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This song features simple but very heartfelt lyrics with the simple message, "Lord - I'm yours!" The accompaniment follows the melody, with nice piano and string arrangements. Some tastefully applied acoustic guitar might have added to the overall feel, but not needed. Overall, a wonderful musical prayer to our Lord. Well done!

Joe Wamsley Is a warm voices singer with quality pipes!

The quality of Joe's voice is great. I am blessed by the song I heard Him sing! I wish for him a great and long career singing to the Lord many different of the blessed music available the Christian and other music groups!

Good Music

Its good to hear music that is easy and soft to the ear. Very good listening music and worship music for the people of God. I would recommend my friends to buy this music from the stores. Bless you

Over All

I thought the music suited the lyrics, the vocals were strong yet Suttle, and above the music just enough, all the words were easy to understand...over all I thought it was very well executed


The song is a heartfelt melody sung to the Lord which sounds as if it is coming from the heart. It is a believable account from someone who is obviously in love with the Lord. Continue to make genuine songs that relate to the strong bond we can stir up with the King of a kings.

I Am Yours

This is a powerful song, both lyrics and instrumental touch the heart and cause us to draw near to Abba Our Heavenly Father. The instrumental lifts the spirit with ascending notes of keyboard and strings. It is also a prayer for His Presence and continual guidance and healing. A dedication of our whole beings. A confession of weakness that brings strength inviting the Holy Spirit to take us into a new beginning for the glory of His Kingdom on earth. To transform us into His original creations before we wer tainted by the temptations of worldly existence causing us to sin. What a wonderful song of praise and prayer! It is like medicine, a healing balm to the soul and body. Keep pouring out these songs to His Bride Joe, we need your unique gifts and voice!


You have a very powerful ministry don't stop giving God praise.,May God continue to take your music to the next level.2017 is going to be our break through you never look back on keep on pushing


I like your sound and I love the melody of the song I also like the words It definitely sound very heartfelt and I can feel the emotions behind the music and the feelings that you put into the over all song


I love the lyrics and the music takes me to a place of worship. Some songs require music to fill in the blanks, but this songs words are strong, powerful and full of meeting. I am yours Lord. God Bless!

Very Good

I liked it a lot a lot I felt that it was a little repetitive when it came your chorus, but I was expected that due to the fact it was a worship type song which is nothing wrong with that. I believe you have a lot of passion and emotional in your voice I would love to see you bring that out more. And lastly I believe you should of adding another verse in there to seal the deal. Overall good job keep up the good work.


Your Music Is Rich And Pure And Vocal Sound is Unique! And the lyrics are a true testimony. I am a fan of your music sir keep up the awesome work. Don't Ever Let Anything Or Anyone stop you sir

Keep making melodies in your heart!

Hi Joe, I love the musical arrangement and the simplicity of the word which make it easy to get into worship with you. The catch phrase "I am yours" it would be great after you sing it the first time to add some harmonies other than that I have no other recommendations the song is beautiful. Keep making melodies in your heart and continue to share them with the world. I look forward to posing this one on my Facebook.

A few thoughts on: I Am Yours...

First, the piano and string intro is sweet and soothing... a nice way to lead into the song. The lyrics, I am yours is a great way to lead the listener into this lovely song of adoration and worship. The melody of the song is easy to follow and invites the listener to join in. The bridge is perfect for this song and the short interlude is just right. The only thing I would change, is taking the bass instrument down, especially at the beginning; it sounds a little too powerful. Adding a harmony on the choruses following the first chorus of the song would make the song's dynamics more beautiful. This song is a lovely and moving song in so many ways! Thank you for sharing and writing such a wonderful song to God. In Christ/Michael D'Aigle

Wow! This is an Awesome Love Song to the Lord!

Very nice love song that you are singing to the Lord. I LOVE the music on this inspirational composition that you have done for the Lord. It brings healing to the soul. Keep on making beautiful inspirational worship songs for the Lord and to God be all of the Glory! I like your song a lot and you definitely have a gift. Keep on Keeping on!

I Am Yours Lord

I Am Yours Lord is a powerful heartfelt song. I love the music.Beautiful voices. This is a song that i would tell my friends about.Very beautiful song. I thank God for good heartfelt songs like this that will touch heart around the world.
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