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Solid Christian Rap.

Referring to the song Driven by KtdaG, I definitely hear the potential of this artist to create original material of the Christian Hip Hop genre. Obviously there are not too many artists in this category, show it's best to make it count in terms of acquiring your audience and expand on that by any means possible by ways of collaboration or expansion through various platforms. Overall the quality of the song over exceeds my expectations as for the mixing and the beats behind the music. Lyrics were legitimate and thoughtful meaning that great effort was noticeable in the writing creativity of the this recording. Great job and keep writing and recording where you never where it can go. Roger W


Love the substance and message of this track. The flow matches the title and the duration of the song is still at radio standards even with 3 verses. From hearing the way the artist flows on this track I would love to see the live performance.Being a Christian rap artist myself and hearing so many styles normally I wouldn't like this type of beat but I enjoyed listening to it. I encourage you to continue to keep God 1st, keep working and I pray God continues to elevate you. God bless.


Keep up the hard work and stay Believing in Christ and all your paths will stay favored filled. It’s a blessing to have platforms where we can express ourselves and share what we feel can help others to overcome obstacles in life.

Driven (KtdaG)

Wow I love the flow and the lyrics of this song. I know that he is expressing his true feelings about Christ in this song. I believe all music should be transparent of us and how we feel. Continue to make music that gives hope and that teaches the people. This is one true example of what being a CHRISTIAN stands for. Great track!


This was very good, I like this song because it was easy to follow along and understand what you were saying. This message needs to be continuously going out to our youth and older crowds. You would be surprised at how many people listen to rap nowadays. Great job!

Album rate

This reminds me of a old hip hop song. This is perfect for a 80s party. I believe if this was to get popular this would bring the 80s back. I love the beat. I looking forward to hearing more from you..thanks alot
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