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Great song!

I like this song a lot. It flows very nicely from phrase to phrase. The vocalist has a very smooth voice and is easy to listen to. All of the instrumentation is perfect in the way each one complements each other. The mixing and mastering is superb also. Not sure if this was done by the artist or someone else but hats off to whoever did the job right! Last but not least, the subject matter and lyrics are very positive and exudes a feel good attitude. This is the first song that I have given 5 stars to and rightly so.

United States, Alabama, Athens

Spirit of Life by Kris Ivy

Kris is an American singer and guitarist, based in Norway and active on the local gig and festival scene there. "Spirit of Life" is the title of this mid tempo alt country song, with lyrics slanted towards respect and compassion for the downtrodden and victimised of this world. Having said that, it's not preachy and walks that difficult line between heartfelt and anthemic. Beautiful playing and production and a good clean vocal approach makes this an authentic and inspiring release. Give it a listen!

United Kingdom, plymouth


Kris, really loved your song. not only the original music, but the vocals are superb, the production was interesting and held the listeners attention. the guitar was placed well and added to the song. and I really liked the harmony intervals which were spot on and tight. If I had one very slight complaint it would be that I would have liked the lead voice to be a little more upfront. My reasoning is that the lyrics to this song are important and the listener should be able to hear them clearly..I found it a little difficult to hear all the words. It was overshadowed by the music...keep in mind this is a very small negative cause I really loved the song and would make it a regular song for me to visit, which is really saying something if you knew me.If I w;as still out playing with my group ;I would pick this song to learn and put in the gig really dig it. Thanks for this piece brother, and keep it up. in fact, notify me with anything else you do.

United States, South Carolina, Bishopville

Holy Ground


It appears this song "Tree of Life" was indeed sprouted on holy ground! Builds softly with sparkly chords and gentle vocals into a rhythmic verse. The chorus is powerful with beautiful gospel undertones. Great job, Kris Ivy!

United States, Texas, El Paso

Inspiring and Beautiful


Congratulations on Spirit of Life! I truly enjoyed this song. Great production, loved the guitar lead, the vocals and harmonies. Your lyrics are solid and I like the rhymes that you used here. Very good work! Nita Velo

United States, Minnesota, Sabin

belle cose

belle cose musicali buone cose e bei cori canzone ben strutturata orecchiabile e ben arrangiata che si ascolta volentieri bella chitarra con hammond di sottofondo ottimo lavoro

Italy, dalmine bg



your afternoon first off I would like to thank you for allowing me to review your music I really like your song I love and listen to all genre of music where there's gospel Christian rock hard rock soft rock I'm just a big fan of music. Continue to stay creative keep on rocking now never stop making great music You Keep On growing and taking your gifts and talents to the next level. It never stay inside of a box and never be afraid to take chances in your gifts thank you again hope you had a wonderful weekend enjoy your upcoming week have a blessed day God bless rock out

United States, California, Every Where

Sounds great


Real nice intro , the voices and very nice very good harnonies. I love the acoustic guitar sound. Nice lyrics the production is super nice, The backing tracks are very tight, Nice guitar solo well done . Take care.

United States, California, Arroyyo Grande



Beautiful song I love the message and vocals and background vocals are perfectly done. Great arrangement and instrumentation. Nice feeling in the song and great production. I’m a fan.

United States, New York, New Hyde Park

great song!


Hi! I like this:) a really good song! it is well done allover! a nice melody,catchy, the singing is very good and i like the lyrics. fine guitars and background singing to and all instruments. keep up this great work !/ Regards Roger Borg/Borgsongs:)

Sweden, Stockholm

Spirit of Life


Kris Ivy: Very good song, excellent interpretation of the voice according to the musical style, the instrumental support is solid and the audio is also very good, Regarding the lyrics it is very interesting and reflects the title of the song spirit of life, it really is to highlight.

Argentina, Posadas

Christian sound.


Great Christian feel... well produced and engineered... I believe the song would of popped more with a female lead vocal.. or a more contemporary male vocal sound.. other then that.. Great track all the way around.

United States, California

Spirit of Life


Kris, What an unbelievable sound and song!!!!! I love the lyrics, great mix , well balanced and great background vocals and backing instruments, great instrument and guitar tone, organ sound was really nice, B3???? , if not a great keyboard patch as the Leslie spins up nicely..Keep writing music for the Lord as the time seems to be drawing near, either a massinve revival movement or tremendous persecution or both!!!

United States, North Carolina, Concord

Really nice, smooth song. Enjoyed


Really enjoyed this song. Very pleasing to the ear. The arrangement of the instruments are placed nice in the mix, and are not overwhelming. They accent each other. The lyrics are easy to understand, and your vocals are spot on. Your vocal has a nice smooth feel, that flows well with the song. Well done. and well written song. I would definitely recommend your music.

United States, Missouri, Mora

Hopeful and uplifting


Kris Ivy's recording of "Spirit of Life" is a tribute to the refugees fleeing the Syrian Civil War, and their strong will to live. It begins with an artful intro of cymbal and cleanly played guitar, and then Kris comes in with his lead vocal, which you could swear was an American country star. (That's suprising, since Kris is from Norway.) In fact, I would classify this song more as country rock that rock, pop, or jazz per se. The overall sound is very nice, although the mix is a little bass-heavy. I had to turn my subwoofer down, in an effort to understand the lyrics, and ultimately could not quite catch some of them. The lead guitar solo is competent, not showy, and I like that. The backing vocals are effectively used. The lyrics I did understand were uplifting and hopeful. Overall, I definitely like this work, and would like to hear more from this artist.

United States, Texas, Manchaca



Hey Kris! Congrats on your song! It was the best song to the soldiers. I couldn't agree with you more! Very untouchable. Very good. Very passionate. Great song with a message. Keep up the good work!

United States, Georgia, Atlanta

Spirit of Life Kris Ivy


Review of Norse Man Kris Ivy's song Spirit of life, i was a little surprised to hear such an American song from A man from Norway. A pleasant little tune with a nice sentiment, it's really MOR pop, but that takes nothing away from the tune, very listenable with easy to hear and understand lyrics. the mix is good with vocals right up front of mix and most instrument can be heard even on my computer speakers, i am interested to hear more of his tunes and will be looking for more to review, All in all well worth a listen, good work

Australia, Sydney



Very good sound with a good emotion, like the back up vocals song should fit right into any devotional style service, very pridictable nothing new, good energy, composition very structured familiar and likable.

United States, California, Santa Cruz

Spirit of Life


This could be a country standard. The writing is great with something to say. The performance is balanced and the production is fitting. The vocal and instrumental sound very American. Well done coming out of Norway.

Canada, Ontario, Windsor

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