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Spirit and Truth

Love the worshipful spirit! Keep up the God work, for your labor is not in vain my friend. Definitely looking FWD to hearing more from you in the near future. May God bless and keep you in the New Year to come.


You can have a miracle today in your life if you just turn everything over to Jesus and begin to expect it. Keep grinding God got u God going to bless u through your music don't give up .Ok.ok

Can you hear my voice

Joe Wamsley thank you for asking me to review such J powerful Anointed song. Honestly I lost my self in the message I have nothing to say but to keep giving God the praises. The children was singing from their hearts God Bless the children. Please release this song because this world need to hear God voice, Praise him! Jesus is worthy to be Praise. RosiejacksonHawkins

Can you hear my voice

Good message keep going, be encouraged, and don't give up, you never know Who might be encouraged by the message that you provide so keep going no matter what , always let your focus be to give God glory for that's what it is all about him being glorified so keep singing keep writing keep producing forgot and the only what you do for Christ will last ....'

Can You Hear My Voice

Vocals are nice but not unique. Lyrically good but not great. Hook is not memorable. I left my review and the hook stayed in my heart for approximately 2 hours. It should be long lasting. Therefore not competitive in today's marketplace. No story line however heart felt. The song does not climax to determine an anointing.


Awesome messages and a very good voice. This is a very good song and I do hope that you keep on doing what you do but as always put God first in everything. I like the vocal with the kids too. God bless

Can You Hear My Voice

I enjoyed this song. The music takes you to a place a mystery. When you listen to the words, you realize the mystery is hearing God's voice. The children on the song really brings the song to another level of worship.

Did you get my Review Joe

Hi Joe, I sent a review on you song a few days back and I'm not sure if you got it because this review came back to me. I really thought your words were great and the musical arrangement was really nice. I thought if you brought in some harmonies on your tag "Can you Hear my Voice would enhance this statement" Bringing in the Kids was a great touch. Great message!

Awesome song by Joe Wamsley

Joe Walmsley has beautiful and lilting voice that makes a song a warm tale of enjoyment! Add to that he chose a well written song! Good Voice and Song! May you have a great career ahead! Cool!

Review of "Can you hear my voice"

Very good music my friend. The sound is authentic and meaningful. I enjoyed listening to the smoothness of the sound quality and content. The children voices in the vocals were nice. Keep up the good work! Lavish~

My thoughts on "Can you hear my voice?"...

First, let me say that the title of the song, asking a question: Can You Hear My Voice? - is great because it immediately sparks the "curiosity" in all of us. As the song begins, the keys and acoustic guitar blend is perfect! The soft intro makes the gradual build as the song moves along very pleasant to the ears. The strings coming in with the chorus makes the transition very powerful. The dynamics of this song are excellent, with sections getting very soft and the rising up as the chorus breaks out. The voices together on certain lines works well and adds to the whole of the song. I would say that a nice "snare sound" in the background would have been nice on the chorus sections, and then going out strong with a longer ending might make this song even more powerful. I can hears strings jamming as the song fades out, and the voices resounding over and over. I love this song, and only wish it had a more powerful ending. This was a great song to hear and review. Thanks for sharing with us your songs... Michael D'Aigle

Review of "Can You Hear My Voice" by Joe Wamsley

Pros: Nice keyboard and other electronic sounds. Interesting vocals on the second verse, and the strings are a nicely done touch. The lyrics are certainly sincere! The tune is wistful and catchy in many ways, and I appreciate the appeal to listen and help. I also like the scripture allusions. Cons: The lyrics are difficult to follow at times because of the breaks in the lines. The words are difficult to understand when the children are singing along. The music is pretty even throughout, and could use some more variation for interest's sake. Overall a very nice presentation!

Can you hear my voice

Hi Joe how is everything going with your music I definitely love this song men keep up the good work may God continue to bless you in all that you do as you continue to put Him first no eyes has seen no ear has heard what He has in store for those who love Him

about Can You Hear My Voice

I think this song is awesome perfect singing perfect music perfect lyrics so on i think it has a big chance to make it number one but so do a number of greate songs out there today but for me christian songs are number one i do not think i have herd one that i did not like because i love them the same i think this song deserves high rating so i gave it top score well done keep up the GOD greate work in him may GOD bless you daily so as your family freinds so on and i tell you your song was so awesome perfect that we want to hear more attituade should come by the people or at least by me TOP SONG remember to follow your dream were ever the lord may lead it ok

Very good

Greetings good music and lyrics is a blessing to make music with meaning and purpose I encourage you to continue working for God knowing that work for him is not in vain and we will have our reward hug greetings from Venezuela
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