Joe Kidd & Sheila Burke - Award Winning, International, Recording Artists And Songwriters
In the 5 years that Joe Kidd & Sheila Burke have been together, they have created a sound that is powerful and unique in the world of acoustic music. Influenced by 60s folk music, traditional Appalachian songs, Celtic melodies, the intensity of bluegrass, country, & gospel/christian standards, Classical atmospheres, African & Middle Eastern rhythms, Native American prayer chants, & world class Rock & Roll, Joe & Sheila incorporate guitars, autoharp, djembe, Native American sacred drum, and other diverse instruments from around the world to provide their original and uplifting music. They write socially conscious & spiritual songs of struggle, thanksgiving, redemption, and love. Their descriptions, interpretations & translations (often sung in different dialects) are testimonials to the human condition. Both are published poets/writers which gives their concerts the added power of the presence of the spoken word. This international duo have recently toured New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, Tennessee, Virginia, Kentucky, Indiana, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Oklahoma, Nevada, Arizona, southern California, as well as Mexico and Canada while still remaining active in Michigan performing concerts at festivals, churches, powwows, television & radio shows, benefits, and venues across the state. Along with this activity, in April 2013 they received their 1st prestigious Detroit Music Award for Outstanding World Music Songwriters of the Year and again in April 2014 they received the award for the 2nd straight year in a row. 2015 brought them 3 more nominations in the Gospel/Christian Artist, Vocalists and Songwriters Of The Year categories. As well as being asked to appear at the great World Music Festival - Concert Of Colors with a roster of artists that included Don Was and musicians from around the planet, where they also received while onstage, the Michigan Governor's Award for Artistic Excellence and for their efforts to promote peace, social justice and diversity among all cultures, July 2015 brought Joe & Sheila their 1st Global Music Award in the Folk category in recognition of their original song 'Soldiers In the Army Of Mercy & Peace'. On June 1 2017 Joe Kidd was inducted into the Michigan Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame.
Their debut CD titled 'Everybody Has A Purpose' has been remixed in Burbank Ca. at Mad Dog Studios by Dusty Wakeman, and has been Mastered by Peter Doell at Universal Studios in Los Angeles Ca. It is scheduled for release on Tuesday September 29, 2015. With song titles like 'Soldiers In The Army Of Mercy & Peace' and 'The Veterans Song' and the title track, it is an offering that touches the heart, mind & soul of humanity. Wherever Joe & Sheila appear, their soaring harmonies and beautiful melodies shine a brilliant and unforgettable light upon their enthusiastic audiences.



When you say those words outloud you are empowering the world to perform great actions.

When you believe what you have said you are allowing the people that you encounter each day to move in new directions in order to change the world for the good of all.

Everybody Has A Purpose - is a change, a 180 degree redirection in the course of music.

No whiney voices, no phoney accents, no tired, worn out, rehashed, distorted guitar licks here. No singer/songwriter singing their diary out loud in monotone.

These are songs of courage and perseverance. Timeless and universal, these are songs that are instant classics, they are bound to catapult Joe Kidd & Sheila Burke to the top of every conscious music lover's list of favorites.

Years from now, when asked the question, "who do you consider your influences", the musicians of the future will answer "Joe Kidd & Sheila Burke" without hesitation.

Prior to release in September, this record has already received a number of international awards as well as acclaim from music critics and praise from fans around the world.

This is Folk Music for real folks, Country Music for the entire country, World Music for the whole world.

Joe Kidd & Sheila Burke are humbled and grateful for what is happening around them and for the individuals that they encounter each day.

Their wish is that as you all move through time and space, that you remember - EVERYBODY HAS A PURPOSE ...

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