Joe Wamsley / Hands of God / His Thunder

Unique Sound

Like the tremolo Fender amp sound on the guitar. Cool use of minor chords on the song, gives it an "ethnic" Jewish folk song feel. Good praise song. Interesting,, unique sound. Memorable chorus - "Oh, El Shaddai, You are the Rock of ages..." Acoustic guitars add a nice open feel. Electric guitars nice. Cool animal sounds (I assume, sounds like animals). Also reminds me a bit of early Petra, "More Power To Ya" and the singer Greg X Volz.

"His Thunder" is rolling!

I love the lyric imagery of the message on "His Thunder". The sound effects (thunder, waves) are a nice touch. I might suggest (but who I to criticize anything?) a bit of chorus on the acoustic guitar so it shimmers a bit and I'd add more reverb to the "call and response" vocals so they sound different sonically from the lead vocal. Other wise very nicely done!

Most excellent !!

Hey Joe(remember that Hendrix jam?)... sorry for rambling like that. Your song was inspiring in every way! Good on all points from what my ears could tell. Ear candy for me. The drums were so cely done in the mix. The lyrics and melody very original sounding, and the way you sang your words was a delight as well. The only thing I hear missing is an instrument that stands out like a classical guitar/harmonica, or flute, lead guitar ... that's not a criticism really as the song stands tall as is. Just think a sound somewhere out there should have been in the song. That being said, I have to give you big time kudos/props on this song. Great song Joe... Thanks for using your talent/gifts for our Lord and those He died for. Michael D'Aigle/fool4christ

very good

Greetings good music and lyrics is a blessing to make music with meaning and purpose I encourage you to continue working for God knowing that work for him is not in vain and we will have our reward hug greetings from Venezuela

His Thunder

The overall mix sounds pretty good, Joe! I guess you can put a little bit more reverb effects in the mix to make it sound more professional. Other than that, the song is great! It's very spiritual and very catchy at the same time. Keep up the great work in your music!

Nice track

Ckear sound and im a god fearing man so i love the topic. This track oncecit has been polished alil more cud fo worldwide. I like rhe mix on the vocals cuz i can hear everywor ur saying. The guitAr souded live which makes the song stand out even more. The artist cud touch up on vocals but overall its a great track. Plz check me out when u get a chance. My music choive is more rap hiphop so itll be a different sound once u press play. Have a great one and keep up the great production.

His thunder review

Hi Joe, 1 / Mix and production : Good, the mix is well balanced. Just a lack of bass in the mix. And the guitar solo is weak and the sound is a little dirty. 2 / Music : Good, it's listen easely. 3 / Vocals : There are too chorus effect in the voice for me 4 / Overall : Good Good luck

love it.

Got me interested right from the first note. Just keep working hard at your music. You seem to be on the right track. You got me interested right from the first couple of bars of music. All the musicians seem very capable and have done a great job on this song.Keep working hard at your craft and i will be looking forward to see what you can come up with. All in all a great effort.

His Thunder

Very good mix Joe. It's an inspiration song and I love it. The Lord is to be praised. Great song Joe. I like the lyrics and message of the song and your voice is really good to.

Over all mix- well balanced

Enjoyed this song. It is always good to give God praise. The instruments were well played and balanced. Nice work on the drums. Well thought out in terms of the song building and not becoming too repetitive. I would like to hear more from this artist. Great job or should I say Well done!

Willie's Review

Really nice I love it! Your words have real meaning and the music (especially the guitarist and drums) had power and I felt every beat. I enjoyed all.

The Thunder

The Thunder sounds great in my ears. You have sung with much feeling. Music and guitars match very well to the vocals. The mix is very clear and for my taste all is very good. No need to write critical things. And at last: Respekt for you and this song.

Mix is quite ok

Your mix is well-balanced in my opinion, but somehow it lacks "presence". I don't know how to express it exactly, maybe it is the power or maybe the voice should be put more in the foreground. Hope, this helps. Keep on!

about his thunder

Joe Wamsley i think you got a special talent remember follow your dream wherever the lord will take it to and you will not go wrong for the lord always gets us there sometimes he may test 1st but stay with him in your gift hill get you through the show i think this song deserves a A+ THIS IS WHY I GAVE IT TOP RATING i like your songs and music and i am sure there are many many many people who do even those who may have not herd your songs yet ye promote your work they will one day hear it keep it up you have that grate gift and i am sure those that have herd your songs anf are your fans so on love your work as i do
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