an original

No one can accuse you of copying their song or style. I'm not sure what genre to put your song into, avant-garde for sure. You are very brave to put yourself out there like that. Creativity is a gift.


Thank you for allowing me to review and listen to your music. Ruth unique boys nice and clear I like the song of a whole lot I like you listen to all genres of music just to name a few r&b gospel Christian rock or rocks . Never be afraid to share your gifts and keep going to the next level. Hope this been helpful I hope you have a wonderful day and may God bless you in all your endeavors peace and blessings to you.

Shadows song

Hi Josie I am very impressed with you that you recognize that you arnt the best of singers Not everyone is multi talented.Your forte is obvious in your lyric writing.If you stick to that and get someone else to sing your songs is a great option for you. I can hear you enjoy music so luck good for what ever you choose...Cheers Johnny Shilo Melbourne Au


er Song hat absoluten Ohrwurmcharakter, klasse Sound Die Stimme ist auch toll, auch im mehrstimmigen Bereich passt alles optimal zusammen. Klar wird hier versucht die masse anzusprechen, nicht den verwöhnten Musiker, dem das vielleicht zu ............. ist. Aber wenn das euer Ziel war ist euch das gelungen. Naja und die masse ist ja auch der Hörer, und der "will das hören". Absolut saubere Produktion.


Believe it or not I would go for a darker sound...The word Shadows portrays darkness, so I would make this more eerie....The horns are a little too happy for this style of music in my opinion. As far as your singing, we all have our giftings & writing is where you shine. Normally I would want more repetition but it didn't really bother me on this one because of the style. Dark piano notes would go a long way in this one. Keep writing as you never know what the next song may hold for you.


I'm very sorry but if You like write songs make sure that someone will do a Demo Record for You..I hope that You will take my advise.. as is now..Nobody will listen..Remember that Pro Songwriting is not a Child Game.. is a Profession which take some Years to master and YES cost a LOT of Money..what You have here is just an idea of something ..I'm sure that some Demo Makers will be able to do something with It..but I see This as just and idea osa song..not ready for People to listen. yet...

Josie Jackson - Shadows

Quality is an issue here, unfortunately. It would yield a much better result if you uploaded a professional studio recording of this song. We also recommend using real instruments. All the best!

Shadows Review

You may want to seek a vocal coach and work on your breathing control, I see what you are trying to do and there is potential. Please do not get offended, I am just giving you an honest response, the vocals are not smooth and precise, you seem to be having a little difficulty, maybe it's the range , you may need to work with different ranges. The music is not aligned with your singing and makes it even more less captivating. I wish you much success with enhancing, trust you can work on it and improve, no matter what anyone says. Best wishes.


Hi Josie, You have a country genre listed on your song, (Shadows), but to be honest with you, in my humble opinion there's nothing that I would consider Country about it. You may want to listen to some old country and some new country to really get an idea of what country is, if that's the genre you're shooting for. Good luck in your endeavors, and keep writing. Best wishes, Gary Lewis

Shadows review

Nice musician arrangement, would have liked to have heard a fiddle and a little bass slip in , vocals are clear and sung with convention. For country a guitar and fiddle is almost a need , will make for a closer listen for me and I wish you the best , might try the folk genre ! Vocals are nice keep on keeping on and the best to you my friend.

Celtic feel

The intro has a Celtic feel, home demo quality but there is certainly potential here. Some interesting bits here, quirky syncopations and overall feel. All in all I would say this is a good demo, it could use some guitar and harmonies and maybe a different feel on the drums as they are a bit wooden. Good potential, let the music grow and this could turn into something special. One warning, cut out the last verse as it's getting a little long, try to come in at about 2:45 for length. Good luck!


This no so good.. really ..Your song Must be worked on.. I mean.. Make a Arrangement.. found a Good Singer and do Much better Recording.. Vocal part is OFF The Tune It now it has no chance to be listen by Music Publisher or will not be played on the Radio.. You ask me to be honest so I'm telling You The Truth..who knows if You make It better and rerecord...There is always a Chance but Not Now... Try to make something Much Better... I wish You good luck..

It has to improve a lot.

Good day ! I appreciate that the opportunity to comment on their work. It is definitely something that you should try to improve before exposing it to the public's opinion. His sincerity is appreciated when mentioning that he likes composition and singing, although it has flaws, but it is convenient that he puts more work in the interpretation, the recording and in the whole project in general. Move on. Greetings.

A+ for Honesty and TRYING :-)

A+ for Honesty and TRYING :-) Music is not always about perfection. It's about expression of the self. As with all skills of any sort, the results of hard work improves your craft. Pay attention to learning to listen to your own voice, it's a muscle that requires training... Your ears are your best friend. They are the connection to both your physical singing voice as well as your "inner voice"... Pitch and phrasing are both imperative. ( So is having fun and enjoying MUSIC !!!) KEEP ON KEEPING ON !!! Once again, A+ for Honesty and TRYING :-) Thanks for sharing

Shadows and Wide Awake

Hi Josie, I took some time today to have a listen to your music. Went onto your page and checked out not just Shadows, but the others you had on as well. You have a real unique style of writing and creating, and should never self doubt yourself. I think your are a gifted writer, and really listened to and enjoyed the words you put together in both pieces. I wish only the very best of luck in your endeavours and always stay true to yourself. Good Luck, and cheers.
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