Empty Me (jael) JLT records

Nice Classical rock intro to a christian message ( may be a little to much echo on the lead voice (I also do this to my self)) the backing singing is good and is a pleasant high light to the song the guitar work is stunning ( sort of feels like the guitar is shouting look at me rather than enhancement of the whole track also the effect used on it seems to take you to a different room as has more reverb than the main track during the solo part ) the message is good and the feeling is good and this has all the ingredients of a powerful track. Press play and feel the power of the music most enjoyable all the best Stephen

Blessed ????

thank you so much for blessing me with this song thank you for sending you a song to me I really like the song I love the title well put together that's my prayer every day that I will leave this world empty and fulfilled. Continue stay creative continue to share your music continue to bless the world with your gifts and talents and keep on giving God the glory to your music. Hope you had a wonderful week that's far continue to be creative from continue to be unique. never stop sharing your get some towels with the world and once again thank you for sending me this song and blessing me and blessing my soul with your music I really like the title and I really love the song. Hope you have a wonderful day and may God continue to bless you and all that you go to do and create on to him God bless and his name amen.

Great Song

I like the sound and the words are great. I play with a worship group as well and would like to possible use your song if you allow that. Let me know how you feel about that. Keep up the good work.

Not My Cup of Tea, but Still Good

It's a good song well produced and written. It's just not something I'm going to willingly listen too. I do think there is a little to much reverb on it though, it makes the words and message hard to make out a bit. Other than those little things its a good song, despite not a christian rock fan.

Empty me 1st thoughts

I hear many sounds of the 70's reflected in your song (which is a great thing from where I sit) from early Bowie , badfinger and other 70's British/ UK rock bands. If that is what your after... good job! The quality of the recording and the vocals are well balanced, clear, well produced. Flood this with some tasteful Pink Floydish style AaaaaS! From the ladies and this would be over the moon for me. Keep up the good work.... lets bring back classic rock one song at a time!
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