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The song starts with gusto - and the band is kicking it out real good! The intro not too long - just right... The band brings it down sweet to usher in the lead vocals; the opening line : You created me to be like you - is as good as it gets! The vocals are strong and passionate and easy to follow. The drums sound tight and the 2 guitars panned left to right play off each other and add a nice touch without taking the ears off of the lead vocals. Anyone who read their Bible knows the words: I am salt - I am light - says it all. This song rocks from beginning to end, and the guitars carry it to the finish line with power and zeal! The lead guitar smokes this song and adds that "rock flavor" that doesn't disappoint I loved this song, and can't think of anything that would make it better, except possible a fast moving video to take it up a few notches!! Excellent song done with class ! Thank you for sharing such an amazing song. I am blessed after hearing it. Michael .

United States, Michigan, Flushing

your song is great

your music is the greatest song ,i have heard today , it really interest me with the words and sound, i have not been able to find something as interesting as your song , i have been listen over and over to get find a way i can find your songs, i tried reach out, thanks for blessing us { your fans} with something this beautiful,i really appreciate the work you put in , it means a lot to me , i am grateful, its a great song, that i get to listen and enjoy the meaning ,you should have won an award here because your songs is among the top songs here. it can move with the latest trend and its really super hot hit.

United States, Maryland, Bowie


This song sounds great. The recording is excellent with a nice stereo mix. You guys have been at this for a bit, your experience comes through the track. Really nice guitar work and a good solo too. The vocals are great, I wouldn't change a thing.

United States, Ohio, Cleveland

Really enjoyed this song

I was really impressed and so surprised with this song. I've heard some of your other music but this song seems different. I thought this song had a really good sound and seemed well put together. I really enjoyed it.

United States, Arkansas, Mountain Home

Catchy song!

First of all... really nice job on playing the slide guitar! I really like the vocals and the harmony is mixed good with the lead vocal in the chorus. Catchy song that makes you want to listen again and again! Really good job! Best regards from Denmark!

Denmark, Gørding

Awesome groove

I like the Groove you have on this song. and your message on Jesus is beautiful.. I also dig the guitar work very good playing and just a real good song. Oh yes the vocals are sweet and blend with the song well. Keep writing to praise Jesus.

United States, California, Shasta Lake

bravissima complimenti

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I like the originality of your work. Strong message and creativity is a big plus. Good production, I can hear some good vocals to this, good job on the final mix-down. I can tell you have your heart and soul into what you do. Keep on pushing and never give up or get distracted in pursuing the dream of making it. I like the instrumental blend of sounds with some vocals and the production on the track is good. Keep up the great work! Peace!!!

United States, South Carolina, Rock Hill

Excellent guitar sounds

A straight and powerful country rock number, carried by a present and strong lead voice and enriched by perfectly matching harmony vocals in the chorus. Very competent guitar playing with excellent sounds. The production is fine as well. The subject of the song, however, remains a matter of personal taste. I fully respect every individual decision on whom or what to believe in, but song texts with missionary efforts are, at least for me, better off in a church. Anyway well done.

Germany, Schweinfurt


Good afternoon great song Thank you for sharing an awesome song with me I love the music I love the temple and the excitement and creativity of the song.. thank you for your uniqueness to keep on making great music never stop sharing your gifts with the world never be afraid to take chances in your creativity.. thank you again stay in touch have a blessed day and keep me posted on any other music that you may have coming out in the near future I really appreciate your music and your gifts have a blessed day may God bless

United States, California, Every Where

I Am Salt

Dear Kenny, Your song "I Am Salt" is a powerful prayer and profession of faith for all believers. So I have no criticisms only good things to say. Lyrics that reflect the Words of Holy Scripture. The musical composition raises us up out of our seats to give Him praise. Excellent backup musicians and vocals with a really rocking percussion and electrical guitar set to make your listeners dance. I cannot fault this song in any way. The anointing of the Holy Spirit is on your musicians and your vocal talents. I hope this will be sung at many venues to give The LORD all the glory as others are set alight for Him in singing these words of faith. I would only suggest for you to include it in the Spiritual Genre to get more exposure to the non-secular listeners as a tool for soul winning.

United Kingdom

Strong Message

A very good evening to you Kenny and thank you for the kind invite to review your Gospel Track "I AM SALT" which may i say that i found your Christian Composition in my personal music opinion to have a very strong message in your great lyrics matched with a good all round Country Rock Melody that was very well performed and the over all Production was Produced and Recorded to a very Professional standard and was also very Radio Friendly and enjoyed your song very much.

United Kingdom, Belfast


I really like this song! It's nice to hear what I would call christian pop rock. Your lyrics are delivering your message loud and clear and the overall production of this song is very well mixed. Really nice guitar solo also that adds to the overall production. I see you have several songs on your site that I will give a good listen to, since I enjoyed this one. Keep up the great work and good luck in your pursuits in this crazy business.

United States, California, San Diego

Voce da rick

Voce da rock in una canzone orecchiabile con voce femminile di seconda voce è lo stile di questi musicisti e del cantante che privilegiano canzoni belle e orecchiabili è chitarre che fanno il loro dovere buon arrangiamento e per me il tutto è buono e ben eseguito quindi 4 stelle a tutti anche la cantante che fa la seconda voce in questo bel genere che parla di gesu' e di religione

Italy, dalmine bg

Excellent Song!

The vocals, lyrics, instruments, and production are all outstanding! Not to mention, very worshipful! I love the passion in your voice.m, very smooth and polished. Thank you for posting this song and sharing it with the world. Many people will be blessed when they hear this, including myself. I look forward to listening again, and again, and again. Not many songs grab my attention immediately but this one did and held it until the very end.

United States, California, Ukiah

I am salt

Kenny this is a great song ❤️ everything about it, your voice sounds amazing wow nice .this song has a really good melody lines I can hear this song over and ........ over.............................this the song was put together well is very unique..........................just love the way its sung the vocals and guitars are spot on the drums were played perfectly........................... i can't say enough about this song .........................I want to thank you for letting me review your amazing song thank you.......................... This is steve from voodoo dancer and thank so much to letting me review your song you..again.************..........

United States, New York, Middle village

Great Sound + Talent

Great music by a very talented singer. Wouldn't sound out of place next to anything being produced for a national audience. Deserves to be heard and appreciated by all.kinds of music lovers!

United States, Ohio, Newark

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