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I See The Lord Review

I stumbled upon this track whilst looking for new music. I was impressed by the music and arrangement. I think so many people should hear your music. Listening to this folk track which is based on Isaiah 6 made me develop an interest in folk music. I love how the melody and the harmonies blend together, supported by the guitars to support the message. Although the only thing i noticed is that the drums where getting drown by everything else, otherwise this is a great song.

United Kingdom, Luton

Uplifting Christian Song Of Faith

This is an uplifting song proclaiming faith and about following The Lord. Singer songwriters Ken and Debrah Smith tell a story of seeing God with a vision of angels crying, and Jesus' arms stretched out wide welcoming us. For Christians, this is an inspiring and moving song of testimony. Both singers sing with conviction and honesty. The bridge is further uplifting and talks of the temple filled with "the glory of God". For those never exposed to Christianity or church, this song can have a strong inspirational meaning. I look forward to hearing more from these talented artists.

United States, California, Studio City

Great Original Talent

Ken and Deborah are a dynamic duo, their song writing and craftsmanship of their music is second to none. It was a great pleasure to listen to their song I see the Lord. It is sung with great emotion and belief. The song has great lyrics and music to accompany the words.

Australia, Hobart

i see the Lord

i rely enjoy this song,you did a rely good job on the it. vocals are very clear and as far as i can tell you tried to stick to its original song. instruments are good not to soft or loud the beets are right on.god background.

United Kingdom, stoke on trent

Some thoughts on "I See The Lord"

Hmm down home gospel music, yes indeed! From the beginning of this song, I felt like I was walking into the sanctuary where God's people were worshiping God. The song is simple yet very powerful. The lead vocals are strong, and clear... I like the folk rock sound, and the mix sounds like a "live recording". The only thing that seems missing is possibly a "guitar solo" or instrumental jam. This song would be perfect for at least one solo somewhere in the song. That being said, the organ, vocals, and arrangement are great. I would definitely love to be in the room when you are ministering, you rock for Jesus. Michael D'Aigle

United States, Michigan, Flushing

Review of "I See the Lord" By Ken and Debrah Smith

PROS: I grew up listening to 70's Rock music, and I love the 70s vibe on this song! Well done! The mix is good, the instruments are played well. I like the vocal mix as well, with the proper amount of reverb for the vibe of the song. The message is pretty clear - nice scriptural references woven in. Cons: The song has repeating melody lines throughout and gets a little boring. It also has the same harmony parts, some variation in key or volume or vocal arrangement would be helpful.Even a third harmony part, perhaps a very short a capella section would add interest and break up the monotony. (In the 70s we could get away with a long song, today's audience wants more variation!) OVERALL: Well Done! I like it!

United States, Tennessee, Chattanooga

Makes me cry, "Holy holy is the LORD!"

Excellent, truly God honoring! The blend of the voices, the instruments, the mix all work to bring our focus on the Lord, which is what Christian music should do. More important than the technical details (nothing to do to improve on them) is the anointing on this song. It truly brought my attention off of me and put it where it belongs... "Here am I Lord, send me!"

United States, Florida

I See The Lord


This song is a good Praise and Worship song. The lead vocal is strong and talented singing with lots of feeling. The background vocal was also good and right on target. (I would have liked to hear the background vocal a little more louder in the mix. The instrumentalists played well. I would have liked a little different transition between the choruses going back into the verses, possibly something more soothing rather than jumpy. The song has a good feel to it that is very enabling to lift one's hands in praise to. While the title is repeated often in the 1st verse, it would have been a nice touch to be incorporated into each chorus. It is very easy to understand why these artists have so many listens. They have a sound and a message worth listening to. I'm looking forward to hearing more from them.

United States, Kentucky, West Paducah



I enjoyed taking a listen to this band/song! I recommend anyone who enjoys a relaxing song to listen to while drinking their coffee in the morning before starting their day to do so! I hear the angels! :-)

Canada, New Brunswick, Bathurst

Drift Away


I loved this! Kind of "feels like" but not "sounds like" Bob Segar and the Silver Bullet band doing Gospel. And this is REAL Word not the watered down stuff that we hear these days. I like the way you pulled this entire thing from Isaiah. Your song structure is solid, paints a picture. I could close my eyes and see the images you described with your lyrics, simply drift away into the whole story line. The mix is transparent. I can hear every instrument and every subtle nuance. Good Job!

United States, North Carolina, Charlotte

about song i See the Lord


This is a greate song exserlent music exserlent lyrics perfectly sung so on i do not see why this song can not make it to number 1 because i think it can freind follow that dream where ever the LORD may lead it i really really really enjoyed this listening to this song and gave it top rating i think credit should go to where it is due i love this song well done freind GOD BLESS YOU and may he be with you in all you do so as your family freinds so on

Australia, Warragul 3820

very good


Greetings good music and lyrics is a blessing to make music with meaning and purpose I encourage you to continue working for God knowing that work for him is not in vain and we will have our reward hug greetings from Venezuela

Venezuela, Barinas

i see the lord


i see the lord sounds very good and comforting and a little uplifting might consider speeding up the tempo maybe dont know 1st time hearing it maybe add a little more chourus to lead vocals or over lap sounds good i think id pick up the pace a little could be wrong nice song

United States, Tennessee, Franklin

What an AWESOME worship song!


I played this song twice and I have to say that it blessed me so much! I was listening to it with my 14 month old grand daughter, I began to worship the Lord while this song played; with my hands lifted up to Jesus Christ, and as the words HOLY IS THE LORD came out of my mouth. my grand daughter began to smile and I could tell that she was sensing the Lord's Holy Presence! This song gave my God Glory! It is a great song with nice sounding instruments and drums. I love Ken and Deborah's voices as they blend well together, and I could tell that they truly want to honor my Lord. Ken has very strong vocals and demonstrates his ability to lead worship as he sings this beautiful and anointed song with all of his heart.

United States, Louisiana, Morgan City

The temple of love


Uplifting and joyful this song embodies melodic warmth in celebration of God. The temple is a place of spiritual peace and harmony, a beacon of light and love. My true love is my temple, for his love surrounds me with his devotion, grace and beauty.

United Kingdom, Bristol

I Believe


I believe you do see the Lord. I knew I was going to like this song from the first ten seconds. I immediately got an "Allman Brothers" feeling. Gospel/Christian songs are best when they are "visions". This song is a series of visions. The harmonies are right where they should be to give the effect that it is a shared vision. You all have done a great work for those of us who can hear you with ears to hear.

United States, Michigan, Dearborn



Great instrumental opening, then the vocals are awesome !! Really great song, well composed, with great lyrics. It grabs you, do to your vocals. There are parts of the tune, you hear from other songs,, yet the vocals takes the stage !! GREAT JOB !!

United States, Texas, FORT WORTH

I can see The Lord Hearing Your Song!


I am pleasantly surprised by this inventive and unexpected rendition of this much loved scriptural song. The guitar riffs really compliment the vocal talent's unique timbre. So beautifully rendered and very anointed. The back up vocals are very effective in repetition of the chorus. I am expecting greater things from this band now. The instrumental composition is wrought together in every way enhancing the beauty and the meaning of the lyrics. This is one song that I would play often just to feel His Presence and be blessed in the anointed worship.

United Kingdom

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