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Joe Miranda does Muddy waters "Gypsy Woman"

Joe Miranda with his band "the Kings of Texas" produce a great, heavy hitting cover of Muddy's old song. Full toned keening harmonica work from Tommy Dar Dar and rock solid rythm section behind Joe's impressive, authentic vocals. Slap bang in the middle of Texas territory. Can't fail with Tommy Shannon's bass anchoring this monster sound. Joe has played with a lot of classic players like Bobby Keys and his last sax player was with Joe Eley at the start, so this is a true Texas troubadour. He should be more widely known so subscribe to him on NM1 and get to hear all the good stuff he unleashes.

United Kingdom, plymouth

Putting on a show with Gypsy Woman

A great cover from the first note til the last , the harp, the guitar screaming out the blues with the ivory plugging in the gaps. The vocals were right on the money and very strong and you can’t listen to this powerful cover of the old Muddy Waters tune without a little toe tapping . I want to bring notice to the work on the horns and the feeling of this tune where everything fell right into place ! I would say this band rolled on this tune and I would highly recommend it if you like a good blues tune, Great job guys

United States, Texas, Cushing

Gypsy Woman Joe Miranda

Right Off The Top, Tommy Dar Dar Makes His Mighty Presence Felt. The Hard Rocking Group of Seasoned Musicians, Fall Right In....Powerful Vocals, on A Great Song. I Can See This Group Playing Live at say "The Big Easy" , Houston Tx. ....Wow.

United States, Texas, Houston

Gypsy woman


THis is a very nice cover . A lot pf groove , and singer voice reminds me Bryan Ferry . Sweet and warming athmosphere. Absolutely well played and produced . Is not easy to play an old blues with the right style and groove . These guys did !


Nice Cover Of A Blues Legend

I was prepared to be a bit critical, when I decided to give this a listen, in deciding whether or not to give it a review. I only do reviews on things I like, which obviously means I like this. Being a Blues lover lmyself, Muddy is one of my major influences, and I'm one of those "If you're going to do a Cover, of a Legend, it better be good." kind of guys.Well Joe, you did Muddy proud. Right off the bat you brought in the Harp and the Sax, loved the Sax part, in fact, one of my only 2 criticisms is, I would liked to have heard a Sax solo as well, having heard it in the intro I was expecting it. I understand trying to keep the length of a song down to 5- 6 minutes at most for recordings, but it fits so well in your rendition, you might consider it. My only other criticism, which is minor and just my stupidity showing, I I think the amplitude of the track could have been a little less. It was causing my speakers to distort at a high volume, so I had to turn my device down to hear everything clearly, and this song was so BAD A$$ I really wanted to crank it up! In Summary, well done my friend, well done. I'll be giving you a follow. Eric

United States, Oregon, La Grande

Joe Miranda & The Kings Of Texas, "Gypsy Woman"


Upon my first listen to Joe Miranda & The Kings Of Texas, "Gypsy Woman", I was immediately impressed by the quality of the musicianship, the excellent vocals, and the first rate production. Additionally, Joe Miranda & The Kings Of Texas approach the classic Muddy Waters track with originality and spirit. I very much look forward to hearing more from this fine band, and I encourage you to check them out!

United States, Hawaii, Volcano

These Kings of Texas Got Real Balls


I mean really... They do... With a name like The Kings of Texas, I sez to myself, "Wait! WTF said you guys get to be Kings? Of Texas?? Then they get cranked up... Johnny Winter style guitar. Little Walter style harmonica. Smokin' sax. The Devil's rhythm section. Well, maybe... I was wr.... no. This isn't enough. Who gives you guys.... Then that ballsy blues voice... So, I sometimes have to force myself to listen to the whole song when I don't really like what I hear. These guys made that impossible! I listened to it! Twice!!! I found myself wondering what they would be like live. I can guarantee one thing for sure: If you see them live, you will be confronted with a wall-o-sound! I bet they would be an exciting band!! I can see them in my mind's eye on a corner stage in a smoky bar that smells of cigarettes and whiskey, dance floor packed with writhing scantily clad zaftig women and men dressed in vests and slacks with their coats hanging on their chairs. Now THAT'S BLUES! The recording itself was well done! The mix is pretty right on! It sounds a little raw - which, for the blues, lends a ear pleasing authenticity to the music. I don't like to blow smoke up yer skirts. I'll call 'em as I see 'em. I believe that IF the rest of their work is as good as this (I haven't checked their other stuff out yet), I can safely say that you WON'T be disappointed when you listen to these guys!! Be prepared to start moving in time with the music!!

Fat Sounds from Joe Miranda & The Kings of Texas

Super FAT SOUND!!! Love this version - it has everything - sax, harmonica, piano. If you're wanting to grind it out slow dancing - this is the song!! Heavy groove going there fellas! Keep it up! Looking for more soon!

