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Easy smooth jazz

Smooth but not simple, Jazz. When the sax comes in it's like a tide, insistent but unobtrusive. Listenable and enjoyable. This is romantic and sultry while retaining a buoyancy of sound. Some of the sax licks are reminiscent of Chris Botti, but this is an original track that's solid and engaging. I only wish there were a few piano solos to mix it up with the gorgeous horn melody. I would play this song anytime I desired a fresh start to my day, or a smooth, easy end to it. Perhaps that explains the title, "Going Home", it's all about relaxing into your space and your day. Love the melodic ride, the cool and passionate horn line. This track would lend itself to a vocal line, but it tells its own story in a fresh, smooth, and liltingly expressive style. It's a sunny, breezy day so I think I'll give this song by Jamie Dech, another listen, perfect for an unburdened afternoon. Cool, easy, smooth jazz.

Smooth enjoyment

The pace of this instrumental was a pure joy to listen to and get lost in. After a day of working hard it was terrific to come across this tune. Great production and balance that made listening to the contribution of each instrument a pleasure as I didn't have to work my brain too hard. Terrific baseline inter-playing with the guitar and drums leading beautifully into the introduction of the saxophone and the gradual increase in the feel of the tempo made for a fabulous listen. Well done each musician. Thank you.

Timeless Music

I absolutely loved this Gorgeous Jazzy Instrumental track, Smooth and Silky , soothing, Sounds,. Perfect, get some coffee or a nice glass of wine, put your feet up and enjoy this. If you don’t love it go for an ear test because I am going back for more. I’m going home. Love Rose x

Jamie Dech - Going Home

I would like to extend my congratulations to Jamie Dech and "Going Home" on this one. I was very captivated by the sound and the feel of this track. Mixed very well, and the Saxophone work and the rest of the instrumentation on this one are great. It has a smooth jazz feel that brings still reflect back the on memories and still enjoy of some of the great jazz of today. A studio recording done very well. Congratulations on this one !!!

Feeling This!

Wow, what an awesome tune! As a bassist and former musician in a Praise Team (which I miss dearly), this tune really moved me. The concept of Christian Jazz is actually something I did not know existed, but I love it! Well done!

Instrumental ?

I normally only review songs with vocals. This is an instrumental song but what struck me was that the melody is singable. It would be interesting to hear somebody sing this melody. The saxophone has a very nice and steady tenor tone, the guitar and bass are all well played. The guitar has a somewhat strange sound and the bass misses a filling depth. This could be a song in a movie or something a little bit sentimental but kind of joyful. It´s mostly the style that really doesn´t give me that much and thats a matter of taste.

Going Home

It starts out very smoothly. The sax player, he is a seasoned artist. The song is cohesive, with a very nice high point. The song plays out showing structure, and over all was great. Very relaxing! Terry Lee Jenkins

Light and cozy...

This tune makes me feel like going out for a walk in the park. Fresh air, trees, small ponds, creeks, and kids are running around. We miss such an ordinary and calm day now. We did not really appreciate how happy we were in those humble days in our lives. Now this song reminds us of this forgotten value. Let us now pray for everybody.

A nice tune

A nice instrumental piece of music. It works well as it is of course, but as a singer & songwriter and with a stucture like this, I must say that this creation screams out for some lyrics. The intro, A1 and a chorus and you even have a M8 to break it all off. If you wrap that in with a beautiful sax solo and top that by get to play the whole thing with a band in a studio and get hold of a good producer, it would really come to life and could even be a radio hit. Keep up the good work in this crazy times. Just some thoughts....All the best -Kris


Wow, what a gorgeous piece (did I say peace?) of music! I could listen to this (and other tracks?) like it all day. As I write this review, my state (Wisconsin) is in its second day of a month-long "safer at home" mandate, and filled with questions and worry over the current pandemic. The uplifting vibe and feel of your song, "Going Home," just highlights my thoughts about how we handle this uneasy time. More than ever, we need music, especially of the likes of what you have created! Keep up the great work. I look forward to hearing more from you.

Great Song - Kudos!

Wow!! This song has such a grear texture and soulfulness to it that really transcends and reflects the artists musical intentions in making the listener feel the songs spiritual character. The production quality could be slightly warmer but in the digital age we live in now, the technology of warm analog recording is slightly lost. Overall, the concept, structure of the song and the musicianship displayed is an indication of many more great things for this artist. Congratulations on a great tune and hoping to hear more from this person(s) in the future.

Going home to relax.

This is a an easy to listen to piece that has nice melodic qualities and a few nice chord changes. Intro sets song up nicely - maybe a little more from the guitar would be nice. Sax never lays it on too heavy and has good consistency in tone throughout and the bass volume is balanced well and builds into chorus. The piano block chords on beat 1 and 3 throughout the song gets heavy and cumbersome and is crying for rhythmic variation change in voicings, arpeggios and freer ornamentation which we get a hint of at the end but is needed sooner. A little more shimmer on cymbols, for example on ending from drums would compliment but if not using a drummer may be hard to achieve. I would prefer a more wooden stick sound than the blasticks sound. Overall, pleasant to listen to with room to make improvements on this track.

my thoughts

WOW, thanks for sharing. I love this tune. Laid back, chill, relaxing. Very nice. Has a James Taylor feel for sure. I love the way the horn weaves in and out of the bass line. Very cool. And by the way, this band just rocks. Pro's for sure. This is not their first time in the studio. Veteran players produce exactly what you are looking for and this band produced big time. The mix is perfect and could not be any better. Thanks again. GREAT job.


This is a very nice musical piece. It's perfect for what it's meant to be and the recording was implemented straight and forward. In my opinion only, it could use some rhythm changes and a little more colors ( Jazz ) to keep it interesting. If this was meant for church folk, it's a home run and will get all the praise it needs.
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