Heal Our Little Girl

Hold On To God

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Hello from Jerzy

Well.... I must say that this is Your Best Song I hear....if somehow You be able to rerecord it ( I'm hearing something in the background.. .. not sure it is bad recording )... again this is my opinion ... I never gave 4.5 Star to NOBODY yet...Good Job...Jerzy...

United States, California, Los Angeles

Hi Joyce Sirois & Eternal Life

Hello my sister here is a honest review I did listen to this song a couple of times and here is what I think before I go any further I might mention I have well over 30 years in the business of music I will start by saying first of all you have a wonderful voice due to the mix of the music I had a little trouble hearing what you were saying in your song easy fix. Consider working with a better studio one that has the ability to bring out your vocals more clearly as far as the song is concern it's a nice song however again some small fixes can take care of that for you as far as how your song is created when I listen to it I had trouble hearing your background as well as the singers in your background also I would like to add your song is well written from what little I could hear I think if you have some minor fixes done you will have a hit record on your hands I hope what I have said will be of some help overall I think the main issues are audio problems I would like to hear this song again with all the minor issues fixed do that go on ahead get it done earn yourself a hit record (smile) and let me know what store has it and I will purchase it from J.Milligan President/CEO, New Experience Records/Rick Ross/Music Group/UMG take care and God bless you and your music career.

United States, Mississippi, Marks

The mix is drowning out your voice

Joyce, when I can hear you, you have a powerful, earthy voice that's very commanding... but you're kind of lost in the mix. The arrangement could use some better balancing as well, but it's very engaging. I'd love to review the lyrics, too, but because I had trouble separating your voice from the accompaniment, I mostly didn't understand what you were saying. I'd also recommend two things: pay a little more attention to your diction (clearer pronunciation), especially short syllables or neutral vowels. Try stretching them just a little without accenting them (not easy, I know). If your diction is stronger, you may not need to mess with the mix that much... but I'm pretty sure you should consider both. And second: dial back a little on the vocal painting and "mood" interpretations. Save something special for your live audiences--when they hear your CD *first,* they'll be delighted when you do something special in concert. God bless you and your ministry!

United States, Georgia, Chickamauga


First of all the beat is hot and the intro is very invitational. The hook is catchy and nice, and the lyrics are pretty good. Overall I see greatness in this song. It has potential to top the charts. Keep it up! First of all the beat is hot and the intro is very invitational. The hook is catchy and nice, and the lyrics are pretty good. Overall I see greatness in this song. It has potential to top the charts.

United States, Texas, Dallas

Classic Rock Smash Hit

I like the groove reminiscent of the late 70s classic rock looking forward to hearing the lyrics. The music is inviting and as a fellow musician I can appreciate the effort that it took to produce this melody. I believe it will have a greater appeal to an audience that is 40 and above.

United States, Georgia, Atlanta

Heal Our Little Girl

nice but dark,great lyrics and voice is nice interesting sound .kinda blues styles.the vocals really have a very strong tones ,it is over all nice song. please continue to write you very good

United States, Oklahoma, Tulsa

Beautiful song

I am so happy for you and your music which is so blessed great song Sis keep up the good work in everything you are doing thanks Henry Saxophone Watson. P.S keep making music like this that bless our soul many on my page will love this music and share and I hope you do the same. And music we need everyone to support us in the work of music.


Excellent bass & psychedelic vibes of the guitar riffs was not what I expected from a Christian song. I found it very refreshing. and unique. The percussion kept the song going strong, however, Joyce's excellent vocal was difficult to hear and her lovely voice was a bit hushed and overwhelmed by the loud bass and backup vocals. I could not hear all the words clearly. I didn't catch the whole vibe of the song but I sense it would be a 5 Star review if it was re-posted with a better quality track.

United Kingdom


I really like the song I love Christian music very well composed and put together stay creative I would like to hear more of your music keep on going God bless you in all your endeavors.

United States, California, Every Where

Thoughts on "Heal Our Little Girl"...

The title of this song lets me know that is going to be a "prayer" to the Lord... the drums are a great way to start this song out the gate. It pulsates with rhythm and emotion; like a "red carpet" leading the listener to the lead vocals. Very nice. The voice is passionate and soulful, but on the first run through I'm having trouble understanding the words. (there seems to be a tad too much reverb) That being said, the song is what you might here in church when the Holy Ghost takes over! This song is perfect for a prayer service in the sanctuary, where the saints are seeking God's face and crying out to Him for His tender mercies to rain down. The continuous sound going over and over again is good, but I kept waiting for a bridge or chorus or "hook" to take me higher. I truly believe this song would soar to the heaven's if a "change" was incorporated in the arrangement that took the song in a different direction - and then came back. This song just needs a better arrangement. Repetition is not bad, but a "change or shift" would add to this song's effect. The music is excellent, the vocals are sung with intense emotion which compliments the theme - "to heal our little girl". The mix is good, and the ending is sweet going out... This song deserves a better arrangement in my opinion, the message and lyrics are heartfelt and easy to relate to(especially if you have children). I love your music/voice and songs... Thanks for sharing such a wonderful song with everyone! In Christ/Michael D'Aigle

United States, Michigan, Flushing

Heal Our Little Girl

Hypnotic beat and backing, really drew me in. Great vocals Joyce, loved the way you danced through the track. Just me, my only criticism I think it was a little long. Around 4 mins to me is the ideal length.

Australia, Bungendore


This song definitely has a unique sound all it's own. I am not used to this style of music but I am sure that some people like it. I am more into a different style but keep on doing what you do. and seek God first in all that you do.

United States, Louisiana, Morgan City


It has a nice beat and sound. I was waiting to hear some lyrics and the more I listen to it I could hear some chanting in the background. Is this a Native American song by chance? My ancestors are Choctaw.

United States, Texas, McKinney


I just got done listening your song title heal our little girl. I like the song it is very peaceful and Serene keep up the good job and don't let anyone stop you from doing what God has put in your heart which is to praise him amen.

United States, New York

Nice Work

Sound good with a little more mixing it may have potential with some remixing. Sound good with a little more mixing it may have potential with some remixing. Sound good with a little more mixing it may have potential with some remixing.

United States, Pennsylvania, Bala Cynwyd

Wonderfully human

Love this song the guitar work and the ska vocals are wonderful the only suggestion I would have is hire a real drummer you will get more warmth and creativity in your songs this of course Coming from a drummer as my first instrument very much love the feel and I love the name keep up the great work peace and God bless

United States, California, Ojai

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