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Love Mean Women!

One of the things I enjoy most about Number One Music artists is the newfound ability to hear music from around the world by singers who I'd never have the chance to listen to otherwise. That, in itself, is a great thing. Here, with this song we get some tail kickin' blues and rock in a wild ride that makes me wanna blast this with the top down in my Camaro going down the Pacific Coast Highway. YEahhhhhh!

United States, California, Huntington Beach

Driving Blues Rock

Influences I hear are Johnny Winter as someone else mentioned. Lot's of Jay Ferguson/Randy California in the singer's style. Jo Jo Gunne and Spirit both come to mind. Slide work reminiscent of Elmore James. Excellent driving bass and drums. Just good old Texas Blues.

United States, Arkansas, Little Rock

very nice power blues and nice skides

Hi! I like those kind of blues songs a lot. Nice skide guitar tunes, yep reminds me on JW's earlier songs. The solopart could be a bit more longer from my point of view - but that is just my personal opinion. Keep on bluesin - I will listen regularely. :-) greats, Heinz

Austria, Vienna

Mean Raw Blues

I really like the song overall, the guitar is good, so is the drum and there is a nice Hammond B3 sound in the back. There could be a little less reverb on the drum track. In terms of mixing and mastering, I don't know if this was recorded live or in studio, but it sounds quite "live" and if so, you guys rock!! In a studio version of this song, I would work the EQing a bit and work with a few effects like the reverb. I am not a big fan of the reverb used on the lead vocals, but have to admit it fits the song pretty well. A few back vocals tracks would also help take it to the next level. In the end, this is one entertaining track! Ending reminded me a bit of Jerry Lee Lewis, so why not add a little bit of piano in the mix? Nice work guys, keep on rockin' and rollin'!

Canada, Quebec, Québec, Qc

Great song

The music is great!!! the beat the vibe is amazing. I touches something i havent felt in a while. As a artist i love listening to others music to inspire me . I love way the beat drops and i make the song. It sounds so good. much love and support from me i love it.

United States, Virginia, Richmond

Mean Woman

Feals Good, To Be Back In Southeast Texas,This is Joe Miranda at his best.Can you here,Z.Z.Top/ Johnny Winter in this? Sit Back And enjoy,>The best of southeast Texas.If you ever lived here,or pased through,You know what I mean.All 5's.

United States, Texas, Houston

Slide Guitar Heaven

I must confess that I love a mean slide guitar in open tuning. I also enjoy the raw three piece blues/rock format. The band is tight & reminds me of George Thoragood or Johnny Winter or even an early ZZ Top. Check these guys out. You will be glad you did!

United States, Kentucky, Somerset

Downright Mean Woman Blues

Downright Mean Woman Blues, good rock 'n' roll song Joe & the king of Texas. Good voice and good the drum and bass groove. The guitars riff is ok but i suggest to improve the guitar solo is to much confused .

Italy, Milano

Oh yeah!!!

Buenas noches desde Jerez de la Frontera compañeros, un placer escuchar vuestra música! Realmente suena a Rock and Roll, y sí, Jony marcó el camino. Me encsnta cómo os habéis tomado el tema, muy divertido y con riffs de guitarra slide realmente buenos, me encanta el deslizamiento del bottle neck por las cuerdas, su sonido es auténtico y mezcla esos ecos de blues rock que tanto me gustan. La voz es adecuada al tema, bastante alocada como debe de ser, y transmite mucha energía, como el tema en conjunto. Felicidades y que no falte nunca el Rock!!! Saludos desde Jerez,Andalucía!!!

Spain, Jerez de la Frontera

Great music

Great music Great music Great music Great music Great music Great music Great music Great music Great music Great music Great music Great music Great music Great music Great music Great music

Switzerland, Zurich

Cool Beginning!

I love the beginning which sets the tone for the rest of the song. I really enjoyed the lead singer and yall are definitely jamming. Keep up the good work and I look forward to listening to more music from you!

United States, Mississippi

Downright Mean Woman Blues

Slide guitar very strong start, i think the vocals come in a bit weak on the back of the intro. Production values very good, all instruments can be heard quite well, good playing and relatively strong song. Vocals ok but i stand by opening comment. Great slide playing and reminiscent of Johnny Winter's powerhouse playing. All in all a good little tune, more of an album track than a stand out hit in My Honest Opinion. Well done. Song by Joe Miranda & The Kings of Texas. End

Australia, Sydney

Review of Downright Mean Woman Blues


Very interesting instrumental start of this tune, Vocals clear and concise no problem hearing the words , the blues sound comes rolling with the guitar licks! The drum beats out the tune and not hard to get involved in this tune , still tends to give you a little wild rock guitar along with the blues sound, not to loud but then not to soft , I think they listened will like the tune , I did , so give these guys a listen and a shout of thanks for sharing! Merry Christmas to all !

United States, Texas, Cushing

Downright dreadful

This is really bad. The repetition of the lines is just plain tedious and ridiculous. Another thing, it is much too noisy and heavy. The word 'downright' in h the title is unnecessary. The song is also triresome. To make it simple: I really hate it and hope i never hear it again. The fact is that this is a group with a good singer and great musicians who should be aiming higher than just playing the standard old tune that every other group playing blues does too.

United Kingdom, Twickenham

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