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This gave me some gucci mane vibes for real like I love the energy of the chorus when it says bitch go hard. I like ChiLou's rap voice and im glad I heard this song because i will listen to more of them. I reccomend this song as it reminds me of Gucci mane. This song has great energy to it and I love the flow man keep that up. I would see myself listeting to this in the car.

United Kingdom, Loughborough

my opinion


Nice track. Cool beat. Keep up the good work. Nice verse and hook. Keep pushing.. Just my opinion. I would like to hear more of your wouk. Can tell you put your heart into your music. Big ups Sav'd Out Silasboy

United States, Missouri, Grandview



Kiwi Chi-Lou and the song Go Hard is LIT AS HELL!!! I really enjoyed Chi-Lou flow it sounded unique and she had bars for days that hit hard and sounded clean. I also really enjoyed this track it had a unique sound to it and definitely is a slapper! The bass and snare sound clean and Kiwi Chi-Lou flow fits the beat perfect which made it real enjoyable to listen too. The hook was dope too it sounded clean with the extra background noise and the hook repeating how Chi-Lou goe's hard and will leave a bitch scarred. Overall this track and Kiwi go hard and I look forward to hearing more of her music! Keep them bangers and sick flow coming Kiwi Chi-Lou!!!

United States, California, Sacramento

On Point


Damn...There is nothing you can say to have you improve this track. The mixing is super clean and you can hear every element of the song crispy. The beat is filthy. Your flow is filthy. Chi-Lou went hard on this track.

United States, Washington, Bellingham



Dope track dope ass lyrics the song could be played at party clubs family get togethers I was like this is a banger frfr this go so hard like the name of it and I would recommend this to everybody

United States, Michigan, Detroit

Go hard

Bitch go hard bitch go hard. I guess if you got castrated you couldn’t go so hard. They tried to pay for the ass, how much? Well if you would, you could probably make some money, a lot of people broke though. I guess that’s all I have to say about the lyrics. I think the intro was the best part of the song. I love the instrumental. The trap slash west coast type of instrumental was amazing. I gave it a 4.0

United States, Ohio, cincinnati

Hot music.

Hot music.keep doing it, don't stop. Don't forget to follow me on Instagram or twitter @dajoker9e stay BLESSED. Stay strong.. keep in touch. And check out my music video on YouTube type in da joker doc marty

United States, New York, Buffalo


It’s not what I was expecting I think it could have been way better and had more excitement to it. To me the song was kind of dull and boring but I know you have a lot more music so add more music so I can see what you have in store for my ear. Don’t take my opinion the wrong way cause it’s only an opinion of what I think. I’m not sowing your music at all I like all types of music for the record. I would like to hear more music from you

United States, Tennessee, Memphis


Hello I came here to tell you that you have a very good flow and a good feathers and that you deserve to be known. very good technique. I will share your works with my entourage to discover your works and talents to win more people, the world and fans. I wish you a very good continuation

France, Paris


Catchy beat. No punches tho. Good hook. Would love the club scene. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaàaaaaaaaa bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb Cccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccc

United States, Colorado, Colorado Springs

great song


Keep pushing just be mindful of your song titles ,cuursive words limit your audience who not interested in such ,other than that it's a banger and I think everyone loves it on fb

South Africa, Johannesburg

Bytch Go Hard Review

The song its self is a really good song. I would recommend anyone to listen to it. I have been a promotions manager for about seven years now for underground artists. I have the hardest time with my guys wanting to cuss on their tracks. I keep telling them there is so much more that can be said other than cussing. I congratulate you for a great song.

United States, Kentucky, Bowling Green

Fly track. .


Great quality great productiin... go hard. You want more tracks that suit in order to create a album that people want to bump. I can imagine bumping this in my whip. Go hard against time or grind without a sign if you tally 2 million you shouldn't shine in a lime.

United Kingdom, Bristol

right on

right on i was able to sit and listen to it all the way through to here everything you were saying and to listen to the whole beat and I understand where you was trying to go with the song and I wish you well

United States, Arizona, Eloy


Well first of all the hook that you have is way too repetitious and it wouldn't be so bad if you may be switched up and said at least a few different lines in there but definitely 2 repetitions to simple I understand that it's kind of like a spoken word about your lyrics are very very simple also I shouldn't be able to pretty much gas what you're going to say next so there might be a little bit too much echo in the first part of the song also your level sound alright and other than that to repetitious to simple if you think a little bit out of the box and use words that other people don't use it would probably be more appealing

United States, South Dakota, Rapid City



Good music Man I like ur style of music keep pushing and networking with other artists because it's all about helping each other get to the next level go on to my page and let me know what you think

United Kingdom, London

Good flow


Good Nice Good work I like the production on the track. I also like the flow that you have on the track. This song foes have a good feel to it and it sounds like it could possibly be on the radio. I would say keep on promoting the song it sounds good keep up the good work. This song also do have a kind of turn up vibe to it. I also like how your flow changes a little through out the song.Yea you should keep promoting the song it does sound good.

United States, Illinois, Chicago

keep doing what you do


keep doing your thing dont let nobody stop you keep going keep making music dont give up keep making good music I like the beat and the liric keep it the good work and keep it coming as a artist to another

United States, Connecticut, Groton



tienes un estilo peculiar, es una lastima que no te acompañe un sonido mejor, por que la cancion con una produccion buena seria una locura salvaje, mi consejo es que sigas trabajando ese estilo e intentes mejorar el sonido de tus canciones, pues creo que merecen la pena, esta es muy buena, y estoy seguro de que tienes mas, mucha suerte y espero seguir escuchando cosas tuyas. un saludo de Pekeño Jo

Spain, murcia



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United States, Illinois, Chicago

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