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Good song

there is no doubt yyr style if singing and delivery is quiet different and unique I believe with more effort of yurs bringing note versatile music to people hearing at all time will improve your fans and grow yur network beyond yur understand


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Pop style Backstreet Boys

This song made me think immediately at Backstreet Boys, what is not a bad thing, if you think how much success they made. So, a cool produced song, with good vocals. It takes a bit too long to take over, for my taste and I think it could have exploded more in the end. It got a bit repetitive.

Yes, More

One of the things I enjoy most about Number One Music artists is the newfound ability to hear music from around the world by singers who I'd never have the chance to listen to otherwise. That, in itself, is a great thing. Here, with this song it's listed as Hip Hop and I find this incredibly un-hip hop, but an awesome pop radio friendly song I'd expect to hear Ryan Seacrest talking up. Great production, mixing and vocals. Shockingly surprised - in a good way.

No More

Nice, Track. Sometimes, It's Good To Do Something, all Alone, And By Yourself. I, Know That, I Do. Add Some studio Stuff, And Maby This Will Be a Hit. Nice Work, Tho. I Like The Way That, You do Your Work. Good Luck, On New Endeavors. You are very talented. Please Get A Manager To Advise You On Your Work. Lott's of Love...A Four.Five.


This is a nice Idea for a song but need some more work on It.. if I be You I will compose a New Melody ( the one You have is just to plain )but again this is just My oppinion.. You know that Music Publishers and Radio Stations looking for a great songs..Yours is not in That Category yet but work on It and all will be better..I do like some parts of the song.. I wish You good luck with submissions..remember Nothing is Easy in Music Bizz...Good Job..


Thanks for the opportunity to send thoughts concerning your music. I too offer music as an simple hobbies. But in your case. It's clear you have an amazing sound. The lead vocalist fantastic. Lyrics clear and hip. Very good job. Much better than alot of serious artist. Thanks Magic


This is a working I will not talk about Production..The melody is to plain and static.. ( not much is going on) so if I be You I will write a new melody lyric is ok but You must remember that The Singer ( Vocal ) make The Song and a good arrangement will put an Ice on The Cake..of cost Recording Quality are Very Important.. so if I be You I will re record It and send out.. Music Publishers are Very Hard to please but who know what will happen..


Nice selection on the foundation sound that shimmers through the chords. The reverb is appropriate and has a professional application. The lead vocalist has a honest innocence that comes through in a Magnificently Powerful and perfectly effected voicing. Good youthful yet mature development on the sound quality as the lyrics were delivered. This gives it crossover appeal for age and genre. The drums had a great effect especially the Snare which has a nice spaciousness. And the bass / drum and hi-hat combination complements the entire composition. The lyrical selection was impressive and gave a good description of your message... The Chorus and Bridge climbs to another level and brings a brightness that builds on a already great foundation. JoWay, you did a great job with No More. This song has the ability to stand next to many professional projects. Now the following is meant not to suggest change, nor to criticize, it is only an opinion for consideration. The initial "Oh Baby" was a little hot, but really no big deal. The volume could have been a db less. Also, the passion and power was well established without the profanity. I understand raw expression, but sometimes people are excluded when profanity is introduced. When people are excluded, so are future Friendships and future financial opportunities. Great job with No More... Keep up the great work. I am Stan Barnes and I approve this review.

No More

The music is an interesting mix of European and American pop sound. dreamy and sung on a spiritual. I personally like the sound, young, fresh with a cool text. I wish you all the best for your music, keep it up and stay true to your sound. Love anderen Peace John M. Lenz


You ask for review.. I listen Your Song 2 times and for me not much is going on inside..I think You need to re write It with better arrangement and vocal..I got a feeling that Music Bizz People will agree with ok to be played at life Concerts but It has to be Much better for a Radio Rotation ..Music Publishers are Very Hard to please and most of the time They listen 5 - 10 sec of the demo and this is The Time Your Song MUST "catch" Theirs Ear..So work on It.. and after try to send out..and let see what will happen..I wish You good luck..


Está bien esta canción, suave, penetrante, bien interpretada, la música sin abusos instrumentales, lo justo para para tener un buen sonido. La interpretación vocal también se puede destacar, sin alardes pero perfectamente interpretado, quizá una voz un tanto reconocible como pega pero no lo es en si. Buen tema, buena interpretación, buena canción, no se puede pedir más para disfrutar de un rato de música.

Not bad at all

Just a quick review show my appreciation for you sharing your music with the world. Definitely keep it up. You have a unique & professional sound at an early stage in your development. Stay hungry & there's no limit to where you will go. GodBless!

Impressive Pop-Ballad

Remarkable song. The intro starts off with soft played chords of the e-guitar which plays also the main role in this song. YoWaY begins to sing with unique vocals but the whole arrangement is more various. The transtion into the chorus makes the music engaging for me. Great modulated vocals bringing additionally beauty into the song as an extra factor. Sounds really beautiful and creates a great space in the backround. The romantic passion of the lyrics come from the heart and make the meaning of the song engaging for me. The instruments, especially the drums, are good played from a really talented musican. The recording could be better and it would be a good idea to make the mixing and mastering in a professional studio. But why do I tell this? Because this wonderful ballad influenced by contemporary pop-music could be a radio hit!

Keep the FAITH :-) Nice listen from start to Finish !

Keep the FAITH :-) Nice listen from start to Finish ! This is so much better than so many that actually spend massive time in a studio. I'm amazed how BAD some of it is. This is not only interesting, done well for small production, but easy to listen to because it is done very Nicely and with Class... Keep on keeping on. Thanks so much for sharing your Music... ( Please write a bridge for this to take it up another notch and then, you have a viable and musically interesting piece of work... Enjoyed the listen ! :-)
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