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Train of Love

oh woow that production is absolutely horrible .. i hope you did not pay for that studio time.. where are you ... you need to let me reccomend you somewhere in your area.. this is not up to par.. the song is decent you should invest more into.. matter fact with a track like this, it doesnt even sound like youre serious about what you do.. real talk. RAH!

Train of love

extra points for rapping about love. We need more production. if you can't sing then rap strong!

Train of Love

You've got some good vocal talent, but the lyrics and the beat in this song get very monotonous very quick. Need to have some type of meaning and substance to the lyrical content, along with some variety in the musical composition; such as a chorus, bridge, etc. You've got the vocal talent, no doubt about that, just need to mix it up with the compositional part.

"Train of Love"

Sounds like a good song and a good idea. Needs professional mixing and probably better arrangements but the vocals are good and deserve to be heard better.

review by Raffaella Piccirillo

the song is nice and the idea is good but the work of mixing and mastering need more work, the sound is distorted so registered

Review of "Train of Love"

The overall mix is not good. You need to focus your efforts on mastering. The song and music is great. The melody and the general composition is nice. Mix the overall for master first. And, then compress, limit, and equalize the final master.


I like the concept of the song and the beat. The vocals are very pitchy and the mix needs work. Keep perfecting your craft..

Review of "Train of Love" by Gabrielle crow

I'm sure this could be a good song if you worked on the mixing a little more. The vocals were almost inaudible. The rest of the mix was muddy and hard to discern. But keep working at it. You'll get it eventually.
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