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Sweatin' All Summer Long

One of the things I enjoy most about Number One Music artists is the newfound ability to hear music from around the world by singers who I'd never have the chance to listen to otherwise. That, in itself, is a great thing. Here, with this song we get another crowd pleasing rockin' blues piece of art which shines so brightly. Joe should be signed with a major label and touring the country with Taylor Swift. Make it so.

United States, California, Huntington Beach

Full and deep

Unmistakable Springsteen vibe, which is hard to do. Joe's vocals are deep and threateningly relaxed enough to fit the strong sax led groove. The band pumps and sound live gig honed. This is an honest song.

New Zealand, wellington

Joe Miranda & The Kings of Texas

You Guys really Rock!!!!! I Like the lyrics and the Guitars!!!!!! Where do You purchase Your Music!!! I could see this music on a TV Movie!!!! Very original!!!! Keep up the Rockin Good Music!!!!! I do support Your Music!!!! Peace!!!! SharBaby

United States, Alabama, Birmingham

Driving with the Blues and gettin down in Texas

Hey folks get ready for a ride with Joe and the boys! As usual this band hits the all the highs and lows on another great tune! From the first note to the last from the drums to the bass and the electric strings this group does not miss a beat ! Tune in and enjoy another great song by the Joe and his great band, The Kings of Texas!

United States, Texas, Cushing

sweatin bullets

good bluesy vibe here with a theme lyrically that 100 per cent of people can relate to not my first review for these Texan guys and this song is no different to my other reviews here go and check this out for yourselves for existing and new fans alike worth a few listens for sure

Australia, NEWCASTLE

Slick, well produced Rock music

This song sounds PROFESSIONAL. It has the kind of sound that could give it mass appeal and success. It is radio friendly because it doesn't run for a boring four plus minutes, unlike a lot of the songs on numberonemusic.i like the saxophone, too. A special mention goes out to the backing vocals, another important ingredient of a successful piece of music which is often neglected. The part in the middle of the song with the bass guitar by itself is a nice touch, too.

Australia, Melbourne

Good Energy, Cool Vibe

I love the concept! Sweatin' Bullits is a really catchy title, it's memorable and arouses the curiosity. The music has a cool swinging vibe. I think the production could be improved with the vocals more up front in the mix. In a nutshell, Jo Miranda & The Kings Of Texas strike me as a fun good energy rockin' blues band and 'Sweatin' Bullits' has a cool vibe in the direction of ZZ Top meets The Georgia Satellites.

United States, California, La Crescenta

Sweatin' Bullets

Love this song . Reminds me of the late fifties Blues / Rock . I'm always a fan of frantic saxophone and this one is great . The lead singer and the song reminds me of early Eric Clapton . Loved the entire song , great composition and execution . . All in all the band is pretty tight .and professional .. It is my pleasure recommend this band from the start . I wish them all great luck with all their endeavors. , Cliff Jordan ... BLUES INTERVENTION ..

United States, Kentucky, Louisville

Great feeling. Great song.

The same melody can be interpreted softly, melodiously, joyfully, raw, playful, and in many ways sung or played by an instrument. Think of a metal song, a children's song or a romantic song. Of course, this is not a purely compositional aspect, but we must take it into account as it influences notoriously. Thinking about how the melody should sound, even the timbre of it is a very important aspect. Very good song. Great feeling. My congratulations.

Peru, Lima

Good song, excellent production what's missing is the hook

So it is very apparent that this song was produced in the studio and the band put alot of effort into it. It shows and techinically, they did a great job. This would have been a great song if they had written a really catchy hook for the sax. Just a melodic riff repeated a few times in the song to drive it home. The sax sounds great, the guitar sounds great, the vocals kick ass but there is not anything catchy that you walk away with that sticks in your head and makes it stand out. That what a wind instrument is really good for, playing that standout riff. I know, its a gimmick but it makes a song stick in people's minds. The sax sounds really great, the parts are nice, but it coiuld have been utilized better to really drive this song home. Sort of like I am driving home and belaboring this point.

United States, California, Ben Lomond

Sweatin' Bullits

So I started listening to different songs to day so I could review one. Today's your day for a review! I have to say just the fact that I picked your song says every song I heard up until yours I didn't even like enough to critique. So let's get into why I picked your song and what I like about it. The music is fabulous! I love all of the instrumentation. The sax player is very talented and extremely tasty. The Hammond is also tasteful and adds a layer of feeling and gives the music some soul. The background vocals are also spot on and tight. The song is catchy and has a great feel to it maybe Springsteen maybe a little Clapton but the song is great! So what don't I like and I hate to say this but the lead vocal is just weak and doesn't have that feeling I was searching for. It could be the mix that I don't like and that the vocal is less prominent than I would have liked it. I'm picky with lead vocals because in reality they sell the song. You could have the most amazing music but the vocal is what people sing in the shower or what they repeat when they start to cling to your song. That being said it's the only thing about your song that I would have put a little more effort into. I don't know if you two tracked your vocals if not you might want to try that next time for your recordings. The song is great! Well written. I can hear it in the back of my head playing as I write this review so your song has done it's job it's catchy enough to have the listener remember it and want to hear it again. I wish you the best of luck in all that you do and thank you for making great music!

United States, Pennsylvania, Swoyersville

The Blues

A really good song very clear your voice and vocals are on point the music sounds really great I dig the guitar it's banging ????. Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity to listen to your music I really appreciate it that continue to stay unique and and creative continue to make good music once again thank you for sharing continue to share your gifts and talents with the world have a wonderful day and enjoy the rest of your week and may God bless you and all that you go to create and change the rock going to sing the blues God bless.

United States, California, Every Where

Great Song

Hi I like your song very much. great sound, great instrumentations. Great mixed. Pure sound of rock and roll. The saxofon is powerfull and the bass too, good rithm. Greetings and congratulations.

Sweating' Bullits

Great Start, Thought It Was 'The Allman Bros......Love This Concept.....Joe Miranda, Killed It.The Sax, Brought This Out.I Always Love This Band, but this is Topp's.....I Must, Buy This Myself...& In This Week Market.......You Know....Great....Thanks Joe, I Love It, Till...(It Hurt's)....O.K, Maby A 5....(I Don't Give Myself A 5)

United States, Texas, Houston

Fun Song

This song here is a fun song. I love the guitar solo and the lead vocals. This band is hot!! I would recommend this song for sure. Its the type of song when you are in the back yard just juking. Love it!

United States, Mississippi

The Texas/Chicago connection

This rockin blues band may be from Texas but have a lot of Chicago in them. Good songrighting, musicians are tight in the groove. I really like the up front saxaphone (played very well). This band should be on your list to check out!

United States, Kentucky, Somerset

What's he on about?

I have reviewed this band before. They are really superb musicians who put together some really great sounds. However, I do not like this noisy load of cobblers in the slightest. For a start the singer's voice is drowned out to the point where having a clue as to what he is singing about is completely lost. He is a good blues singer but cannot compete with the loudness of the backing. At a club, they will always do well.

United Kingdom, Twickenham

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