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My opinion

I like the reggae culture vibe. The message is very positive and uplifting especially for our people in today's society. We need more artists talking about facts that matter and can possibly change a person's mind frame.

United States, Florida, Jacksonville

Better Future

This song is synonymous to the golden era of reggae produced in the late 70's ;when the legends of the genre were in their prime. The instrumental is classic and the lyrics are liquid and flow along well with the delightful instrumental. The electric guitar solo during the bridge is exceptional and it elevates the product of the song. I think the presentation could be more concise lessening the length of the song the harmonies could be tighter however that deficiency is overshadowed by the message and the instrumental of the song.

Jamaica, Kingston

Good song

I love this song.the riddim is on point. The message is possitive.i could lusten the song with my children around because its clean and that is what we need music that we can listen to with our family..

Jamaica, Kingston


A beautiful song with a merry melody. This is the kind of song that gets the older generation up on their feet and dancing. A simple and effective approach to the audience. Well, put together with good instrumentation. I love this song.

United Kingdom, Hornchurch



This song is a song that is calling on the people of the world to do what is so right to uplift the human race. Josh is one of those artist that you can relate to his work and that what make him someone that take time to put his work together and that why Build Better Future is a song that will go far. It all reggae and that what artists like Josh and other have been doing over the years making songs like these that are dealing with World issue, so I give this one four (4) stars All I can say Josh keep on doing what you are dong and sky's is the limit .

United States, New Jersey, East Orange

Soul in a Better Future


My man Josh Eshun the living legend Mandingo Mandosi, this is terrific music. I found you by accident, but love the soul and message of this true to the genre reggae tune. And I am someone who likes punk music first and foremost! You have an indefatigable spirit and show the glory of having music in your life. All the world's problems seem like so much rain in the gutter when you are able to create an experience like this for other people. Thank you and God bless brother, from the USA!

United States, New York, Amesbury



The message in the music this is what the world need right now bring back the consciousness and love in music nice tune brethren i myself is a lover off the 1 drop riddim a real ire vibes to hold a meds .

Trinidad and Tobago, GASPARILLO

Jah Bless Yuh Anyweh ;)


Yaw mi breddah wah gwaan :) Respect for your work ;) Your music is so nice and sweet anyweh !!! This kind of music is really nice on early morning fi a good wake up ^^ Reggae music is lyfe and you doing great !!! Jah rastafaray protect yourself and your family ;) Hold on the faith and stay strong ;) Respect from France !!! Reggae around the world !!

France, Paris

Nice tune


This is a nice likkle chune with a light and easy keyboard intro and a "loping" reggae riddim that makes you want fe sway to the beat. Real sweet roots vocals from Josh Eshun aka Mandosi.draw the listener into the song. Nice lead guitar solo and a catchy hook, too. All around good vibes and easy skanking

United States, Ohio, Wilberforce



You did well, I can't say when but I know for sure you will be going places in the future because of your music. Just keep at it, keep putting in the good work and let the music speak for it self.

Jamaica, Negril

Love the Lyrics

This record have the flavor of Reggae foundation music from Icon reggae chanter the mighty Burning Spear and the lyrics are positive I man love that, much success Mandosi (Wayne Chin say so)

United States, New York, Bronx

Better Future


Hail Josh Eshun nice irie roots reggae,has a likkle touch of Burning Spear.The musik is mellow and cool.We need some more of dis roots reggae.Nice one my bredren keep de roots flowing. Lyrics good.One Love

Germany, Landshut

Good track

Good track keep pushing you will be fine . I love real music as a fellow artist i know the hard work it takes. I think you should share more tracks so you can take it to the next level much respect

United States, Florida, Pembroke pines

better future review


pleasantly surprised by this roots reggae song reminiscent of Culture from Jamaica. Conscious approach and upfull reggae one drop. the drums sounds nice and natural. the reggae tones are also fitting well. there is nothing lacking in this record. it is what it is - a roots reggae jam well executed.

United States, California, San Francisco

Review from Yard A Love


Mandosi, you have a positive lyrics, I wish I could hear more confidence and surety in your voice. I have heard a lot of artists recording and you have to amp yourself up before voicing. Get into it! So WE can get into it. This song performed on stage would bore the audience unless you are hype about it, WE won`t get hyped about it. The hook it catchy, just LIVELY UP yourself! Heart A Love from Yard A Love!

Jamaica, St. Mary

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