Great job

Nice mix.....May the Lord be glorified in all our Music brothers and in every form (style). Kind of a country Rock flavor I would venture to say. Done well with all the instruments and good balance. Definitely expresses the heart desire of being sold out to the Lord. May the Lord by His grace perform that in all of us. Nice guitar work and put in the right spots. For me the beginning was a little misleading and did not catch me to want to keep listening because it was like what you hear in churches all the time in my opinion but it seemed to click in better when the whole group started playing. This of course is just my own personal taste and does not matter. What matters is what the Lord thinks of it. Rick

what a amazing production world should follow suit

made mei was at Woodstock and Jerry Garcia would be next up, the feeling of heartfelt performance its a marriage , and your sound is , tight and message, I felt thank you,,, kNowledge oF truTh


er Song hat absoluten Ohrwurmcharakter, klasse Sound Die Stimme ist auch toll, auch im mehrstimmigen Bereich passt alles optimal zusammen. Klar wird hier versucht die masse anzusprechen, nicht den verwöhnten Musiker, dem das vielleicht zu ............. ist. Aber wenn das euer Ziel war ist euch das gelungen. Naja und die masse ist ja auch der Hörer, und der "will das hören". Absolut saubere Produktion.

Be My Song (Jael

Hello der Song hat eine gute Line die sich aber für mein Gefühl zu oft wiederholt der Mix ist gut und die Voices sind gut im Mix untergebracht. Ich hätte mir nur irgendwie eine Steigerung gewünscht

Great Melody

This is really a nice song with a great Melody very unique and awesome music. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your music. And thank you for sharing your gifts and talents with me and the world. Continue to make great music that up lifts our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. have a wonderful holiday season and be safe as we go into the new year. Thank you so much may God continue to bless you in all your endeavors.

Heartfelt song of praise well sung

JLT Records recording of "Be My Song (Jael)" is an explicit song of praise to God, heartfelt and theologically sound, echoing Moses' sister Miriam as she sang, "The Lord my God is my strength and my song." The recording is clean and crisp, with a solid bed of drums, keys, and bass, and the lead vocal is impressive in the precision of his pitch. The producer has opted to double the lead vocal. This often has disastrous results, as the two tracks may not agree in pitch and timing, but this lead singer makes it work. On the down side, the lead guitar is a little too simple and understated without better tone, almost as if he lacked confidence, although there is a nice attempt at 2-part guitar harmony in the break. Something about the way the vocal harmonies are mixed bothers me. I think there are 3 parts, but I am only hearing 2: the melody and the high part. It's like you have Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young, but I'm only hearing Crosby and Young. Stills and Nash need to be turned up, to give the harmonies body! Overall, a very listenable tune that makes me want to hear more from this artist.
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