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Great harms

One World One Family is one of those positive songs filled with love. The message is clear, and especially in these difficult times its a good reminder for everyone. With this song I get a flashback to the late seventies and the great sound of Earth Wind & Fire. You get a fast forward rythmsection with a flying funcy bassline and on top of that you get those fantastic vocal harmonies. Not often you hear that these days. This song for sure made my day and I´m happy about musicians taking care of this great genre of music. Keep up the good work. All the best to you -Kris

It´s sound good!

Yes, sound good! Very good instrumentation, good voices combination. I think that it is a quiet music, or relaxing, something like this. Music is an universal language, when music talk, we have to pay atention, in this case music talk.

Refreshing, impressive, and timely

JLT Records specializes in family-friendly dance music, and "One World, One Family" by Ian McGregor Smith certainly fits that description. From the crackling percussion intro to the last note, the musicianship is impressive. The sophisticated vocals are perfectly blended and spotlessly performed. The piano and synthesized strings that drive the piece are joined by a phenomenal fast-moving bass and right-on-time rhythm guitar. The lyrics are idealistic, and I love that, but could be seen as naïve, especially coupled with the whimsical, jazzy melody. My favorite line is "Soon there'll be nothing left worth fighting for." The message of unity of all people worldwide is especially timely in these days of coming together following the George Floyd murder. This could not only be good dance music, it could be good marching , and theme music for a new wave of idealism. It is a slick, high-dollar production, perfectly mixed. The only quibble I have with this phenomenal piece of music is its classification as "Classic Rock". Anybody who turns it on expecting classic rock will be disappointed. It fits much better into Smooth Jazz or Easy Listening/Pop. It's magnificent work, and I'm looking forward to hearing more from this artist.


Very nice composition - very well performed -The music style is kind of special - sophisticated but popular - Vocals and Solo instruments are very well suited with arrangement which is very rich with lot of very sophisticate well played instruments - In my opinion this composition have all attributes to be internationally promoted - So go for it - This is great work - Keep on and do more of this fantastic music - Thank you I enjoy...

Great chorus work...

I reassured the power of the human voice; it is to say chorus. It is compelling to have layers of the human voices to make one flow of melody vivid. Harmony is well sorted out, not too much. I just liked to find the piano line with more acoustic tone and dynamics. It sounds a little too "synth patch" like and flat in expression. I am too picky when it comes to talking about a piano play due to the fact that I am a keyboard player. Thank you for a good song to cheer us up!

Great production - listen with head phones

There is so much going on in this recording which is well constructed with pace and lift. The syncopated beat at the beginning leading into the bass is a delight. (I play, bass and guitar) quickly followed by the vocal including harmony lines which are very clear and easy to follow with nice rises and drops leading to an interesting ending with vocal 'scatting' fading. Good job. Thanks

One World One Family

Boy, isn't the title of your tune timely with this crazy virus spreading to all parts of the globe and not respecting our borders. Very nice jazz piano and uptempo Chorus. I wish there was more in the Bible about protecting the environment because as stewards of the land we have not done a good job and now Mother Earth has developed a bad cold. This song is worth spreading around. Peace and love...Dan.


You have that Roy Ayers Manhatten transfer vibe it's really good I enjoyed the horn section as well as the piano . Your vocal skills blend perfectly with the music. If you have more music I would be delighted to hear it!

Nice Vibe!

I like the upbeat vibe of this song! It keeps the rithm unit of the piece, yet it changes the scenaries during the composition. Loved the voices and the changes from acoustic sounding piano to eletric. I like very much the piano improvisation (good and short). Loved the bass line. Nice work, nice vibe! very happy! Congrats!

my thoughts

Thanks for sharing and asking for a review. I love the drum intro. Not sure that I would classify this as a Christian song. However the band is jammin, especially the bass player. Love it. The choral vocals take me back to the 70's for sure. Good job, thanks again.
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