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(expired link). means Killing emcees On Rhymes Notes Data Answers Words Generalized. This Emcee is legendary in his own right. This Emcee is creative, hardcore, one of a kind, & Always out the box when it comes to music. This Emcee represents Phoenix Az Hip hop and Rap scene. This Emcee will rise to the Top! Thank you to all the fans, media outlets, and all the people who have supported me all t ... read more

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I Need all my Fans On (expired link) To Subscribe and Share my YouTube Channel.

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Hello! My name is (expired link).

I am a music Artist, and I am sensitive about my Art.
Like all Artist I need help along my journey to Greatness. I am asking all of my fans to help me out.
So If you like (expired link). Musik!
You can Help out by giving a Donation to the (expired link). Musik Fund.
You Can Always Support (expired link). Musik Fund by donating to his Cash App $Qurrency55.
I Love all my Fans, Thank You all for each Donations, and Thank you all for your support.
Thank you all for listening to my Musik & Taking time out of your day for me. It Really Means a lot to me. Have a Positive day! Positive Vibes!!

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