. Hope

South Africa, East London


Finally some real HipHop to review on here! There's alot of people doing it all wrong but every once in a while a gem is discovered. This track came close to having the complete package of a perfect HipHop /rap song. The beat and vibe was golden era and the Rap flow and voice was on point. The instrumental was accompanied by ambient sound effects and overall created the mood for a true banger! The lyrics were abstract and storytelling without the use of profanity and typical mainstream dialogue. This is real art and I genuinely enjoyed the listen. Would have gave it 5 stars if there was tight record scratching turntablism involved as well. Overall this is the best song so far I've encountered on this site to review. Peace and Blessings in Jesus name.

United States, California, Los Angeles

Gotti Perspective

I'm feeling the approach! The bars are crisp, punch lines on point, you really killed it! Keep pushin bruh, your time is most definitely coming soon! Cant wait to see you at the top! Stay up fam!

United States, Texas, Houston


Keep it short and funky. I like shit like this BRO. It's enough to get the audience immediate attention. My name is SplitEndz The Profit here in Los Angeles and I'm number 3 here on N1M BRO for the Los Angeles HipHops category. It's not easy holding it down out here in Los Angeles for hip-hop. My uncle Bugleblack who is number two in Los Angeles hip-hop category share a distinctive Sound due to the instruments he plays. Check us out on this site. We keeps it cracking with shows and music videos.

United States, Nevada, Las Vegas

Keep pushing

I like your lyrical flow on this track. I would've liked a little more beat on the production. It's too simple for me. You have talent but in order to showcase it, you gotta have bomb beat. Remember that the first thing people hear when listening to any song, is the beat. Once you are famous, you can get away simpler beat because people will want to hear YOU. Until then, you've gotta have catchy beat. Keep pushing.....

United States, California, COMPTON


Thanks for the support, (F.O.E.) can't shine without the help and support of our fans. It is greatly appreciated when you listen to or share our music, we will continue to give you the best that we have to offer, Thank you so much again.The single (BUILD TOGETHER by Rich Sans is now available for purchase on Apple music, iTunes, and everywhere music is digitally distributed worldwide) Thanks again for your support.

United States, Indiana, Worldwide

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