United States, Washington, Everett

Gypsy Woman


This is not the first review I have done on these guys. Now here they are doing a cover of one of my favorite blues artist. I like it a lot. The harp player is top-notch, filling in the spaces but not overplaying. Very nice groove. The rest of the musicians are also very good as well. Chicago blues done Texas style. I look forward to more from these guys. Check them out. You will be glad you did!

United States, Kentucky, Somerset

rock blues

rock blues con sax e voce da blues rock giro di accordi. del blues chitarre distorte e tanta esperienza del blues che si sente nell'esperienza. bella anche l'armonica che lavora sotto traccia svasature a gogo' per un ottimo blues

Italy, dalmine bg

Great Musicianship

The song starts out with some nice strong guitar and keeps building to the vocals. The harmonica is a really good touch and everything else is top of the line with great musicianship. This is one of those songs you can listen to over and over. The solos are right on point, the piano just keeps bangin' away in and out and the whole band just jams all the way to the end of the fastest 5 minute song I've heard.

United States, Alabama, Birmingham

Fortissimo Roadhouse Blues


Very professionally done electric Chicago by way of Texas blues. Harmonica with that overdriven distorted sound. Growling. raspy Tenor Sax. And of course a nice crunchy overdriven somewhat restrained guitar shred. Vocals started a little talkish, "Tom Waitsy" then into a more regular sung vocal. It sounded like what to expect walking into a bar/roadhouse in the Houston area. It got me thinking a little of the Blues Brothers movies all-star blues band - very full sounding band loaded with well-known blues musicians including Matt "Guitar" Murphy. JM & The K O T's have a more overdriven guitar sound o this tune, perhaps more Billy Gibbons in terms of overdrive, then say typical SRV. There is just so much that can be played over 1-4-5 changes. The guitar sounds capable of playing over the top at Mach 6 speed but he largely contained it. The tune is not one of the more popular Muddy Waters tunes that I was familiar with. I own a high percentage of Muddy Waters works-there are 20-30 well known tunes that are trademark Muddy Waters tunes which are routinely covered. So kudos for covering one that I wasn't super familiar with. (I just checked-I have a recording of Gypsy Woman on the Muddy Waters Aristocrat and Chess Singles album with Sunnyland Slim on piano) If you like modern electric blues with harmonica and horns approached from a rock angle- these sound like some of the top notch dudes from Houston.

United States, Florida, Orlando

Incredible song


This song was awesome and you did a perfect job. Really enjoyed this song a lot I was a little drunk when it came on. Now I’m freaking wasted. I can use phone good morning is common soon please share more

United States, Arkansas, Mountain Home

Review Of Gypsy Woman

I really like this band a lot. They are really a good tight band, with a very good singer, a great bass player, along with killer guitar riffs and great drumming to top it all off. What more could you want. This band is a true gem and I highly recommend them.

United States, Arkansas, Crossett

Rather good.

This is a great sounding group of superb musicians and an excellent blues singer who hits the right notes without shouting. For me the harmonica player really stands out. I am reminded of Waiting For A Train on The Prisoners' Songbook (Spotify, iTunes etc.) I wanted it to be the best harp song of all time. Sad to say, I never knew any players. I think that big success is achievable with an original song rather than just doing their own version of an oldie but always a pleasure to hear them.

United Kingdom, Twickenham

More Gypsies

One of the things I enjoy most about Number One Music artists is the newfound ability to hear music from around the world by singers who I'd never have the chance to listen to otherwise. That, in itself, is a great thing. Here, with this song we're getting a strong, hard driving, powerful, energetic and smoothly crafted cover of Gypsy Woman. Hints of Roy Orbison. Hints of brilliance that sparkle and make us want more more more. Keep this up - love it!

United States, California, Huntington Beach



Wowww I love this! Great song and great play. It's so difficult to record so many instruments and sound with great definition. High quality blues and high quality perform. I became a fan from now

Spain, A Coruña

in your face blues rock


Musically the performance opens up, grabs you by the collar and shakes you like you fell asleep at your own wedding at the alter. Sax playing is perfectly on point, guitar tone is perfect, drums and bass lay it down super solid leaving the platform for everything else to shine like it should. The Vocals are mixed a little low in the mix and IMO should be a bit more prominent, but the trade off with the Sax, harp and piano in the solo section make you forget all about it. The guitar break afterward has killer tone and is played without a single note out of place. One of my favorite pieces on N1M.

United States, New York, Ronkonkoma

Gypsy Woman review

As this particular composition starts out, it's obvious the musicianship is experienced and very good at their craft. As far as blues goes, the screaming guitars, wailing harmonica, solid drumbeat and steady baseline are all rock solid in their playing. The vocals are recorded and mixed with a perfect mystique to their tone. All in all, there is nothing wrong with the recording. My rating is not higher simply due to the fact that it is not an original effort by the artist and some is lost in the cover tune aspect. Very nice job though! Keep them coming and let's hear some original work from you.

United States, California, San Diego

Gypsy Woman

Some serious Blues being played right here. Great dirty harmonica, and all the instrumentation is rock solid. The vocals are smooth and powerful all at the same time. Love the rocking solos!

United States, Washington, Seattle

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