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Red Square revelation

Interesting very interesting and compelling introduction really inviting and accentuated by an untypical sounding vocal which is quite refreshing to hear. Sort of vocalising you might hear from the house Martin’s. Bit like an influencer from Robert Plant meet-up with the Waterboys. So many lovely influences, well that’s my collection on it. Love the consistency of the instrumentaliseation completely sympathetic to the needs and requirements of the vocalist, just enough harmonisations possibly overdubbed by the lead vocalist, but really nicely achieved. Great bit of musical production and audio engineering with good effects on guitar. Reminds me of a track from Robert Plant and the Alison (?) collaboration on Shifting Sand not sure if that’s the right title I love it well done guys.

Great Song

Love the instruments great intro great sound great tone of voice sounds very relaxing love ending of the song keep up the great work please also take a look at my page just uploaded new songs sounds great and also would love a review if you don't mind have a great day stay safe


NEXXT" has sent me a request to review their song "Will You Bet?". Sometimes, I will find out later that the artist never sent a request to be reviewed and that Number One Music has sent out an algorithm. Good tracks! I went on a fishing trip to the Florida keys and for 8hours listened to this sorta kinda genre. NEXXT is on point except, they left out the main word "BREAK"? Somewhere in all the songs I heard on that 8hour drive period, you would at least hear the word "BREAK" once in each song. Hey maybe I was delirious, but I just used the word twice! Rock On!

Red Square review.

Great song that sends me back to the 80's with the sound and feel. The vocal track seemed a little low in the mix, making it difficult to follow the lyrics. I have my own Home Studio and know the amount of time that it takes to put a song together and personally feel that with a stronger vocal track the song would stand on its own.

ChristianRock is good.

Not a bad song sounds full interresting vocals a lot of effects enhance the general spirit and groove needed to send a song over the top.it has a great potential to be a new hit on most stations
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