From The Mountain Top

Thank You Jesus

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What an excellent sound, so well mastered, and with instrumentation that is a delight to hear in this composition. The Bass Guitar gives a great counterpoint to the vocals and this drum percussion set of play is perfect for this kind of genre. The strings are also an excellent touch, on the fiddle or is it violin? Maybe I'm off course there. I love the tone of your voice, so sincere and harmonizing with your back up Singer. The lyrics are so mindful of the cries of the heart during our worship. You have really caught your listeners imagination in this song and I give you an round of applause. Such a timely message for now in this genre. Bless you Brother Kenny.

Thank you !

I so fell in love with this song & how well crafted .. Thank God & thank you Kenny Cable for sharing your talent with the world ... it's too hard for me to review such great work .... God bless you my friend . John Gagne of SKIDBONE

United States, Massachusetts, Leominster

From the Mountain Top.

Dude you just keep slamming out one great tune after another. The mix is spot on, the vocals are great and I love the Keys, Horns, Guits, vocals and harmonies. The country flavor is just awesome!!! Makes ya wanna just "Dance for the Lord"!!! God Bless and please keep them coming. Looking forward to what you do next!

United States, North Carolina, Stanfield

From the Mountain Top - Kenny Cable

Listening to Kenny Cable is such a treat. It’s like going to a music production class. His song would be the example that is used for how it’s done right. He takes a well written lyric and starts off with a well-played simple rhythm guitar and then starts adding instruments as he goes through the verses. Use of lead guitar fills and masterfully not overdone, but just enough to add to the flavor of the song. His lead vocal glides effortlessly through the song with excellent background vocals added in appropriately. His use of the organ and horns were right on the money as they emphasized his lyrics. It is obvious that Kenny is a well seasoned veteran of this genre. I think that even if one wasn’t already a fan of this genre, after hearing Kenny and his bands performance of this song, they would be hooked. So glad to see Kenny Cable has his new album out. It makes one wish they lived closer to Ft. Worth, so they would have more opportunities to attend his concerts!

United States, Kentucky, West Paducah

Praise that rocks!

It is not often I encounter a new song of praise I can put my heart into, but this is one of them! The band is outstanding, and the producer has done an excellent job getting strong performances from the musicians and mixing it in a way that makes sense. The arrangement makes skillful use of different instruments at different times, and the musicians really have some chops! The female harmony vocal is wonderfully fitted to the lead, and the lead is sung with conviction and authentic joy. Keep up the good work!

United States, Texas, Kyle

Refreshing Christian Country Rock Music

When listening to Kenny Cable’s song, “From The Mountain Top,” it was incredibly refreshing to hear a pure form of melodic/lyrical praise/worship to God through a genre of country rock that is often saturated with messages that are far less pleasing to God. Too often modern country artists desensitize & numb the human spirit to sacred/spiritual connections with God through Jesus Christ, by using words/lyrics that Christians use to illustrate and paint a picture of something far from a Christian way of life. Thank you, Kenny, for breathing new life into this sound by bringing a powerful, genuine message of praise/worship to our God! Keep up the great work!

United States, Kentucky, Bloomfield


I'm not sure if this is an Original or Cover Song I like Your voice but most Important I'm Hearing That You Put all of You in to It..good job..If I be You I will make It a Little shorter ( for a Radio Play )..I do not know haw Music Publishers will react as You know They are Very Hard to please but try to send It to some Radio and let's see what will happen..Keep going My Friend who knows what The Future Holds.. I wish You good luck with submissions...

United States, California, Los Angeles

Rock Praise

Man I really like that, great intro with the guitar out there by itself. Great vocals brother, I like the chorus effect too. You always have a good tone. You do inspire me to try and learn to play guitar.

United States, Mississippi, Jackson

Powerful Song ????

Good morning I really appreciate and like this song very powerful well put together he music and your lyrics are great very unique and creative I grew up listening to Gospel music I had good parents that taught me the ways of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ thank you so much for sharing your gift with me and the world keep on making great music that lifts up the name Jesus Christ He deserves all due praise and may God continue to bless you in all your endeavors.

United States, California, Every Where


From The Mountain Top review. this song is a strictly Rock piece in the highest sense of the word. everything sounds in Rock style as I said everything recalls the Rock genre. personally it is not my favorite genre but I can give you a musical judgment that is certainly positive because all that there must be in a Rock piece in your piece is therefore complimented and continues. good job

Italy, italy

Love It

The very start of the song caught my attention and captured me, that's not often for a song to do that for me. I didn't know what to expect so this would be a genuinely pleasant surprise. I really have no advice for correction but I have plenty for encouragemental purposes. The lyrics are authentic, the song feels good, and the mix is great. I truly believe that there is nothing to stop this song from producing great results. Get your promotion together and take a chance and go for it.

United States, Florida, Miami

On top the mountain with jesus!!

Praise the Lord Brother I really love your song the Lord is my light my guidance at the cross where I first saw the light that's the song I wrote you can check it out on here keep up the good work in the inspiration brother thank you for taking me to church

United States, North Carolina, Winston Salem

get built up for praise with this one

dance and praise together. interesting how the chorus builds to the end and instantly softens on "top" (except of course for the 2nd last one). I would have given it a full bar of high intensity followed by a dead stop on the next downbeat for one bar duration with a pickup to the next bar, but that's just me. What you have certainly does work, so it's only a matter of opinion. This is a congregation pick-me-up song, great for a service ender. Nice stuff Mr. Cable

Canada, British Columbia, Delta

The Mountain

You have a very good voice and this song is a great song to worship to. Your background vocals and soundtrack is catchy. The mountain top is where we belong but we sometimes slip and have to reach up to Him and He rescues us. This is overall a great song that can lift spirits that are in despair. Thank you for your dedication to singing to the world from the mountain top. May God richly bless you and yours. DE

United States, Montana, Missoula

Solid Country Gospel cut

Solid Country Gospel Cut. I thought the lyrics were great for the genre and production we good...i think that the vocal was good but production on the vocal meaning the vocal could have been thicker in the mix....backup singers were good...over all a solid effort! Well done!

United States, Tennessee, franklin

Solid Performance, sir.

Straightforward and powerful message. Almost impeccable performance. Great harmonies and emotion. Something I could definitely hear on the radio. Let me know when you have more material to listen to!

United States, Virginia, Newport News

Very Nice Song

A song with a nice beat and good melody. Decent instrumentals and clean recording. Lyrics are nice and have good theology. Kenny has a nice country sound in his voice. If you enjoy Country and/or Christian Rock (maybe what we call in my area Rockabilly), you'd enjoy this song a great deal.

United States, Ohio, Steubenville

From the Mountaintop.

Differ ent genres of music all sound alike and derivative of each others previous success.. Musicians copy other musicians success, and of course they always copy the hits. Kenny's tune, From the mountain top follows a familiar path but I found that spirit in his voice brings a freshness and confidence and a difference to a song which praises the glory of loving .God.

United States, California, Napa

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