Right from the outset the dynamic range of your vocals are evident shaping a very contemporary sound that would stand right next to todays contemporary/hits genre very nicely.The overall sound is very professional and the song structure is very well done.This song is very well done and as artists we like tostand on our own but you can definitely hear influences from some of our comtemporaries like Katy Perry,Christina Aquilera,etc and I mention that as a compliment to you and all that hard work that was quite evident on this number.Very well done and and look forward to your next effort.

Good production.

Groovy, commercial recording. You have a lot of energy in your voice. Nicely performed and professionally recorded. Not sure about the hook? Is it strong enough to make you stand out of the crowd?

Listening to Alive by.Kola Rai

I really like the beat and tempo of the song.Easy to digest and easy to understand and sing along.Will recommend to friends.Need more music like this going to subscribe to her page.Good


The production to this track is amazing. Instrumentation, vocals, lyrics all fall together perfectly. I think the track is well produced. I wouldn't be surprised if I heard it on the radio because it's definitely a great tune. Job well done!

ALIVE review

I like this song its reminds me of Keshia Cole. Hot hot, and hot. Keep doing your r&b thing. This song sounds good. IT's has a point and a audience out there. I like the production all the way around. Look forward to seeing you top one day. Never give up keep grinding. Best song I've heard in a while. The image is on point as well. Don't let nobody stop you from shining and getting what's yours. Keep making these type of songs and see you at the top young lady. KOLA RAI song alive is getting a 4.5 from me. Your craft is your future..

Yeah, top voice

Hello, you have a really extraordinary voice, I like a lot, but the base do not really like, is not consistent, is not harmonized, too many sounds, your voice fades into the background and there isn't a consistent pattern in the writing.

From The Git-Go!

I can hear the crowds chanting right now...."Kola, Kola, Kola! That is right when I say, "from the git-go". You give no one any chance to be complacent when one hears the song. Immediately you grab the audience by the ear lobe and demand that we get on the dance floor. Is it a club song? Is it one that sounds like any club song? Absolutely not! Wonderful beginning. I like the idea of not giving someone a break as the theme of the song. Your voice is wonderful for the tune and I love the energy. The mixing was very well done as well and you should knock the front runners off of the charts with this one. Good and outstanding work ! Keep on keeping on!


Thank you for having such an awesome voice!! Its strong, your words are clear and your range is very good. I only needed to hear the first three words. Keep it up and stay focused. Youre a star!!!

Good Job

Nice song, nice sound quality, nice beat. good voice. sounds professional. You've got some talent girl. Keep up the good work and keep on doing what you like. Work hard and you will make it somewhere in the music world . Some parts let me think of Rihanna. But that is a good sign fcourse. take care and all the best on your adventure cheers from Belgium Sennin.

Truly Alive

Truly alive song, it's exactly what I expected for a song titled "ALIVE" , its energetic it got me moving which is something I don't usually do. I like the way you can use you voice, powerful and deep and high notes are very much accurate and you go to the low ones without losing the key, I call that pure talent. You're exactly someone I'd love to make a song with, because this song is on point, Alive. Keep it up. :)

Your music

Nice tune. Keep working and striving for what you want. Always make the music because you love it and have fun. Make whatever kind that you want and give it to the listeners. True musicians make a plethora of music which comes out as volumes and catalogs. If you are at that level then bleed your soul into the music. Die for the story or vision you create. Worry only about yourself doing what your supposed to. Keep shining. Cant wait to hear more good music.

I love your music

Man you sexy music is right ...start working with other producer's and that's great work hope you well on your success...transfer all your feelings into songs no doubt about that I. Defiantly work with you if I could


Hi Kola Rai here is my review first of all I love your vocals nice and clear and worth listening to one of the major things about doing music is making sure you can hear what's going on in the song you have proving that great job as far as the production good job give your people a hand shake I been in this business well over 30 years and on a scale of 1-10 I will give you a 10 keep up the great work from J.Milligan President/CEO,New Experience Records.


This is a great song different to the normal run of the mill songs of this genre. Kola has a lovely voice. The song is well crafted and recorded and would not be out of place in the charts on both sides of the Atlantic. Well done and good luck!

bon titre

c'est un bon titre bien actuel. la voix est très moderne avec un joli vibrato. Les choeurs sont très jolis. Le mix est bon mais cependant certains choix de sons ne sont pas très judicieux. En particulier les sons de drum qui je pense sont trop "baby machine" et du coup manque de mordant. avec des drums plus punchy le morceau gagnerai en relief. Certins sons de keyboards sont un peu obsolètes aussi, à l'exemple des strings trop entendus. Je pense que globalement avec une recherche de sons plus electro ce titre serait d'une efficacité redoutable. en tout cas bravo et bonne continuation
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