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You can support me by buying my music over here: link

Or check out my website: link

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Hey folks! I'm very happy to finally release my new album! It's called Soul Companion and it's a collection of inspiring instrumental tunes to keep you company.

You can check out a few tracks here for free or pick it up over here: link

Thanks for your support, much love.


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Hey folks! Thank you so much for all the recent messages and encouragement, it really means the world that music has connected with some of you.

I'm aiming to have my new album out before end of may, which will be a melodic rock instrumental album for you to vibe to! I'm really happy with the tracks so far and I hope you'll love it too ^^

Remember you can talk to me directly anytime through my twitch or discord! Much love <3

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Hey everyone! Hope you're having a wonderful new year and I just wanted to say hi! Also share with you that I'm working on a new instrumental album that I think you're gonna love!
If you want to check out my 3 albums in the meantime you can do so via my website link
You can also chat with me in my twitch streams or in my discord server! Links for that on my website as well.
Stay well and stay inspired!


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11 months ago

Hey folks!

I'm launching a website where you can find and buy all my music: link

You can also see all the other stuff I do like streaming and video production.

Much love,

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Hey folks, my heart is warm with all the positive feedback on the songs here, thank you ever so much!

In these hard times, I haven't had the opportunity to make a ton of music, but I have a chill instrumental album for sale here if you want to support my work: link

I also stream on twitch every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday and I'd love to get to know some of you over there! link

Much love everybody, stay safe and stay inspired!


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