JLT Records / Playing for An Audience of One - Vol 2 / Every Knee Will Bow (Jael) - Island Christmas Version

Cool song with a great message for mankind

I really like the Island vibe and groove and the unique Christmas setting. Nice sonic ride all the way through. Nice instrumentation and arrangement. The rest of the album i very strong as well so this is not a "one hit wonder" type artist fortunately and it is evident in the writing that the artist has a long history in writing music. I can listen to this music over and over and still keep reaching for the play button..

Facts Every knee

Good morning thank you so much for sharing your music with me I really love the title I love the song I love music that glorifies enough of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ especially during this damn time. Thank you for being creative thank you for sharing thank you for blessing my soul with this music with your music your ministry. Continue to go to the next level keep on giving God the glory to your music and never stop staring your music with the world and keep on going higher and Christ. I love all type of music but my favorite music is Gospel I'm a gospel rap artist myself and I love praising God through my music. Thank you and have a wonderful day and may God continue to bless you and I'll let you go to jail in PA for him thank you again have a blessed

Mix swallows lyrics in this creative Christmas song

"Every Knee Will Bow (Jael) -- Island Christmas Version" by JLT Records is an interesting and fresh idea -- a Reggae Christmas song. I want to encourage the creativity and the sincere worshipping heart of the songwriter, to keep on writing and singing for the Good Lord. Also, I like the instrumentation used. However, this tune would not make my Christmas playlist. I find the lyrics a little stilted, and the mix swallows up the lyrics, particularly in the bridge, just before the piano ride. The snare drum is mixed too loud for long segments of the song. I have a feeling this group has better work yet to come.

Bop review

Alright folks here we are so let’s jump right into it.the song has a kool reggae sound along with the nice Wurlitzer sound.the minute I heard the vocal track I could swear it was Bono from u2 singing it. Then I heard the mellow sounds of the traveling will buries.wow this song has lots of comparisons to others.i really enjoyed listening to this track it was very complex for me.

Cool runnin', but I'm not a Christian

This song is not a relevant message to me, not being a Christian. I didn't choose it for a review. The performance and production are professional. Too bad it was forced on me without a choice. I'm sure somebody of that religion would have given it a higher rating.
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