Come Lets Meet Jesus


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Loving this...and I'm not even a fan of this genre!

First of all, I have to disclose that I am not really a fan of country music, but Kenny's use of great hooks, great music production, great performance, and great lyrics make it so easy on the ear for anyone who may not fully appreciate this genre. I have to say that I actually could come to like country music because of Kenny! What a joy it is to hear Kenny worshiping the Lord with this great music! Keep up the great work and God bless!

United States, Indiana, Jamestown

A few thoughts on " Come Let's Meet Jesus"

O yeah, a good classic country sound greets me as I start the song... that's always nice! The steel guitar rolls the song straight to the lead vocals. Now that's as good as it gets. The violins/strings are the added touch to the intro. I love it! The piano/drums and bass are just right. The words take center stage and are right where they should be - hat's off to the producer... The words talk about hard times, but instead of "crying in your beer suds" - this song points the weary soul to Jesus. This gospel message is pure and strong - nothing shy about these lyrics. The words are like a healing balm to any hurting person looking for a way out of there pain and suffering. This is good country gospel to the bone. You don't have to like country music to appreciate the words - they are beautiful and the right medicine for broken people. Finally, let me say that the easy flowing rhythm, along with Kenny's warm and strong vocals make this song a pure delight to listen to from beginning to end. And, that's coming from someone who doesn't listen to much country music. I love this song, and it's got everything. I think the steel guitar could back off just a tad, but that's very minor. I would have loved to put a little harmonica in this song... Thanks for sharing such a wonderful gospel song with everyone! You blessed me to no end. In Christ/Michael D'Aigle

United States, Michigan, Flushing


I REALLY ENJOYED YOUR SONG SO MUCH! You are very talented and very anointed! I have nothing to say except keep singing and keep lifting up your voice because you have an awesome MINISTRY!

United States, Louisiana, Morgan City

Excellent recording

This not the style I typically listen to but I am a Christian and do know music. Having said that the musicianship, the vocal and the quality of the recording is outstanding. Great country feel. Vocal are excellent. Should do well with this type sound. Keep at it.

United States, Alabama, Birmingham



Australia, Warragul 3820


I find this piece of Country music really respecting the authentic vibe of traditional Country music. The voice is very good and the sound of the music style is absolutely present. No doubt, it has been worked on properly. Very good job on the overall!!

Hello from Jerzy...

.. I Love it... Country / Polish Folk song... Kenny You hit me deep in My Heart...I'm from Poland and Yes I compose Country Songs...and what is GREAT great for a slow Dance... and same time is GOOD to Pray...if You will make a better Recording and will put more energy to the Vocal.. I will gave You 5 Star..Jerzy..

United States, California, Los Angeles

Come Lets Meet Jesus

I immediately liked it, including the country and western vibe. Good voice, good lyrics and easy to listen to. Laid back tune. I was instantly engaged and drawn in to the song. Loved the instruments and the harmony. Great work Kenny. I think you should do really well with this song.

Canada, Ontario, Kitchener

Hi Kenny Cable Here is My Review!

Hi Kenny Cable I wanted to say I love your song bro it was very good to hear a great song that may in some way be a blessing to many who may hear it and most of all it tells a story which is something a lot of songs today just don't have in their music and thank you for spreading the word of God all over the world on a scale of 1-10 here is my 10 keep up the great work I am looking forward to hearing more great songs from you from J.Milligan President/CEO,New Experience Records/Rick Ross Music Group/UMG.

United States, Mississippi, Marks

Come Lets Meet Jesus Review

This is a beautiful song, very easy and uplifting to the ears, and it reminds me of the old country ballads I still listen to often. You have a great voice and are a very talented singer. I love the message of this song and it is heart felt through to the end. Keep up the good work, my friend. Your music is a true blessing!!! - Mark

United States, Indiana, Sellersburg

Come Lets Meet Jesus

I love this song, it has a nice easy beat to it, nice blend of instruments, and good vocals. The message that the song brings is just right, not too much or too little. I've listened to some of your other songs and I like the quality of those songs as well. Keep up the good work.

United States, New York, Batavia

Smooth country

Kenny delivers a nice straight ahead country gospel track in "Come Lets Meet Jesus". Love the pedal steel and country piano featured in this track along with accenting fiddle lead breaks. Overall a lovely track and glorifies the subject. Thank you Kenny for sharing with us.

Australia, Kingaroy

Come Let's Meet Jesus...

This is an old fashioned Rockabilly Country Song that leads you to Jesus. It is such a song that is for the heartbroken and the world-weary. The instrumental is top notch and certainly is on par with the Best of the Top of the Country Song Charts. The string musical composition is my favorite part in any country song and this fiddler is one of the best I've heard in a long time! Kenny's vocal talent is always a treat. He is a natural singer and song writer. I think this is an outstanding song because it really speaks to the heart about the most amazing person you could ever meet, Jesus!


I grew up listening to all types of music but Christian music is number one music I really like the song and the message well put together and well composed keep on making great music for our Lord and savior no matter what and I would like to hear more of your music soon have a blessed day and may God bless you in all your endeavors.

United States, California, Every Where

Come Lets Meet Jesus .... i like it

i like to country feeling in the song and plus the strong but smooth hamory in the through the song. even though im not a big country fan or a country listening man lol , but i really like the song and its message .... geat job

United States, Georgia, Riverdale

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