No One Greater


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My thoughts on No One Greater...

This song has a lovely beginning... soft - flowing and beautiful! The vocals are warm and passionate, and easy to understand - that's a good thing. The words are simple, but heartfelt and ring true to anyone who loves God. The instruments blend together nicely, the skill of the musicians shines through from beginning to end; a delightful foundation for the powerful lyrics in this song. The chorus, "No One Greater" is strong, and easy to sing along with... that's a plus! The soft ending with the lead vocals singing softly as the song fades is a perfect ending for this song. The song's length is just right, - that speaks well of the songwriter ... the little guitar licks at the end of the lyric lines is as good as it gets, that is the frosting on the cake. The only thing I would suggest is, a short interlude where the musicians do a short piece before going into a verse or final chorus... that wouldn't make or break this song, but with such great musicians it would be a nice touch. Perhaps the guitar and/or piano doing a few lines of melody - and then back to a verse/chorus - or perhaps the ending. Overall - this is one special song, and it has "quality" stamped on it top to bottom. I thank you for sharing such a great song with everyone. You've added to our lives and honored God in the process! In Christ/Michael D'Aigle

United States, Michigan, Flushing

No One Greater

Beautiful country strings introduction with solid composition for this masterfully woven testimony of a faith journey and witness of The One who is Faithful & True...Jesus Christ The Lord. Special in every way. I love the back up vocals that are just the right volume and softness of voice. This is a really wonderful piece of music and worship. I have to say Kenny, you are pouring out songs from Heavenly Realms!

A very nice piece of work


The Christian Music "scene" as it were, has promoted polish over substance and this is an real honest portrayal of convictions. It has a great backing track with excellent musicians and selection of instruments to convey Kenny's song. The mix is top notch, couldn't ask for more there. They are the strong backbone, which they should be, The vocals are again honest and up front and clear. The singing is soot on. No slurs or off pitch notes or the over riding sounds of pitch correction software. One of the things I would add that would make things better is the mix of the harmony vocals. When they first come in they don't blend with Kenny's vocal as much as I would have liked. The notes all match up and I like the contrast of male and female together and it's not a deal breaker by any means but a warmer mix would make it happen better. At times, in the mix it does attain that premium blend. I would have only one other thing to add to make this pop out more and that more of an emotional crescendo to build to and to come back down from. The refrain does a nice job of this but just a bridge of short duration. But this is just a thought. Sometimes the song that you write does not have one in it but as a writer myself, I like to look at possibilities that I didn't originally think of to see if I left a stone unturned.Sometimes I find one more thing to say, sometimes its all Ok the way it is. Kenny Cable's song is well worth the listen. A solid product of honest feelings about a subject that rings true with many people and has been written about A LOT but this is not canned or made to make people do anything but listen and appreciate his turn at the wheel of Christian music.

United States, Nebraska, Omaha

Finally the vocals are the star


Of all the songsI have I have reviewed here this one is best at getting the vocals up front in the mix. Perhaps it is because of the songs message or perhaps it is because the singers are competent. Whichever I am grateful to hear the human voice. The track is well done wit nice acoustic guitar and piano. Not my usual jondra but I enjoyed this production.

United States, New York, New York

No One Greater Review

I really liked your song! The production was "Fantastic" The guitars were perfectly placed,background vocals added more color to the song with out taking anything away from the message of the song.Speaking of the message, I loved the story it told.While listening to the song the picture it painted inn my mind was very moving it put me in church listening to the minister and the choir.All of the instruments were mixed very well. The guitars in the mix added a great dynamics,The delay you put on them was perfect, reverb on your vocals was spot on, Drums were perfect sounding,Violin was the perfect replacement of a guitar solo, The violin put a soothing effect to the song a guitar solo would have put a different feeling to the song,The guitars you have were perfectly placed not to much not little. I think the bass could have been a little present, Your vocal sounded very passionate and the dynamics were great as well.This is just my opinion but again I really liked the hole song very much.I hope this review was helpful.

United States, Texas, Austin


Excellent track from Kenny Cable. Lovely product, clear put together and a lovely tune. Nicely sing and a nice pace with very clear lyrics and easy to pick and sing along with. Well done Kenny I would be very happy to have my name against this track.

United Kingdom, Washington

No one Greater

Mr. Kenny Cable. This song is beautiful. I really love it. The melody captures you from the start and your singing style really compliments the song. I believe you have a Hit Song here. The words of this song truly touch the soul with the sweet sounds in the background. Keep on producing great music.

United States, Georgia, Atlanta



United States, Louisiana, Morgan City


I have listened to about 4 of your songs now. So far, your recordings are the most polished of all the one's that I have heard. Even more polished than ours! Your lyrics are solid and you deliver a message. This particular song is a sweet one...Nice job! If I were to have any suggestions it would be to use a little bit more effects in the recordings. Not the straight reverb as most do...but maybe something in stereo or chorus to make the violin sound a litter fatter. Nice job...again, hard to critique when it's better than what we produce!

United States, Wisconsin, Hancock

No one greater

Five stars from me Kenny, fantastic recording great lyrics nice backing vocals - loved it from start to finish, keep up the good work I always look forward to your wonderful songs and wish you well for the future.

Australia, Ballarat


This great Contemporary Christian song of faith by Kenny Cable grabs your attention in the lyric from the very beginning, acknowledging his personal healing and spiritual rebirth. The structure of the song is Verse, Chorus, Verse, Double Chorus and Tag. The melody is memorable and is accompanied artfully by piano, fiddle, bass and drums. The Chorus is easily singable and stays with you after the song is over. Kenny's performance is subtle but always in tune. The only reason I didn't give this song 5 Stars, I felt that a stronger build to set up the chorus would really make this little gem shine.

United States, Virginia, Roanoke

Jesus Rocks

God is so amazing I love this song no one is greater well written and well composed song and well put together keep on giving God all do praise if you have any other songs like this I would love to hear the be blessed and may God continue to bless you in your endeavors.

United States, California, Every Where

Has he escaped again?

" You came in with your blood, washed me white as snow." Jeez! Somewhere around Fort Worth is a Lunatic Asylum missing a patient. This weirdo should not have been let loose anywhere near normal people. This is a very poor imitation of a song about a mysterious unnamed someone who has blood to spare and nothing better to do with it than wash Kenny until he is brilliantly white. Personally, I doubt his being great in any capacity and suspect he is somebody Kenny met in the asylum. Make sure that you are never left alone in a room with this odd person.

United Kingdom, Twickenham

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