JLT Records / Then Comes the Night / Questions (Jamie Dech)

What a wonderful piece !

Just a perfect song for a new day. An ambient tune that reflects this days and any days mood I think. Wonderful melody lines rapped in well chosen chords. Could also fit as a perfect structure of a movie or just for reflections over your life. What I really would like to hear added here is a gitar solo played on a nylon Spanish guitar...-but that might just be me. A very dynamic mix of it all. It might do with a bit brighter mastering to lift if a bit further, but that is also kind of a personal choice. I really love this work. -Kris


Was für ein angenehm ruhiger Track voller Tiefe und musikalischen Können. Lichtjahre entfernt vom üblichen Einheitsbrei zeitgenössischer Pop Dudelei. Da hört man gerne zu und lässt sich tragen von den stimmungsvollen Melodien und Harmonien. Gefällt mir ganz ausgezeichnet.

JTL Records "question" Jamie Dech

Soulfully played ballad style. Would like lyrics since I'm a vocalist. Well blended piano and clarinet exchange. Background music is a nice balance with the instruments. Overall good sound.

Great Production

Sound quality is on point. The dreamy, romantic feel influenced by the choice of instruments make this composition a great fit for TV/Film placement. The arrangement and production is right on. Great job!


"Questions" is, to me, full of soundtrack flavor in a way it is arranged. The leading theme by the piano is very lyrical and nostalgic. The mix is well balanced for background music use. One question is why this song is given a "jazz" category? It is a bit out of definitions of jazz to me. Anyway, this is a nice piece of work.
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