This song has a unique and clever style very creative i like the sound to this track it stands out well composed and put together i really like it Have a great day God bless you in all that you do.

King D & the Black Knights

King D & the Black Knights, STFSU rock mix is the mix, i don't think you need to change the mix or keep trying to find the right mix, i believe you got the right one now, you just need to market and promote your song, some songs just need to be heard, this is one of songs that just need to be heard, i hope my view is helpful to you, as you can see i'm not a writer, i can only write what i feel. I Wish You Much Success, One World 1 Love

Oh yeah!!

I just start shaking my head after listen the first seconds. I'm sincere, i don't like the refrain, but i love the rest of the music. The drums are in a industrial way and have a lot of strong. As this song, strong and diferent, a lot of styles in the same track, a good voice and a great instrumental results in a great song. Keep going :) p.s. already in my favourites


The beat is dope . Making noise music . Cleaning up music you can blast this at home, in the car , at a rock concert . This is nice I rock my head to this with some beats headphones. Music is lifeee

The King D & the Black Knights smash hit!

Great beat, nice production and instrumentation! The King D & the Black Knights know how to put together a great dance song with a lot of energy, great vocals. Very entertaining and upbeat!


Well when I started listening first thing that I loved was it was different then strings took it to a different play wow! I really love the great message, Just the introduction may need a better intro. Over all yes i love it.

Reflections on King D and The Black Knights's 'Revolution.

It is really refreshing for me hearing this track for the first time as the style and concepts are unique and original. This is stuff I would like to hear more on main stream radios. Even though I could feel the world music essence, I also heard some Jimmy Hendrix essences at some point in the early parts of the song. All this combined with the overall message from the lyrics makes this track really stand out for me in a very positive light. The rock music essences is felt but this is uniquely combined with that social justice voice that reggae music often carries. This is artistically well designed combining the music and the message to achieve a successful well painted musical picture.

Felicidades para você e sua música, espero poder vê-lo disparado nas pesquisas e noticias em geral no mundo inteiro. SUCESSO!!!

Parabéns para você e sua Trupe, espero vê-los disparado nas primeiras colocações de músicas no mundo, que sejas abençoado e agraciado por Deus ...Sucesso, Felicidades!!! Abraços de Gutemberg Landi.

STFSU Rock Mix

I will admit the group name first drew me to this track. I am encouraged by the lyrics first of all. This is a very disappointing time. Thank you for taking it on! I hear the creativity in the lead vocal effect you are using BUT your lyrics are too important to be buried in the mix. Take some things out of the middle of the speakers and put them to the sides around 9:00 o'clock and 3:00 o'clock. I think the guitars need to go there EXCEPT for the lead guitar that happens when there is just the choral hook. Keep the drums in the center, experiment with where to place the strings. You have kind of a pizzicato string answering the lead vocal. Put that on the side extreme left or right. Keep the bass in the middle. If it were me, I would mix JUST the lead vocal, background vocal and drums FIRST and then bring everything else in to support that. It should be geared toward a dance club audience. Thank you London! We hear Ya!

Great Song

Great song folk's......follow kind & the black Knights because they good what they do. So what you waiting? follow and share and discover more works from them. King D RULES, & RULES, the black knights RULES

Weird Pop Synth Rock with a political tone

King D and the Black Knights bring us STFSU Rock Mix under the guise of World music. I don't hear the World Music influence here. Perhaps in the effort of the lyrics but the Rhythm is simple monotone synth that bores the listen with only two chords through out. There is some cool freeform guitar work but for the most part, the mix is weird pop synth rock with a political tone. The singer or singers have a Caribbean tone in their voices but that alone is not enough to consider this World music in my view. I think a better effort should be done musically. The listener gets bored with just two chord changes unless you have a great groove going on between the bass and drums. That is not the case in this scenario. The lyrics and tone of the singers is fine but, please, show more creativity in your musical delivery. It was hard to listen to without getting annoyed. I think King D and the Black Knights could, and should, do better.

Fearless Warriors

Some things in this world may never end, but that is the reason for powerful songs like this. Set upon a vehicle of a killer drum beat and a loud wonderfully chaotic mix of sound, this is a series of both brilliant observations and burning questions. Rock & Roll was born in the spirit of rebellion and refusal to conform to the status quo. This song exposes the hypocrisy of the political world and the brutality that has tragically become the news of the day. It takes courage to make these statements publically. King D & The Black Knights are obviously fearless warriors ...

King D & The Black Knigh

The music is good ,the lyrics take it into the hard rock category placement for this song would be radio movies with fight scences or dark matters like rough sex scenes bar scenes racing scenes boxing dance clubs., it is perfect for video games. You can take this one anywhere movies like Fast and Furious or villian scenes like Gothm depending on the scene its a great track. I love it.

This is a rock song

It says here World, dance and Hip Hop. For me it's much more towards rock. And as a rock song I can image that it works. Well produced, voice with much effects, elaborated arrangement even with strings and all.

STFSU Rock Mix Review

Interesting concept. The music and the vocal don't work together NOT because the idea is not good. It's the effect you are using on the vocal. You might try a vocoder plugin instead of what you used because the message is being lost. If the listener has to listen too hard to understand the lyrics, they will shut down. What I also miss is some sort of change musically between the verse and chorus. There is a lot of potential here. I think you should work on the points above and then release it. Even with my concerns I like it. If U change things, please let me hear it again. NIce message!
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